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 Post subject: Hidden Holocaust, USA
PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 4:47 pm 
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Some of these statistics in this article are staggering. Its sad for me. I sometimes "joke" about what type of cat food I will be able to afford, and how at first I may be able to afford Fancy Feast, but may end up with a no name brand dry food. The problem is, is that the fear is there that this "joke" may pass into a reality for me as it has for so many in society.

I have stated before on just how much I love my wife. She has brought some form of stability to me because of that love. She never forced me to change, but because of her, I did. Not for myself, but because of my love for her. She deserves my best. That being said, the love I feel for her, is also a kind of curse. I say this because, if it were not for this love, by now I think I may have gone "wild". As I think back, till the point I met her, I was on my way there. I wanted to leave this rat race behind, go into nature, and live in nature. If not for her, by now I'm pretty sure I would be there. I have alienated myself from all but one friend, and most of my family. I do not even look for potential friends, I look at people as acquaintances who come and go. Most are blind to the truth as to what is really happening. I cannot do this to her though. Even though I think this is the only way for saving what is left of my shattered sanity, she just does not see what I see. She cannot fathom what I see. I wonder if many can.

You say to have hope, when there is no hope to be had. History has proven this to us yet it seems that no one wants to see this. There is only one way I see for the human race to save itself, but this is something that will never happen. For shits and giggles, I will tell you, not that it will matter.

Some have had it almost right, but they did it wrong. Socialism is not an evil, it is the governments which turn it evil. With true global socialism, you would not even need governments, except for cases of natural disaster where you would need massive coordination to restore the people who were affected to the state they were before this act of nature.
I cannot stress enough, I am NOT talking about government controlled socialism. Government controlled socialism as all forms of government are subject to corruption and abuse as are ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT.
The only way for us to survive is INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTARY SOCIALISM.
Everyone would voluntarily give of themselves for the betterment of their "brother human-beings" because they care, not only for themselves, but for every human on this earth also. This I believe is the ONLY way. If you can see any other way, please tell me, because I just do not see it.
This society we have created are the haves, and the have nots. This is accepted, and you can see it on a local level as well as on a global scale.
Why is this? Why is this accepted as the way life should be? Can we not see that this is NOT WORKING? You can also see why I feel we are a lost cause. Without every human on earth working for the betterment of their fellow man, GREED, CORRUPTION, DESIRE FOR MORE THAN OTHERS, SELFISHNESS, AND DESTRUCTION WILL PREVAIL. This is the downfall of man. Once again I ask. Do you see any other way? If so, please tell me, because I do not.

As I write this, I keep having a flashback to something I seen on TV. The interviewer was talking to a rich family who had donated money for the Katrina relief. The woman whom was being interviewed made the statement along the lines of "These are people in need, If I have to cancel a manicure, or forgo a latte a day, well then that is a SACRIFICE I will have to make". I'm sorry people. I can only weep. I am ashamed of what the bulk of humanity has become. We have not earned the right to live on this planet which we have destroyed. Therefore, I have no hope.

If you choose to reply, please think about what I have written before you slam me and my crazy ideals into oblivion, and try to be gentle in the death of truth. I honestly see no other way, do you? If you do, then tell me. I am open to suggestions.


Oh, here is the article that got me onto yet another rant. My ideals may be radical even to the viewers of this site, but I thank you for allowing me to vent, even if it is off the wall.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 6:26 pm 
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I applaud you for your honesty Crimson. What you say is true. We accept a lottery system as a reward for devotion to this system. The mass of poor are silenced by the oppressive nature of complacent compliancy that the ruling oligarchy has put in place. Your statements (in books and film post) about the condition of the psyche of the elite is true and their perversions are their only way of contacting that human side to themselves. This is why systems of oppression don't work. It develops a psyche whereby the abused humans, animals, nature are seen as entertainment/profit for the elites desires, as they have lost all comprehension as to what is a human being made of. There is a total dissociation with the survival instinct and since they buy their security, and needs are all met with a wave of dollars, they have no need to genuine feelings of the real world and what fears that manifests in the poor and needy. This is why it is such an attraction to the poor to stay this way, asa they know the corruption that wealth and power engender. That is why so many are poor as they feel closer to reality. The rich are unaware that they live a life of cognitive dissonance that contributes to their unhealthy state both physically and psychically, but they pay for it with poor health, insecurity and mistrust of the poor, and their perverse need to satisfy their empty shallow souls. There is no god or real government, only a social construct to regulate and rule the people so they follow whatever story the ones they unknowingly follow and psychically respect,(somehow you know your boss is "THE BOSS") and accept that their only way out is to win the lottery system. You know- go to school, swallow the crap, get a job, work your way up, lick the BOSS's ass, become a foreman/manager, do their dirty work, hire and fire, get married, have kids, go to church, join a political ideology, invest in mutuals or war stocks, agree with anything your country does, and some day, you may be VP of some firm that eats people and destroys the earth for its survival.

Socialism is the true nature of man, but as the Garden of Eden story illustrates, we are at war with nature as we prefer the nurture formula, and the earth is our creation toy, to be controlled and manipulated into our human version of Eden. For man to survive, all decisions about progress in the future, will have to be based in ecology first, and man must give up his need for quick fix, environmentally hostile, greed based incentives, and declare the environment as the true god of earth and to be worshipped as our saviour and benefactor. This will happen once these crude barbarians/pirates we have as leaders are finally removed and this greed based system is cast down. There is a future, and it is up to us to enact it, by demanding the changes required of our politicians, and the people against greed and corporate interests. We cannot accept things as they were only as they will be. It seems so far away, but with new technology we will escape this dependance on oil and 'ol' KING COAL' and no longer will pollution flow when we turn on a light switch.

Thank the creator that we have such understanding wives and accept that what we do is better than sitting back and doing nothing. It is up to us to equalise the field and this includes sex, race, sexual preferences while eliminating the key factor of class as a divisor of humanity. It is, and has always been a class struggle. Nina Simone wrote a song about freedom for a black person. I think we could apply it to our struggle against a generally oppressive system like the one we live under. That great civil rights song that Nina Simone did so well:

"I wish I knew how
It would feel to be free
I wish I could break
all the chains holding me
I wish I could say
all the things that I should say
Say 'em loud, say 'em clear
For the whole round world to hear
I wish I could share
all the love that's in my heart
Remove all the bars
that keep us apart
I wish you could know
what it means to be me
Then you'd see and agree
That every man should be free."

If only our leaders and their puppet elite were in touch with this reality we could enlist their support to give back to the world what they so selfishly hold on to. The idea of superiority by way of possession of more paper than you or I. Is this the justice that liberty symbolises? Is she holding a torch now or an Uzi?

We must take it to the leaders and demand changes. The technology is there, we just have to wrestle it from the greedy corporations that dictate the way we deal in power, in all forms. Truth, trust, honesty, sharing and caring is what we have as hope. They have no hope- that is why we feel it, for under this system we can see no future. Don't give up. Be aware that fear and insecurity is how they maintain control over us, and don't give in to it. Stand up and be aware that we can as a group win this. They are the ones that need to find security through class division and building prisons and fighting wars. We can change all that by getting rid of the factors that contribute to their advantage, by eliminating the things that keep us chained to this way of thinking. We can build a better world by freeing ourselves of these chains that bind us to a gamblers life, a lottery system of some winners and many losers. This is intended to keep us seperated and independant, free from the concepts of community. It is how they centralize power in their hands, while we let them decide for us what is to be done. The castle on the hill and the serfs in the village who never know the decisions that dictate their lives. This is what is meant by "Power to the People" and what scares authority so much. For if the people were harnessed as one, the true power in this world would be known.

Just think,- and of course this would never really happen- if the President were to hoodwink Congress into a phony war and both sides of the house were to unanimously decide to go to war, and the people unanimously said NO, what would happen? "WE THE PEOPLE" would finally be implemented as it was intended to be. We would tell them that if war was so damn important to them then they should get their gear strapped on, get a gun and get over there and deal with it. I think in this scenario we'd quickly get rid of class distinction, or war would be a thing of the past.

There's just too much to talk about and I've only scratched the surface. I could go on writing about so much, but remember you have only hope in the truth and honesty, as it will see us through this stage. The white race has set a standard of life that is the seeds of its own demise. It is an addiction like that of alcoholism, and it's time for them to take the seven steps. It will be up to them to start with the apology concept for past deeds and accept their part in this. This will be our first step in getting the trust of the rest of the world- and it better be an honest apology. There is a supreme sacrifice to be made before someone makes a sacrifice out of us! Better be more than just a manicure or a latte.

Thank you Crimson for your bravery and your words. Truth is relative and I feel like you're my kinfolk.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:34 am 
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Your ideas don't seem radical to me at all, in fact, its exactly what I have been saying all along.

Small, decentralized communities and local economies able to provide their local populations with vital services and a reasonable standard of living by being PERSONALLY involved.


This movement is going on everywhere now, at least in the Northeast. It is a quiet revolution of people who are building communities, even in the middle of urban centers.

Thich Nakt Hahn (sp?) says that compassion has two parts. The first is a realization, the second a decision. The first part is the realization that the world is suffering. The second is the decision to do something about it.

Hope is a personal matter. If YOU have hope, there is hope. If YOU work to create a better world, then a better world will be built. When the Emperor of China decreed that the Wall of China would be built, he knew it would take 1000 years to finish. Those people who worked the first 25 years, they saw little for their efforts. After a life of work the job was only 2.5% finished. Still, the next generation of craftsmen took to the job.

There are many people out there who want to help, want to build, want to share. They have had the realization, and made the decision. YOU have to join them. Find them, join them, and be ready to work, often for *nothing* other than a grand scheme that seems too improbable for anything other than hope.

The world can change. One person at a time, one community at a time.

Illegitimi non Carborundum.

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