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 Post subject: Obamas religion and another of Jimmy Carters pet msitakes
PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:39 pm 
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Those steeped in America's national religion, socialist secular humanism, will disregard all of the facts and write off this treatise as intolerant, hateful, unenlightened and bigoted. It is easier for them to demean the messenger than it is for them to deal with the message. Such people have been taught to be irrational, so this will come naturally. If you fall into this group, you will find nothing of value in this report. It's not so much that your lens has been narrowed, but that it can no longer focus. You have lost the ability to be judgmental and with it, discernment.

The filter precluding rational thought is conventional religion. This lens is the most convoluted. Religious people believe what they are told. They are conditioned not to question God, authority, or tradition. If you are religious, chances are you are comforted by illusions, ones that are in irreconcilable conflict with the divine revelation that forms the basis of your faith.

understanding doesn't come easily. You have to want to know the truth sufficiently to be willing to invest the time needed to learn it. Understanding requires a foundation of fact. And wisdom requires the ability to connect those facts together so that they form a picture.

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Dead Bodies: 403

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Jihad du Jour (Latest News of the Day)

Sunnis Score Big in Baghdad - 80 Shias Slaughtered at Market...
Islamic Group Seeks Legalized Polygamy in Italy...
Australia to Pay $8 Million to Teach Moderation to Muslims...
Bakri Predicts Muslims Will 'Crush' Britain from Within...
'I Said My Friday Prayers and Then Shot Him'...
Father Gunned Down in Front of 12-Year-Old Daughter...
UK: Muslim Policewoman Refuses to Shake Hands with Chief...
French Teacher Forced to Resign Amid Death Threats...
Report: Islamists Behind New Years Eve Bangkok Bombings...
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Islamic Terror's War on You
Pakistini Soldiers Killed in 'Rare' Suicide Attack...
600 Palestinians Killed by Shia Extremists in Iraq...
India: Boy Killed in Rioting Over Saddam Execution...
Pakistan Accused of Backing the Taliban against Afghanistan...
Algeria on the Verge of Victory Against Fundamentalists...
Christian Killed by Angry Muslims in Ethiopia...

**This post has been edited by Lefty due to a significant amount of plagerism. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.**

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