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 Post subject: peak oil
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 8:36 am 
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As americans confront it's ever growing problem about the rising oil crisis, i have read many suggestions on how we should cope with it. It seems mass transit is the most talked about solution. The problem is getting there.

Our economy is largely based on the auto production and for this business to decline dramatically or, worse yet, fail, would have a devastating domino effect on the economy. I can place the blame on the auto industry at this point for giving us gas guzzling cars and trucks, but the real blame lies with the consumer. The auto industry only gave us what we wanted, but that's not the issue. The issue is what will happen next? Since there will be no forseen end to the oil crisis, one has to look ahead.

We are at "peak oil" production. In other words, there is no more oil to be discovered and we are beginning to use up what's left in the earth. Now, under normal circumstances we might have another 100 years to prepare for it, however,as many countries industrialize, the consumption rate has tripled the rate that got us here. That means the decline of oil being available will happen faster than the time it took us to get to this point. That 100 years is now much, much shorter.

As the auto insdustry begins it's slowdown, those businesses who depend on it and support it, will also begin to slow. Many will be laid off...many will be out of a job. It's almost as if we will be entering another modern day depression era. There will be no more "cheap" oil to bail us out this time. Industry in america will come to a comlete stand still.

As mass transit attempts to enter the picture, the effect this will have on the housing market will also be devastating. Those who live far from the cities (or transit lines) will now want to move closer. The problem is who is going to buy that $300,000 home from you? Therefore, the housing bubble begins to burst. The apartments in cities will double or triple in price, whereas the suburban home will be worthless (as compared to the buying price) Banks will begin to feel the burden, motrgages will fail at alarming rates, banks will collapse, foreclosures will be ten fold what they are now. America's mass trasit system now is not ready for any such increase. We have based our mobile public on private means for too long. I, for one, will find it hard to accept. Buses never interested me. For me they were full of smelling people, dirty seats and questionable being honest here.

The cost of goods will sky rocket due to shipping costs and the manufacture of many plastic products will triple in costs since they are made with oil. To maintain your present household will double soon, and, if you get laid off, the situation just got worse.

so, what to do..........

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 Post subject: What to do?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 6:28 pm 
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Michael Ruppert brought up the idea of peak oil as an issue. His view was fed by the world groups like Bildenberg etc., who are in need of revenue in the form of taxes on the masses. He has been discredited as an agent of the CIA disinformation group, and his theories about peak oil are a red herring. There is no oil shortage, but the conspiring of a few at the top and the control of the media has created this situation where we are at $65/bbl and rising.

We have an opportunity to change our dependance on fossil fuels by promoting alternative sources of energy, which are being bypassed and ignored by those who stand to profit most from continuing oil production. This is a consumer choice and it is time we made the elite aware that they will have to donate their money to taxes to stabilize the world situation. Their lack of compassion and adherance to greed allows groups at the top to develop their plans, such as peak oil, while ignoring the safer cleaner methods of power at our disposal. Wind, tidal and solar panels as power are all cheap and efficient replacements, and would free up oil to be used exclusively as alternatives and plastics etc. not as forms of polluting energy, but as necessities. These must be promoted as the way of the future and oilmen must be forced out of positions of power. The world needs their help. It's time for the rich to pay.

WE need them to contribute to the solutions not drive our choices and create an atmosphere of fear, which is to their advantage as a form of societal control.

This is a link from TVNEWSLIES.ORG from Jesse on the secret groups that rule. WE have to change the way the world views itself to a new perspective where banks and a few men don't contr-oil our direction.

#1 would be a rethinking of what money really represents in this world and teach the value of it as a commodity and not a purpose. This is the next great step we must take. Take back control of our world, and eliminate the unfairness of overpay/underpaid for work performed. Examples like Gates who makes $300/ second are just about all we really need to see the unfairness of the world, when the average wage per person in the world is close to $1000/ year. We all strive for more, so someone has to make less. Eliminate the pollutions of wealth and violence.

Equality must be more than just rhetoric.

#2 might be to tell the truth of a world confused by hope and religion. Time to come to an understanding of our position in the universe, so our purpose could be more clearly defined and understood. Assume this is all we have and work on it. No after this, no divine evening out, just this.

#3 might be to start treating each other as brothers and sisters instead of economic opportunities.

#4 Well things would just fall into place when we learn what love and peace really mean. Equality for all. Opportunity to learn and grow with security to develop in harmony with the world and our universe. The micro and macro as one, balance out of chaos? We've got our work cut out for us indeed. Lets just start with #1,2 and 3 for now and see if we can get somewhere with them.

Trust seems to be the common theme here, and we trust no one.

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