Is it too early for a Bush countdown?
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Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Is it too early for a Bush countdown?

170 days!

Sigh..I can't wait for fresh air.

You have a great selection of clocks here: ... nAodW0kjqg

Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:25 pm ]
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Yes, it is too early. It will be to early until the day he is gone and the next puppet continues the slaughter.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:17 pm ]
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This slaughter? I wrote this to a friend a few minutes ago.

As we are curiously and simultaneously caught in the tri-pencers of a global financial crisis, global oil crisis, and a global food crisis - one looks upon the lessons learned from the very powerful books "The Shock Doctrine:The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" and "Confessions of an Economic Hitman."

The power elite have been manufacturing crisis and forcing nations to their knees for over four decades. Their favorite weapon has been the triumvirate of financial crisis, food crisis, and governmental crisis. Thirty six nations have succumbed to their siren song of immense financial aid that is quickly and ruthlessly followed by privatization when the debtor nation proves unable to meet the terms of the loan. Thirty six nations have witnessed the privatization of (either all or part of) their oil and mineral rights, their telephone and power companies, their water utilities, and their farms and real estate with their populace often forced into slave labor making less, not more, real money with each passing year. A populace that has seen its family farms privatized, a nice word for stolen from under their feet. A populace that has seen the cost of privatized water and electricity quickly soar to unimaginable heights. A populace that has witnessed their beautiful country torn asunder by mining and drilling concerns that has not a care in the world about the citizens quality of life or the lethal impact on the environment. When select members of the populace fight back to regain what was theirs for centuries, they are labeled "terrorists".

Americans do not hear of it because the same forces who employ disaster capitalism have also purchased control of key individuals in the mainstream media. They have a lot of money to spend as the funds for the World Bank/IMF come from the Federal Reserve.

I speculate that the current global financial, oil, and food crisis is a ploy to bring, not an individual nation, but the entire world to its knees. They will offer a global monetary unit that has value. For awhile. They will, once again, purchase land, utilities, manufacturing companies, and mineral rights for pennies on the dollar. This will open the door to their dream, now over a century old, of one world government with them having absolute power and control enhanced by global eavesdropping made possible by the miniaturization and widespread usage of surveillance technology.

How can they bring a powerful nation like the neo USSA of Amerikka to its knees? Then rip apart the remains of our Constitution? Easy. The scientific creation of a catastrophic depression. The likes of which are unfolding under our very eyes.

Global warming is simply another, albeit a potentially powerful one, tool in their chest. With it they seem intent on carbon taxes and additional regulations to more effectively starve the already crippled economy. A crippling created and enhanced, I might add, by mind boggling raises in the price of the world largest and arguably most important commodity - oil.

Though they are currently reducing the price of oil, just like they did for the election of 2006, look for the invasion of Iran to send the price of oil to stratospheric heights. Remember that it is through the cultivation of carefully manufactured crisis that they are able to effectively shock and privatize the resources that they so covet. With thirty six nations/victims under their belts, it would seem that they now feel qualified to take it all.

What makes it possible? Other than ownership of the media and the inability of most people to fully understand economics? The purchase and control of key politicians who care not about the livelihoods of their citizenry? My feeling is that most people simply can not believe that anyone is that evil. The same reaction that causes the majority to close their eyes to the literal mountains of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. "Nobody is that evil" is their head in the sand belief.

Well.....some are that evil. And they seem to be purchasing absolute control of the world for pennies on the dollar after forcing their victims to its knees after creating one monumental crisis after another.

As for me, I am cutting expenses and buying food that stores effectively. A little bit of kevlar here and there as well. In Iraq, the 'haves' wear kevlar while the 'have nots' wear prayer chains. As you can see, I have lost faith in our government. After all, it is administered by the aforementioned power elite.

Do I really believe this is what is happening? Depends on what day you ask me. Publically I oten tell friends and family that its probably just another recession in a rather long line of recessions. Privately I suspect the odds are roughly 50/50 that the power elite will make their ultimate move within the next 1-2 years. After all, we are only one disaster and a quick signature away from martial law, aka: ultimate crisis.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:42 pm ]
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CrimsonEagle wrote:
Yes, it is too early. It will be to early until the day he is gone and the next puppet continues the slaughter.

Also....I'm due to surpass your post count around the time of the election. You gonna let that happen?

Author:  TUTUTKAMEN [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:10 pm ]
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Very good Purple Tang. Right on the Money Brother. :wink:

Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:27 pm ]
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It is already checkmate, though very nice write up.

And yes, I am going to let that happen:)

Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:00 pm ]
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We should give up, we still have a chance. All kinds of things could happen. For one thing, the three most powerful 'Americans' are David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Dick Cheney. All three could easily die within a short time period. None are expected to live too much longer, look at their age and health and/or health history. There could be a mass defection as their agents (CFR, RIAAA, TLC, Club of Rome, Round Tablers, and others) see that their masters are not simply globalists but mass murderers of a grander and more sinister scale than ever imagined.

Their ilk has been been working towards absolute global domination since time began. They now have surveillance and amazing agent greed on their sides this time, they also have factors working against them. Such as a billion highly pissed off Muslims that don't appreciate being murdered/swept aside because they refused to join the New World order.

Their success could happen, it could also implode and drive the entire earth into anarchy/ Armageddon/ WWIII.

One thing is for sure. Neither McCain or Obama are currently qualified to slow them down. Obama has been busily hiring their agents and rubber stamping their citizen surveillance bills that makes it all possible.

The Republican Party has lost all credibilIty for awhile. Its only purpose would be a swift and purposeful attack on Muslim nations who do not cooperate with the New World Order...Syria and Iran. On the other hand, a compliant and spineless Democratic Party will also do that though the aid of a false flag operation would likely be needed. I also look for them to make another move to raid/privatize the nations Social Security loot while Obama is at his peak of popularity. Obama has no backgound in economics, he will likely fully cooperate with Rockefellers Chicago School of Economic Genocide Boys.

I basically like Obama and far prefer him over McCain but he has no idea what the game rules are. If he did, one of three things would either happen or have happened:
1) He would not have run.
2) He would not have received unprecedented funding from Wall Street and the defense contractors. The MSM would have marginalized him. He would have been yet another gallant, principled 2 percenter.
3) He would be assassinated if he were not owned by the power elite.

Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:29 pm ]
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It has nothing to do with giving up. I just recognize the fact that people have to learn the hard way.

I used to equate this mostly with individuals. Though I have recognized it for quite some time, I never fully comprehended the similarity's that individual lives and the collective consciousness of society have in common.
It is really chilling when you come to recognize this.

This has nothing to do with nations, race or religion. It has to do with humanity. Humanity has to change or it must go extinct....or damn close to it. We are at that point and to be honest, I do not see us changing.

Let me tell you all something. This is not Bushes fault, or Clinton, or any hidden cabals fault. The blame lies firmly at all of our feet. It is we who allow this. They cannot help but be who they are...inhuman monsters...demonic in nature. These sociopath's are not just in our country, they rule all over the world and they have since the beginning of time. It is, and always has been the people who allow this..... until the people reach a breaking point and revolt.

The difference is, this time they have the means to wreak havoc across the planet. Something which to my knowledge they have never had before, and the truly scary thing is....there are people who want this to happen. They have "toys" that we have not seen, little devices that will make you beg to all that is holy, and guess what. They are saving them for us. They do not care about the Muslins. They are willing to kill them if they wont bow. They are not nearly domesticated enough. We on the other hand are very domesticated.

I have stated from the very beginning that this system is thoroughly corrupted. I stand by that statement and will add that it is beyond repair.

Do you really think that if Rockefeller, Kissinger and Cheney all dropped dead right this instant that anything would change? And a mass defection? Good luck with that.

I'm sorry, but I do not believe that there are all kinds of things that can happen. It is down to two choices. Death or enslavement.

You wrote:
Their success could happen, it could also implode and drive the entire earth into anarchy/ Armageddon/ WWIII.

Exactly. Death or enslavement.

There was a time in the past that we could have stopped them. Hell, people warned us on what to watch out for. We didn't though. We allowed them to consolidate so much power into so few hands that now they have complete control and I will guarantee you this. They would rather lay waste to this planet rather than give up.

It is check and mate.

We have two choices though they are not clear to most yet. Fight or become a slave.

I have not given up. Just waiting to see who is who.

Till then, I think I will just continue with my poetry. As poor as it may be, there is a message.

And good luck with the election. Just be careful what you wish for. There is not much difference between a demon and a devil.
(Mmmmm. Good theme.)


Author:  Purple Tang [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:59 pm ]
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This is the work and the fault of the cabal. People have a hard time managing their own lives, how were they supposed to stop the cabal?

If we give up and admit failure, how can that possibly be productive? They can't throw everyone in jail.

Losing R, K, and C would be a very significant blow to the globalists. Less so with C of course.

Look at the bright side, these are exciting times.

Author:  CrimsonEagle [ Sun Aug 03, 2008 11:07 pm ]
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Purple Tang wrote:

Look at the bright side, these are exciting times.

Lol. That they are my friend....that they are.

Author:  dee35ann [ Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  CE on target

You are right on target CE.

No one has been able to see the forest for the trees.

There has been many people who have tried to warn us of what was coming down the pike in many phases of our life. We either laughed at them - called them stupid (that could never happen in the good old US of A) or labeled them as total idiots or completely ignored them because it was easier to ignore the truth compared to taking a stand for our convictions.

To point out some of our stupid actions that has shown us, just how our actions have enabled us to betray ourselves.

When all the malls were being built - we betrayed our local mom and dad shops. Now can we afford the gas to trade at the malls? They are too far away to walk to.

We all purchased imported good rather than be loyal to our own countries
manufacturers - and boycott foreign merchandise - only to save a few dollars. Now we call our manufacturers as traitors, when in reality we were and still are the traitors. We were unable to see any farther than the end of the noses on our face.

Our Unions tried to warn us - we didn't listen. Their bumper stickers said - WHEN YOU GET HUNGRY - EAT AN IMPORT. The average citizen equated that with the auto industry. They just could not believe it could encompass everything in our society.

I've named just a few ways we have and still are betraying ourselves - our country - our families and our future. Anyone else care to add to the endless list??

Where there is breath - I feel we can turn everything around. Our forefathers were mostly uneducated people ---BUT --- very far from being stupid. They gave us a good country and now it's time the tough get going.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:27 pm ]
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Here are quite a few clips on internet censorship:

I think the interent will be remembered as the last bastion of freedom before the takeover was completed.

Why are the powers putting down the clamps on internet freedom? The internet allows people to discuss outrageous conspiracies in my opinion.

"We are not going to tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories."
George Bush

The 'conspiracy folks' have no shortage of material to work with. It seems that every day there is a new porterhouse steak for them to chew on. Supplied by the MSM, Bushbarians, Bilderbergers, etc.

Speaking of which, the British government has now blocked www.infowars from being viewed there.

Without the internet, hardly anyone would know about Cheneys interest in casting our soldiers as Iranians to instigate war with Iran. Why does Cheney like war so much? I think its mostly the oil.

I'm just glad I got most of my years in before the takeover.

Author:  dee35ann [ Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  closing down political internet

PT - The powers that be in Washington do not want free thinking people to be able to share information on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.

The NCLB scam is a dumbing down of all our school children. We are not lost yet tho. Quite a few of our college kids have seen the writing on the wall - thanks to the powers that be that is hitting our children in the pocketbooks, trying to halt their education.

If the NCLB was such a good investment for our school children instead of a means to cut Federal funding to our public schools, would Bush (idiot) have had to use our tax dollars to bribe Armstrong Williams to barker it on his radio program trying to convince his listeners to buy into it?

As far as I am concerned this is one more of many things Bush - Cheney and the whole sorry lot has mis appropriated our money and used it for personel reasons and not in the interest of the citizens of this once great nation.

Author:  Purple Tang [ Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:49 am ]
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Here is a news story on Wall Street bankers/power elite already privatizing our infrastructure. ... 7899.shtml

Apparently the shocking is paying off.

Author:  lefty [ Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:44 am ]
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That is absolutely and completely freaking retarded. (the article that PT posted, not anyone's responses :P )

I have an idea, of course no one would ever do it, but I know it would work. The governments, from county to Federal, always complain of budget shortfalls.

So, lets throw away the old budgets. Write out the bills and start from basics again. Cut all the bullshit spending on things that no one benefits from besides some already rich people. There is enough fat in the federal government (and dear god, if we cut defense spending we would be rolling in cash) to fund all the way down to municipalities in a continuous and steady rate for eternity without ever having to raise taxes. We could put the surplus into a fund for projects that come up unexpectedly...etc. See this is how a good household budget is run. If you cannot pay rent, you don't go to the movies. Its a simple freaking equation. If you have extra after the bills are paid, you save it for emergencies.

I think, while all of these theories you guys have presented are quite correct, that the main problem is that we have our heads up our asses trying to figure out how to buy our iPhone and HDTV and all that other completely useless bullshit to care what our government does. So when Senator Swindle says we don't have enough money to pay for bridges we tell him he can take our titles (to whatever public structures) and give us a little cash, just to ease us over the rough spots. These venture capitalists are just title loan sharks that are the same as the evil bastards that are set up all over my town tricking people into paying 2000% interest on a fricken $200 loan.

If we could somehow make everyone start over...

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