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 Post subject: Looking for 911 events across America?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:27 pm 
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This has a list of events all across America. People Like Cindy, Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Ed Asner etc. will be touring and here are some places and dates.

There is a wonderful idea on this site that states we should each make a symbolic gesture of $9.11 every month to them, but why not apply it here. if jesse got all these donations at $9.11 would yuo not feel he's getting the message that we're behind him (and reggie).

C'mon everybody. Get out your wallets and make a symbolic gesture for 911 truth- become a real helpful gesture. We pay out $100.00 for crap all the time- how much is truth really worth to you? $?....000,000.00 a year?

These organs, like TVNL don't have the bucks, only the determination that they will fight for us to help reveal the truth. And it only costs you a measley $9.11 per month to join in the fight- a pittance- more would be nice, but a pittance is better than nothing.

How much do you value the future and your children's.....? Enough to join a group and become a voice? Try typing the name of "your city", with after that and see what happens. Then get out there and help. There's so many young people who need to be helped and we at these sites are a wealth of information.

Get up stand up, don't give up the fight!! There's far too much at stake to sit back and do as little as we can- we have to do as much as we can to help this thing continue to grow. It's been 7 years of Bush and there is a whole new group of youth who need to know the truth, for they will be the ones to continue to fight for freedoms liberties and what's left of our democracy, after we're too tired or sick to continue. Take those feet and get out on the beat- grassroots is the ultimate solution.

Revolution is a young man's game, but we still have our purpose- like laying down our lives for what we believe when we know the time is right for it. Better us go first than the youth as an example of how they will turn on us all, to the extreme.

They want us to sacrifice for their wars, but this is our time to revel in our sacrifices, so for now give what you can because we are making a difference!! Save your supreme sacrifice for when the time calls for it. We have to stand up when they attack our youth, for they are our future too! The government doesn't own their rights to give their lives, just like us in their wars. WE, THE PEOPLE should have a say of when we should lay our lives down for our country- and if millions of us Vietnam era people once again shed the mantle of fear from ourselves and stand up to these tyrants and their agents of oppression, we will know that our sacrifice will pave the way for our children's successful future. How would it look if our armies were killing their old people to the rest of society. (hopefully they don't use it as a strategy to get rid of us)

How would it make our armies feel to have to slaughter their own people, old, :shock: with walkers :lol: and canes :P bearing down on them on the whitehouse lawn, with no fear of death?? :roll: :twisted: Marching, slowly forward, doggedly relentless, fearless look in our eyes :!:

I'd pay to see that happen. But for now $9.11/mth will be good enough, I guess!? :roll:

Please find that courage we need to continue and never give up. This is the life or death of not just America, but what goes on, from here to eternity! This is a fight we can't lose!!

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