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 Post subject: dear christian- what do you love? Really!
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 4:57 am 
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Next time a christian tells you his god can accomplish his wishes ask him to wish for death. If you are so devout, correct and purposeful then die for your beliefs. What have you got to fear?. Great title for the sunday morning billboard.

"Failure to confront Islam as a religion, I maintain, is the Achilles' heel of Western strategy. Ayaan Hirshi Ali has my entire sympathy, but to her antagonists I accord the respect due to a lethal enemy. US conservatives applaud secular Muslims for being reasonable, but at the same time admire the religious impulse of the American Christians. One may argue, of course, that Americans should have a religion while Arabs should not, but the fact is that they do have a religion. Antagonistic modes of faith underlie the conflict between the West and the Islamic world. The assassin Mohammed B, by delivering this message attached to the corpse of a prominent figure in European culture, demands that we consider this antagonism in earnest. "

"Until this point, the "Open Letter" follows the conventional form of a believer's admonition to an unbeliever, in terms familiar to Jew and Christian. But then the writer attaches a challenge born of existential despair: if you believe so firmly in your secular view of the world, are you happy to die for it?

If you really believe this, then the following challenge should be no problem for you. I challenge you with this letter to prove you are right. You don't have to do much:

Miss Hirshi Ali: wish for death if you are really convinced you are right.

If you will not accept this challenge; know then that my master, the Most High, has unmasked you as an unjust one. "

This message should be plastered in front of every church in America, instead of the dollar signs of devotion that christians love to hate but garner like thieves. This hypocritic belief structure is at the basis of the lack of true faith that christians hide behind- the love they speak of is truly the love of privelege and advantage that their belief gives them. The love of money as their true god.

"Radical Islam stems from despair in the face of cultural death; precisely for that reason it bespeaks a ghastly indifference toward individual death, analogous to the Mut der Verzweiflung, or courage borne of desperation, that impels the soldiers of a defeated army toward a final charge at the enemy cannon. Absolute certainty informs the faith of the assassin Mohammed B, but it is the certainty of cultural extinction that makes the death of the individual the supreme test of faith. Existential despair inspires the conclusion that better than defeat is to fight to the death. Peace is to be achieved when those who hold this view will have had the opportunity to do so (More killing, please!, June 12, 2003)."

Seems to me that their sacrifice of their lives is less cowardly and more purposeful than the reasons we send our troops into the breach. "We do it for LOVE" as Jebus might say. At least, as one of his fear filled servants might spew. "We do it for love of money." This is why we are doomed as our faith in our version of god only has greed and lacks any real passion. WE are doomed.

Make sure your christian friends and their disciples understand what LOVE really means, before we send their soldiers into the breach. They may have a change of heart.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 8:19 am 
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christianity in america has been poluted by political bullshit. it's no longer even a religion. americans (some) have molded christianity into a political party.

they have taken the bible and created a "god" in their own image to suit their political and greedy ways...the new, improved american jesus...who preaches hate, loves money and waves the american flag.

what amazes me even more is that 1. the vatican does NOT stand up and denounce this bullshit. (the vatican never had any backbone anyways) and 2. that american people are so willing to be led around by the assholes...that is the part that really boggles my mind.

land of the living dead

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