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Author:  Catherine [ Mon Jan 24, 2005 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  VERPA

Our own John McCarthy is the chairperson and CEO of this wonderful organization, which stands for VETERANS EQUAL RIGHTS PROTECTION AGENCY, Inc.

Please visit the VERPA website at to find out all about it.
You can read up on and sign their petition at:



Author:  johnmccarthy [ Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

Why, Thank you Catherine! What a pleasant surprise.

VERPA is presently working with the UN and OAS to brand the Feres Doctrine as in violation of the Human Rights issues of the OAS that the United States is a signatory to.

This step was necessary as a last resort because all of our legal remedies have been exhausted within the American Judicial System.

We are presently stone walled in the Senate Judiciary Committee who refuses to assign an "S" number which will allow the approved paperwork to be distributed to both houses of congress for their perusal and subsequent vote on the proposal to abolish the Feres Doctrine, which current members of the Supreme Court have opined as "bad law".

And we wait.

We expect a positive resolution from the OAS and this will obligate the United States to comply or be expelled from the OAS.

It is a shame when United States citizens must resort to going outside the jurisdiction of the United States to force the reconstitution of the US Constitution, eroded by congress in 1950 and approved by the Supreme Court the same year.

It is a double shame when those citizens are military veterans who have done their duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States only to unknowingly forfeit their birth Rights of the very same Constitution. There is something very wrong with this picture and the abolition of the Feres Doctrine will right the wrong of all veterans, their families and current members of the Armed Forces.


Author:  dori [ Sat Feb 12, 2005 6:48 am ]
Post subject: 

Signed, and will send to others.

Author:  johnmccarthy [ Sat Feb 12, 2005 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Why The Abolition Of Feres As Proposed By VERPA is Relevant

Yesterday, Friday February 11, 2005 I received a reply to the following letter to the Department of Defense Inspector General's Office. They are assigning this to the US Army Inspector General's Office for action, no fee assessed.

More to preclude redaction of so called "classified" information from the requested documents. It is illegal to put a security classification on a crime, IE: Treason In Wartime. CIA is currently attempting to deny access to related documents under the guise of 'national security' not only to me but to Professors who want access to LBJ's Daily Briefs during the periods in question.



The letter below sent to Colonel Robin Swope, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, remains unanswered. The required time for response has lapsed.

In addition to the requested items below, your office IG Hotline is also delinquent in responding to charges of Treason in Wartime sent in 2004.

The National Security Council Documents below provide irrefutable evidence of Treason on the part of the National Security Council members who blatantly disregarded Presidential Directives issued during said Council meeting, during Wartime. The results were disastrous.

Then Prince, now King, Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia is in possession of these NSC documents. The Cambodian Embassy in Washington, DC is also in receipt of these documents.

The documents below provide notice of additional non-response from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee (Shelby and Kyl) and the recently departed Attorney General, who had this information on his desk for over three years without action or response. Follow-up telephonic communication with the Duty Officer of the Department of Justice was met with panic and choking when the term "TREASON IN WARTIME" was broached. There was no response to that communication, either.

Karl Rove, the Presidents advisor, is in receipt of the following documents via FAX sent to his White House Office. Therefore, this information is of no surprise to the current administration.

I do believe it is time for a recognition of the allegations and evidence provided and a comprehensive notice of how your office plans to remedy this matter.

Background information on this matter is contained in the following URL's

The Central Intelligence Agency, after years of denying knowledge of the information above, has recently responded to an FOIA request for all documents on this matter by now saying these topics are classified and not available to FOIA requests. That, in itself, is progress.

This pattern of abuse re FOIA requests is endemic and must be addressed without further delay.

If your office follows suit with regard to the non-response to this request for copies of my Record of Trial, described below, in the allotted time frame, and the high crimes described in the URL's above, I have no other recourse than to apply the remedy in our nations judicial system.

John McCarthy


Copy of Record of Trial by Court-martial


Colonel Robin Swope
Staff Judge Advocate USMA

Dear Colonel Swope,

I experienced a General Court-Martial conducted on 29-30 January, 1968, at the USARV Headquarters in Long Binh, Vietnam, resulting in a conviction for the charge of premeditated murder. Although facing the death penalty, the court, in their wisdom, sentence me to imprisonment "for the term of your natural life" only. Sentencing did not include reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances nor dismissal from the service. I continued to draw full pay although my "allowances" were drastically curtailed in violation of sentencing while incarcerated at the USDB at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Newly found evidence in the form of a written recantation by the Government's Expert Witness at trial was presented to the Court of Military Review which determined, in November, 1970, this information to be "fraud upon the court" resulting in the setting aside of the conviction and subsequent ruling by a new convening authority who determined that a conviction at a new trial was "highly unlikely", resulting in the dismissal of the charge on January 8, 1971.

I noted on the distribution list that the USMA was a recipient of a copy of this Record of Trial, Case No. CM 417936

I request a complete copy of this Record of Trial be made a available to me with a waiver for no cost, since this is "my" Record of Trial. I was unable to maintain the integrity of the copy issued to me subsequent to trial due to the environment of the maximum security 5 x 7 foot cell in which I was incarcerated in virtual isolation for months on end. I also request a copy of all allied paperwork associated with the Record of Trial at no cost to myself which I was never provided a copy of, IE, the Article 32 Hearing and the SJA Post Trial Review and copies of all interviews by CID, CIC and CIA of witnesses at trial.

Further information to assist in your search for the requested documents:

John J McCarthy, Jr.
Captain, Infantry, USAR
Unit Assigned--Detachment B-57, 5th Special Forces Group, Airborne, Project Cherry,
Case Officer for CIA Directed Black Terror and
Assassination Missions in Vietnam and Cambodia

Author:  Sir-Irate [ Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Hey ...

Great job John and good stuff ..

Sent the links to others and to a site where I think they will get lots of exposure.

Hope it helps !


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