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 Post subject: Global Avoidable Mortality- the FURTHER cost of war
PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:30 pm 
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Global Avoidable Mortality
AVOIDABLE MORTALITY - or EXCESS MORTALITY - is the difference between the ACTUAL mortality in a country and the mortality EXPECTED in a peaceful, decently-run country with the same demographics. AVOIDABLE MORTALITY and INFANT MORTALITY are KEY INDICATORS of the HUMAN CONSEQUENCES of national and global policies.

Documented statistics of the true effects war has on a population, during and after the wars. Imagine if our country was in constant war at home(Not a far stretch to what may be in store) and the effects on your own families development over generations. Would you be here if one member from your past was removed? How about whole families?

The costs as a result of our adherance to war as solution has evolved into a legacy of attempts to cover the very truth about history that would inform us of past mistakes. As countries like Australia are contemplating writing their history as an adventure in progress, we should question the realities of our genocidal birth and what sins we have adopted as well.

That is why we never heard of the atrocities committed by our side in WW2 or past incursions. We all know about the deaths of 6 million jews and others by the Nazi's during WW2, but how many know of the Allied caused genocide of 4 million people or where it even happened. Scroll through this list and read a bit about the cost and futility of war and gain a better perspective of how hatred is disseminated as history that some remember but most forget, is ignored or rewritten, until you find the piece about half way through. This is where our karma was developed. The "some" I refer to are usually the surviving victims and their progeny. The "most" being us in general, oblivious to the reality we have adopted, not knowing the parents and their history that spawned this bratty child called the First World. As if the world is divided into numerical clarity- what a caste system. :roll:

We wonder about sins and we wonder why we are the way we are as we ignore the sins of our forefathers and just reap the profits of their sins. Our sin seems to be in ignorance and so we continue to wage war for our profit and advantage, this time on the global scale.

If we think we're doing something unique and different, think about the 10 million slaughtered by England in the near past as an example of what types of people we evolved from and what precedents we have as examples of how seeing 6 billion as an obstacle is as pointless as thinking that 3000 people weren't expendable trash on 911 as well. Merely a means to an end, or continuation of and ending. :shock:

We must end war or continue to be it's pawns forever. A complex web we weave, but not such a difficult problem to solve. Just requires people thinking beyond themselves at their neighbour, and then they could fathom the meaning and purpose of love. If that's too complicated, then I guess war is a lot easier. :| :roll:

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:33 pm 
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