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 Post subject: Republicans: The Anti-Christian, Christian Party
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 6:38 pm 
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Republicans: The Anti-Christian, Christian Party

Howard Dean has received a great deal of unfair criticism for calling the Republicans a “pretty much white Christian party.” Dean was actually far to mild in his comments and his description of the Republican Party in regards to their narrow demographic and ideological base.

Personally, this writer does disagree with Dean on only one aspect of his comment. The Republicans calling themselves Christian are promoting an essentially anti-Christian agenda. While these so-called “Christian Right” political leaders claim to speak for the Christians of America, I think they are actually speaking only for a small minority of Christians who are placing Bush Republicanism above the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I am a Southern, white Christian male. I am a fairly conservative Democrat. I completely oppose the entire Republican agenda because my Christian faith and values are deeply offended by the greed and intolerance of Bush Republicanism. These values and the Christian theology behind them were explored in my column “Faith in Politics” written back in October of 2001 (see ).

Dean should not give the Republicans the benefit of exclusive use of the Christian label for an essentially anti-Christian political message. Real Christians love the poor and look down on anyone with a political agenda designed to benefit the wealthiest of the wealthy. The invasion of Iraq based on lying to the voters and deceiving our elected lawmakers is hardly the behavior of good Christians. A brief look at the Downing Street memo shows that Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair had already started a war with Iraq while the UN’s Weapons of Mass Destruction inspectors were still in Iraq and long before Congress voted to give Bush the legal power to launch his unwise military adventure. Are these the behaviors of good Christians?

The politicization of the Christian church has benefited the Republican Party instead of the Christian church. It is an insult to many real Christians to call the attack on the Separation of Church and State a pro-Christian political agenda. Our Founding Fathers advocated this measure almost universally to protect both the government and our Churches. Politics and money are corrupting many churches especially those led by so-called “Christian Right” preachers.

I urge all Democrats to challenge the Republican claim on the Christian label at every opportunity. I urge all Christians to challenge all their church leaders who seek to promote a partisan political agenda. I want to add my sincere admonishment to all Christians to look for passages in the Bible about helping the poor and not judging others faith or behavior in religious terms. Ask yourself if the Republican agenda financially benefits the poor and helpless versus the rich and powerful before you make the political choices. I think we need to ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”

Written by Stephen Crockett ( co-host of Democratic Talk Radio ). Mail: 7A Planville Drive , Fayetteville , TN 37334 . Email: . Phone: 443-907-2367.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:51 pm 
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The way i see it, jesse, many so called christians who support the republicans also use quotes from the bible to further their causes. There are just too many religiously blinded people to know what exactly the bible is all about, so they rely on self ordained "preachers" or ministers for guidance. The ministers are looked upon by the ignorant followers as some bible expert, and they believe what is being said to them. Any one can use verses and sentences from the bible to support their causes, one just needs to know where to look. The ignorant thinking that "it's in the bible, so it must be true", is killing america. I also believe that the areas most effected by this is the south and midwest. Not to say we don't have ours in New York, I just have to look at my sweet mom...staunch, religious republican, but it makes for great debates between her and I.

But, one thing about america is that no matter how far right or left we go, it always seems that the pendulum always swings back the opposite way. It may take a while, but it always does. I believe that more people writing about this, as did the author, and speaking publicly, as did Dean, makes the brain dead responsive. Perhaps there are many who do actually feel the way Dean does and needs a "leader" to bring them out of the closet. For a while in america, you were called traitorous to speak out against bush the war or american politics, but I feel that is changing. This prevented many from expressing their real views....the social pressure was very heavy against those who opposed.

As the mood of the country continues to step away from supporting the war, for example, hopefully,more people will take that big deep breath we should have taken on 9-12 and thought things out...asked questions...and acted in a paced, unemotional manner.

More writings, such as the above post, will hopefully enlighten many people as to what's really going on in america.

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