Budowsky: Bush 43 Invites Congress to Soviet-Style Meeting
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Author:  Catherine [ Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Budowsky: Bush 43 Invites Congress to Soviet-Style Meeting

Bush 43 Invites Congress to Soviet-Style Meeting; Bush 43.5 Issues Pravda-Like Propaganda

As Chuck Hagel said, America rejected a king long ago. As George Will wrote, some of the seizures of presidential power demonstrate monarchical tendencies.

As former Congressman Bob Barr and former House Republican Leader Dick Armey have said, some of these extreme actions violate classic notions of conservatism, Republicanism and common sense.

George Bush just invited Democratic leaders in Congress to a Soviet-style meeting in the White House. His approach to bipartisanship with a coequal branch of government is that Congress crawls on its knees to the executive branch, is given marching orders by the Crown, and obeys.

In the Bush 43 version of democracy, leaders in Congress assume a supine position in their meetings with the Crown and are told there be no discussion of policy and no deviation from the dictates of the Decider. Congress will travel to the Castle, receive their orders, and execute 100 percent the whim of the Decider without even the trappings of collaboration between branches of government, or the pretense of cooperation between the two political parties.

The party that recently won control of Congress with a sweeping victory from the American people, who supported a dramatic change in the policy, has no role greater than taking orders from the Decider the way the goodfellas take orders from the Don, after kissing his ring.

The president was not merely insulting the Democrats; he was insulting and demeaning John Warner, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Norm Coleman, Arlen Specter, John Sununu, Dick Lugar. He was demeaning a coequal branch of government and demeaning the very notion of constitutional government where power is diffused among three branches government



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