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 Post subject: What Tom Delay's Daddy Did to Himself and His Family
PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 6:59 pm 

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Delay's Hypocrisy is Not Freaky! Freaky is What Tom Delay's Daddy Did to Himself and His Family[/color]

[color=orange]Blogs and online news sites are pouncing on the story about Tom Delay's family pulling the plug on Tom's dad. The fact that the Delay family faced this life or death decision and chose death should come as no surprise. By now we all know that Delay is one of the biggest liars, hypocrits and thieves to walk the planet.

What does surprise me about this story is the careful handling of what led the Delay family to the tragic decision to pull the plug on Charles Delay. The LA Times refers to the accident that left Tom's dad a vegetable as a "freak accident."

I may be mincing words here, but it was not a freak accident.
A freak accident is one where a person is minding their own business and suddenly a tree falls on their head or a meteor crashes to earth and smashes them. You know, something totally unexpected, unavoidable and bizarre.

Tom's dad, Charles, was left in a vegetative state while attempting to do something really stupid. You see, Charles and his brother Jerry decided they would build a trolley in their garage to hurl them and their families two hundred feet down a steep slope to a lake. They piled into their homemade trolley with their wives to embark on the trolley's maiden voyage.

Seconds into the ride the trolley jumped its tracks, slamming Charles Delay headfirst into a tree. This was no freak accident; this was an accident waiting to happen. Today, something this idiotic would be on the television show, Jackass, with tons of disclaimers to viewers urging them not to try this at home.

The ensuing lawsuit the Delay family filed, trying to blame others for Charles' idiotic idea to build a theme park style ride in his backyard, speaks more about Delay's hypocrisy than the family's decision to pull the plug.

Delay, champion of Bush's "personal responsibility" crusade, does not have a word to say about the three-year lawsuit his family pursued, hoping to place the trolley crash blame on manufacturer of one of the parts Daddy Delay used to build his weird contraption.

Nor does Delay speak a word about his family's case when he and Bush pushed tort reform through here in Texas. The Delay family sued for all sorts of punitive damages, emotional distress, deprivation of companionship, etc. The very damages that Delay and Bush Gang have limited in future lawsuits here in Texas.

Texas tort reform limits legitimate non-economic awards to families who are tragically destroyed through the direct fault of corporate or medical screw ups. Did visions of Charles Delay dance through Tom's head when he decided that plaintiffs must be stupid and therefore undeserving of punitive awards? Come on Tom, spill the beans.

Ooops, sorry Tom. I just learned from Buzzflash that the reason you do not talk about the past is that you divorced yourself from your mother and your siblings years ago. The family values guy won't even talk to his own family. I guess he keeps them as deep in the closet as he can.

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