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 Post subject: Re: Insects in the Wild.
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:07 am 
Hear Me Roar!

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Catherine wrote:
A relative of my husband's works with The Police and I like their music, but rock as rock is played (and sung) today just doesn't have the same appeal it had for me in the 80s and 90s. I haven't attended a rock concert in years...even though Elton John came to Asheville, our closest "big" city, in November. Tickets to his concert sold out in a few hours! :cry:

However, when PBS is doing their fund raising, they present some amazing groups and sounds...such as Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, and Shaken, Not Stirred. Some of their Oldies shows are amazing....and the musical stars of yesterday have gotten old and somewhat fat! But they can still sing. My husband has Sirius radio in his truck and, when we go on a long trip, we listen to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music. If it wasn't for Sirius and the Internet, those old songs would not have been heard by today's young people, but they seem to love them.

I once heard Doug Smith, the West Texas piano player, say that he never referred to himself as a "PIANIST." He laughed and said that being from West Texas, the title never came out just right and was often "misunderstood." :P So he just referred to himself as a "piano player." :lol:

*** the title never came out just right and was often "misunderstood." So he just referred to himself as a "piano player."

HA!!...I hear ya. I kinda had the same thought, when I listened to him through your link!! I thought, West Texas? Piano?

(LOL) That's like Black Sabbath and Classical!! :bounce: :D :bounce:

My musical taste is extremely wide. However, I haven't listened to a whole gob of each, other than rock. However, 95% of my rock interest, is from most of the 70's, some of the 60's and 80's.

Rock in that era was progressive, meaning there was a solid rock sound, but much of it's structure was from jazz or classical. That's why a lot of 70's rock, was "undancible." However, the storyline vocals, gave the words, much more creativity I thought back then, than today. I think It's kinda neat, listening to Rock, while the lyrics told a story. There's music today, that has good lyrics to it, but I think it's more integrated with the music, as opposed to 70's rock, "having it's own style." (so to speak)

Satellite radio is great. I haven't subscribed to satellite radio, since I had my "big dish." I had a music service called DMX DIRECT TO HOME. I simply loved it. Great sound, great musical choice and price!! Yeah, I miss it and yes, Sirius is something I may consider. I always thought that there would be a shitload of "dropouts," as you were driving down the road, but apparently not, from what i've heard and read. Christ, I can't count the number of times, I had to "fine tune" that big dish, so it would hit that ole bird up there in the sky perfectly. Kinda funny, I could always tell it was snowing outside, without looking out my window. I could just listen or watch t.v. and I could see that ole signal meter start taking a nose dive!! Any finall. BLIP!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! But it wasn't to bad though.

...and the snow!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

***However, when PBS is doing their fund raising,

Kinda funny you mention PBS and their fund drive. Back when I had my big dish, PBS would have those fund drives in the fall and spring. God, there was about 8-10 PBS channels I knew, right off the bat, because I watched them all religiously. I'll never forget the run on "this old house, where I don't think I moved off my couch for at least twelve hours. Norm Abrams is my God!! Then, I always watched Austin City Limits. Some of my favorites then, were Traci Chapman, Robert Plante (from Led Zepplin) and the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn, who just simply made those six strings smoke!!

I'd consider subscribing to t.v. channels again, if they would cease to force me to purchase their "brain dead programming." Christ, mos tof it is either commercials or infomercials. If you gotta buy a Tivo to skip through all that shit well, I think I made my point. But ya gotta remember, I'm from the "Big Dish Days," where every channel I watched, was am "masterpiece," because I was paying for them. A clear freedom of choice but now...goodbye/no more!!

...but it wasn't me, with that dish pointed almost straight up at the Playboy Channel. Ya see, that was my neighbor's dish. I had one, just like his. Mine didn't, (I mean couldn't) point that high on the horizon. (I don't think, or did it?) well, you know what I mean.

It was "the PTL Club," or nothing for me. (hallejuah!!)

***musical stars of yesterday have gotten old and somewhat fat!

Oh God, like Heart!! Oh my goodness!! Back in 1976, I use to have "hormonal seizures" over Ann and Nancy Wilson. GEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!! They're little "butterballs now!! But I still love them nevertheless. And they're progressives too, so yes, they're Gods!! :D

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