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 Post subject: Poltergiest in the White House?
PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 6:10 pm 

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'Poltergiest in the White House? by Symbolman
Sunday, November 12 2006 @ 01:19 AM GMT
Contributed by: Mediababe I'm getting a picture in my mind.

It's that scene so famous in the Poltergiest movie where the little girl is kneeling in front of the TV between channels and saying, "They're HERE.."


Because they ARE HERE. Pay Attention. The "Poppyists" are BACK. Daddy Bush is sneaking in the back door of the White House, as Rummy flees through the front.

While we are all warm and fuzzy as Democrats, watching the TV Media honk like a gaggle of geese hot on the trail of a young boy's ass who wandered into the goose pen, the Bush Senior team is committing a 'silent coup' in our Govt.

Bush junior, that little waste product who runs companies into the ground and broke every toy ever given to him, is Relinquishing our Govt to his FATHER.

They are using the Bush Family FIXER to run a number down on the American people, and no one is paying attention. All of a sudden the Iran/Contra folks are showing up in DROVES, including their old buddy Daniel Ortega ( ... =printable ) who just happened to show up on the old boob tube the other day, running for office again, as a Compassionate Contra.

Gates, Eagleburger, the same old crew. We're being traded out by the NeoCons for the old school Iran/Contra Team. So now we are supposed to Cheer that Baker will SAVE America? That the old family fixer is going to change juniors Diapers for us? Not a chance.

Doesn't anyone remember that James Baker orchestrated one of the biggest frauds in American History in Florida? Sent by Bush Senior as the "FIXER" once again.

And while the Media prattles on, "Gee whiz, we can't believe the American people just don't like the Right anymore. How could they settle for 'no plan' Democrats?" and STILL showing their Right Wing bent, we are all celebrating getting our Govt BACK from the Gang that couldn't Shoot Straight.

Well, while we're doing that, the Bush Senior Crew is descending like Vultures to tear away the game from the Idiot Son who has mauled it, but was never one to Clean his Plate, being born with a silver spoon in his Snout.

And that GAME is US.

No one recalls that Baker's Law firm was Hired BY the Saudis to REPRESENT THEM AGAINST the Families of the Victims of 911? ( ) Can you stomach THAT? I Can't. And I WON'T.

Isn't it ODD that he should do that? Isn't it ODD that MOST of the Terrorists according to THIS government were of Saudi Origin?

Doesn't that Represent a 'Conflict of Interest' in ANYONE'S mind? Does the Media report this?


Should you know this?


Let's just imagine these OIL MEN controlling or being controlled BY Saudis WHILE Baker, who has been put in charge of the world Forgiving Iraq Debt. (Code, slicing up the Iraq Oil Pie for his pals), having a foot in BOTH rather large Pools of OIL.

All while the Media just keep slapping it's head in disbelief over the election and letting us all know that WE voted FOR Conservatives, and NOT just because we hate Bush for killing our sons and daughter's for OIL (which he now admits to, that it WAS all about the Oil), and the enrichment of all those "Tooth to Tail" Military Reconstructionists, hiring corporations who DO NOT take an Oath to "serve and protect this country against enemies both WITHIN and without".

Firing Rummy and pinning War Crimes on him is just a Freakshow compared to what Bush Senior's pals have in store for us. It's part of the Three Card Monty game being played out before our eyes while the Media LOOKS THE OTHER WAY.

So now there are new noises banging around in the White House. New Ghosts, but familiar ones to anyone who remembers the Iran/Contra days. That KNOCKING you hear in the White House is not just Bush Junior's Knees. It's the Ghosts of Christmas past, and they do not come bearing Gifts. No. They're slithering down the chimney to steal all the presents under the TREE. They've done it before.

And they got away with it then. Let's not let them get away with it NOW.

They represent a nice big package, all tied in a BOW, running all the way back to when Baker assisted in the heist of the election, through 911 and right on up to the present invasion of the Poppyists.

Spread the word. INFORM the MEDIA. Demand ANSWERS about Baker and crew. Arm the Democrats. Tell them THIS WILL NOT STAND.

We did not vote in historic numbers just to have Bush "little boots" Junior throw up his hands and run crying to his daddy, dropping the mano a mano tough guy hysteria, and all of his broken TOYS, our Brothers and Sisters in Arms. In HARMS WAY because of HIM. Standing there in Iraq right NEXT to Halliburton thugs getting paid 5 times what they make, treated as McTroops by the Bush Junior Admin, and screwed on the way home by the defunding of the Veteran's Administration on the tail end.


And now they're sneaking in the back door. Be forwarned. They are SMOOTHER than any Oil slick Bush Junior has admired with Poppy, and like the Middle East folks like to say, "Don't let a Camel get it's nose in your tent. If you do, soon YOU will be sleeping outside, and the camel will have your bed." '


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 1:07 am 
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Yes, junior has been quite a disappointment to the cabal. I guess that when they invited him to be their next president, they didn't realize that he'd screw it up so badly that the American public, outside of his core, gave him a good old fashioned ass whoopin', and chances of the American public EVER voting a Bush back in power is only going to be done successfully with rigged voting machines. Get rid of those machines, Jeb knows how to use them!

Y'all did a fine job there of regime adjustment. These clowns will only push Bush into impeachment and the little Yesman may very well be the most depised president to ever habituate the oval office.

His ghost will eventually haunt himself- his legacy of ineptitude will be so legendary.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:54 am 
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Great thread, great posts!

Thank you!


Libertarianism Makes You Stupid

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