If YOU could make one amendment, what would it be?
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Author:  sammyjones [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  If YOU could make one amendment, what would it be?

Hello from sunny SoCal, just introducing myself. I think of myself as a centrist, and--like most people, probably--am not "true-blue" or "true-red". I think most Americans just want the gov't to leave them alone (and not give goodies to corporations), so that we can pursue our own needs, wants, and dreams. So, in the spirit of the title of this introductory thread, I'll make my amendment:

Repeal the income tax.

The 'progressive' income tax has been a huge failure, with the middle-class bearing the burden of it. The IRC is a complete mess, w/God knows how many loopholes, deductions, allowances, etc., etc. Professionals and the IRS itself can't even figure it out!

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:47 am ]
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Welcome to TV News Lies, sammyjones. Thanks for registering and taking the time to say hello from southern CA. :hello2:

Author:  lefty [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:04 am ]
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Hey SammyJones, welcome to the board. Hope to see you post more...and hope you enjoy lively debate.

Author:  DO.g's [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 5:19 pm ]
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Welcome sammyJ to TVNL-

That's a pretty important issue you're pursuing. Read any of the posts about the Federal Reserve in our "Monetary Systems" section.

If you have time check out the post by Sir Irate on the Fed Reserve. It's a 3 hour DVD you can purchase, or it's free on the web at the site he posted. Excellent history of the Banking system and the Fed Reserve. This is the real problem.

Welcome and get reading/watching!

Author:  sammyjones [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:41 am ]
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Thanks, all!

DOgs, I read G. Edward Griffin's excellent book on the subject some years ago, and have seen the documentaries, "The Money Masters" and "America: From Freedom to Fascism"; along w/this, I've read other, minor publications and articles online. Thank God for the internet! Without it, this knowledge would not be as widely known as it is now. I remember being looked at like I was a whack job when I broached this subject at family functions, work, etc. Its encouraging to see this knowlege FINALLY catching on in the mainstream. People are finally realizing that its not just the ravings a bunch of 'right-wing, anti-govt conspiracy nuts'.

Author:  DO.g's [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 1:17 pm ]
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Yes, I agree. Our families are content in that 'inflatable hand' easy chair they are esconsed in- and nothing is going to make them uncomfortable-not even the truth. They don't care if they are getting ripped off, just as long as they can get in their car and drive in any direction to the mall of their choice and there's a sale on as the prices are dropping faster! Ah freedom.

Ben and Jerry were on the Colbert Report the other nite and they're giving away cloth frisbees witha pie chart of tax spending on it you can pass around to your friends and anyone else within target range. If you go to the you can get one- but hurry- it is for only one or two nites. Colbert says-" Why is the Military only getting half"? Colbert has his own flavor now- Americone Dream- Take a bite of it!

Also at this site you can get a map of the tax flow so you can see it any time right on your wall. order 3 , get a 30% discount and give them yto your friends and family.

Thanks for being a great American and waking up to the reality of 1984! 9/11 was a real eye opener for so many of us- and we are increasing daily while the rightwingturds just fade into Obnoxiousland! Keep the faith Bro! The majority will have their say.

Author:  sammyjones [ Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:27 am ]
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Our families are content in that 'inflatable hand' easy chair they are esconsed in- and nothing is going to make them uncomfortable-not even the truth.

Man, you took the words right out of my mouth, there! I guess having half (or more?) of one's earnings (and I'm talking working-class people, not the mega-rich!) taken by one's 'public servants' and given to elitists isn't enough to get the typical person angry! I just think that most folks don't want to face the awful truth that they've been lied to their whole lives, about pretty much EVERYTHING! Most would like to think that their elected 'public servants' have The People's best interests at heart. If you're interested in doing a 'little' something to hurt the Banksters, check out the Liberty Dollar website, sign up, and stop using 'their' money. There ARE courageous folks out there doing something, and we need to support them.

Author:  Catherine [ Fri Mar 09, 2007 4:34 pm ]
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Please continue this discussion in the appropriate forum now that we all have been introduced to sammyjones and know something about him.


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