Looking Beyond the Haircut
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Author:  Catherine [ Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking Beyond the Haircut

Looking Beyond the Haircut

By Bill Boyarsky

John Edwards’ words at the last Iowa Democratic debate sounded so out of tune with this year’s campaign discourse—and so sensible and important—that the man might as well have been campaigning on another planet.

“Somewhere in America tonight,” he said, “a child will go to bed hungry. Somewhere in America tonight, a family will have to go to the emergency room and beg for health care for a sick child. Somewhere in America today a father who has worked for 30 or 40 years to support his family will lose his job.” [To see the December debate, in multiple parts, go to and search on “Iowa Democratic debate."]

His talk of hunger, poor medical care and working people’s fear of sudden middle-age unemployment provided a bracing touch of reality in a campaign where the media are stubbornly occupied with matters irrelevant to American life: Is Hillary too blind to accept the journalistic verdict that her campaign is falling apart? Did Obama pine for the presidency in kindergarten ? What about that dope smoking as a teenager? How about these Mormons and Mitt Romney? Did Joseph Smith really receive God’s word in upper New York state, just as Moses did on Mount Sinai?

The real question is why so few reporters were paying attention to what Edwards had to say about the economy, health care and job insecurity in a nation where economic conditions have become a prime concern.

I focused on what Edwards had to say as I prepared to take off for Iowa to cover the campaign. I talked to people who had been observing the campaign coverage to see if they shared my outrage at a media seemingly intent on trivializing the election.


Author:  dori [ Wed Dec 19, 2007 8:01 am ]
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There was an article in our local newspaper last week talking about Edwards hair cut. It 'proved' Edwards is a fool, self-absorbed, mentally light weight, has terrible values, couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, cares only about silly things, and is trying to pull the wool over other silly people's eyes.

Boy, this columnist isn't fooled though. And anyone who would vote for a person who would post a video of himself on YouTube primping for the camera has to be an idiot.

Posted a video of himself? You have to be kidding. But then, these people believe Bush is 'the real thing', so what can you expect?

Have I said lately how much I hate it here?

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Dec 19, 2007 10:29 am ]
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I was thinking recently about how hypocritical wingers are. They write editorials like you just mentioned, dori. They have saturated the airways with talk radio shows that promote fear, the Christian God, intelligent design, sex for procreation only, vote Republican, etc. etc. etc.

Yet, these same wingers love to promote the country music scene. BUT the music industry, including the country part of it, wouldn't sell a single or an album anymore if their songs weren't FULL of sexual overtones, up to and including infidility and group sex! AND the musical artists' lives are definitely not very good role models for those who are buying their recordings. :roll:

The writers of winger editorials are probably the same.

Author:  dori [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:47 am ]
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Yes, this particular local writer is no prize. This isn't the first column he has come up with that was just hot air. Anytime he wants to see an actual dimbulb, all he has to do is look in the mirror.

But he is so much better than our local grinning ass that consistantly rakes people on the left over the coals. At least the first guy is sometimes mildly amusing, the latter is like a walking cankor sore.

As I said before, if I had the money and a $400 haircut made me look as good as Edwards does, I would get it in a minute!

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