Dave Johnson: Why Does GOP Make Ridiculous Claims?
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Author:  Catherine [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Dave Johnson: Why Does GOP Make Ridiculous Claims?

Why Does GOP Make Ridiculous Claims?

by Dave Johnson

Republicans said Obama "tripled the deficit" but they were talking about Bush's last budget year. They said Obama massively increased spending, but Bush did that and Obama did not. They said Obama raised taxes, but he cut taxes. And now they say that we have fewer jobs because of Obama, when jobs are up by millions from the trough resulting from the Bush crash. What is going on, and why do they continue to make ridiculous claims?

Some Facts

First, some facts. Then, let's look at the reasoning behind the ridiculous lies.

Deficits and debt: Republicans claim that Obama "tripled the deficit" in 2009. But here's the thing, the 2009 fiscal budget year was Bush's last budget. That huge $1.4 trillion deficit that shocked everyone was reported in October, 2009, for the budget year ended September 30, when Obama had only been in office 8 months.

When Bush took office the country had a huge budget surplus and we were starting to talk about paying off the entire national debt by ... next year. When Bush left office the country's budget had a $1.4 trillion yearly deficit. Two wars, huge tax cuts for the rich and crashing the economy caused huge deficits.

So they claim that Obama has increased the debt while in office. Fact: a $1.4 trillion yearly deficit as inherited from Bush means that in two years we add $2.8 trillion to the debt, in three years we add $4.2 trillion and in four years we add $6 trillion. When Republicans complain that "Obama added X trillion to the debt" they are actually just saying that yes, Bush left behind huge deficits and Obama has not yet been able to bring the borrowing all the way back down from Bush levels.

Spending increases: Bush doubled the military budget and started two very expensive wars and the Medicare prescription benefit (which is really about giving money to drug companies) and bailed out the banks and crashed the economy which caused the government to have to spend incredible amounts on unemployment, food stamps, etc.

Obama spent money on the "stimulus" which turned the jobs situation around. (See jobs chart below.)



Really, step back for a minute and look at their record:

8 years in charge,
turned huge surpluses into massive deficits,
started two long wars with no clear path out of them,
caused the entire middle class to have stagnant incomes
while massively increasing the wealth of the top 1%
and then to top things off at the end they crashed the entire economy
(And never mind what happened with climate change on their watch.)

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