The store dummies....
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Author:  cUDYXubu [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  The store dummies....

Once upon a days of yore...and when the world was young...the store dummies would stand on platforms in a store....with their arms akimbo...posed in various positions and wearing nice clothes.

Occasionally they might seem to follow you with their eyes....but if you looked closely you could tell they were made of plaster or some other material...and they weren't alive. these days of the new fascist realities...they have come down from their pedestals and are roaming the stores trying to sneak up on you & harrass you.

A new shopping PARADIGM:

Many more people are now shopping on the internet. Are these the reasons why?

* no store dummies to put up with and get messed over by

* better prices and selection

* relatively easy research online as far as product quality

* in some taxes to pay

* also no transportation costs to get to the time wasted dealing with crowds

* there are shipping some cases...and maybe some return issues now and then

But online is the EASY way to shop. You can find the best selection....and do it in your jammies...or buck naked for all anyone cares.

And an added and important benefit is that for every purchase online...another store dummy will be helped to stop their criminal & deviant behavior....and go find an honest job.

So shopping online has meaningful social benefits as well.

What to do if you need to shop at a brick and mortar establishment?

* If bothered by these ghouls....stare them down. And sometimes it's worth the effort to follow them around...just in case they might be up to no good.

But you do have to be good...they can scuttle away like a cockroach when the lights are turned you see you don't.

* If they bother you enough, take your business elsewhere or to the internet.

* Understand that as they "stalk" you inside the store...your vehicle...outside in the parking vulnerable. It is a good idea to park right in front of the store where you can ocasionally get a look at your car.

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