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 Post subject: Peace Activists: Report Vandalism to the Police
PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:29 pm 

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Hate Mail, Vandalism and Other Matches
Submitted by danielifearn on Sun, 2006-11-26 00:52. General Discussion
The following e-mail message was received by Impeach for Peace. Impeach for Peace developed the DIY Impeachment. Evidently, that's come to someone's attention.

********************************************* *********************************************
In the not too distant future, America will once again be visited with the love and sincerity of the Islam-O-fascist, then the fun can begin.

We have a nation of narcissistic, hedonistic, comfort punks who have taken up the mantra of peace at any cost, for now.

Once this cabal of the self centered is faced with some reality, reality will once again rear its fun little head.

In the not too distant future, America hating cowards and peace punks may find themselves looking at a gallows for treason. What fun, just imagine what you would do, when your day arrives, they lead you to the place of execution and you stand there in all your peace glory, shaking like a leaf in the breeze, the noose is placed over your hippie head and you wait for the drop. I can't wait, the pissing of the pants and cries for Jesus, who you rejected when you embraced atheism, sodomy and the dumbocrap way.......That'll be a great day!

Let the treason trials begin.... and the fun too.

You need to be charged, tried and face eternity for your America hating treason.

Have you read things like this before? Have your received hate filled or threatening messages? Have any of your peace and social justice signs been stolen or vandalized? Have you felt intimidated or actually been threatened by someone who doesn't like your opinions?

What did you do? Nothing? You're probably not alone.

But, if you weren't doing anything illegal at the time; you should've done something. You should've stood up for yourself and for the rights of others. This kind of behavior isn't juvenile, immature, a nuisance or an irritation. What it wrong; and you shouldn't put up with it.

Depending on the situation, you should call the police immediately, or report it later. For instance, when I saw a bumper sticker that read "Save America, Beat a Protester" I reported the license plate number to the police. They, of course, treated it as a joke. But, when I asserted that I believed it to be a terroristic threat intended to stifle my freedom of speech and that if they wouldn't take my complaint I wanted badge numbers, things changed.

If you have a sign stolen from or vandalized in your yard- report it. Don't shrug it off like almost everyone I've ever provided a "Support Our Troops, Bring The Home" sign to. It's a case of vandalism and trespassing and possibly laceny. It certainly is an infringement on you right to free speech.

I'm sure the authorities are more than happy not to see a pattern of lawlessness and intimidation. But, I can't hold them culpable when there is no pattern reflected in their records.

And why isn't there a pattern? Dissidents don't call the police! Phooey. This dissident does because I want to and do use my freedom of speech. Listen, nonviolent doesn't mean pushover. Gandhi was nonviolent, but you betcha he stood up.

One last story to illustrate my point. About ten years ago I wrote a letter to the editor of a small town newspaper. It was published and quite a few people took exception to my calling the United States a rogue nation for not adhering to treaty obligations. One man went much farther. He wrote a letter too, which was published. His letter invited people to "do something" about this guy. I felt threatened. My wife felt a lot threatened and wanted me to stop meddling in politics.

What I did was call the editor of the newspaper and tell him I had lodged a letter in my safe deposit box instructing my executor to sue him and his newspaper for suitable damages if I were to disappear or die in suspicious circumstances. I told him that a copy of the newspaper with the offensive letter was in the box too.

No letters to the editor appeared in the next issue of the newspaper. All the space was taken by a lengthy lesson on civility, civics and how to write letters to the editor. The injunction that no threats of any sort would be published with those letters being forwarded to the police for action was prominently displayed.

So, stand up for yourselves, nonviolently, of course. Report threats and vandalism to the police. We need a paper trail.


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:27 pm 
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Very well said Yank.



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