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 Post subject: Open Letter to H.R.W. by Paul Whitcomb
PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:41 am 

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Re: Iran: Cancel the Confessions

What evidence does Human Rights Watch have that the
accusations against Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh, presently in
Iranian custody, are false? Does H.R.W. find it hard to believe
that "advocates" for "democratic institutions" from the U.S. can be
seen as, and indeed are, threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran?
Your editorial with no bi-line, Iran: Cancel the Confessions contains no factual evidence that the accusations and charges against Esfandiari and Tajbakhsh are false. Rather, when all the context and evidence is examined, it paints a very damning portrait of their intentions and activities within Iran.
The televising of their confessions that you so strongly object to could be instrumental in showing the populace of Iran the nature of covert, globalistic maneuvers perpetrated by U.S. economic/governmental forces worldwide. The N.G.O's that Esfandiari and Tajbakhsh are involved with, are directly linked to the White House, C.I.A/U.S.A.I.D and U.S. State Dept. These N.G.O's have specific goals of "the building of democracy". This euphamism means non- governmental "behind-the-scenes" interference in sovereign countries' government operation.
The Woodrow Wilson Center's Iran program, of which Esfandiari is a part, has expressed targets of "...the Middle East's role in the international arena; American interests in the region; the threat of terrorism; and strategic threats to and from the regional states." as well as "...the aspiration of the younger generation for reform".
Perhaps the Iranian government does not wish to reform. It has every
right to conduct it's affairs without outside interference. What right does Human Rights Watch have to support covert de-stabliization operations by capitalist organizations in sovereign countries?
The Woodrow Wilson Center is directly linked with both the State Department and White House and recieves 1/3 of it's funding from the U.S. government. Condoleeza Rice is a Public Member. The four trustees were appointed by George W. Bush. The Wilson Council (the Wilson Center's private citizen advisory council) is comprised entirely of industry heavy-hitters, not academics.
The Woodrow Wilson Center is a globalist/capitalist organization and
is one of several groups designed to de-stabilize sovereign nations
whose governments are not sympathetic with U.S. corporate interests.
Esfandiari and Tajbakhsh were part of this operation.., and they got
The U.S. is threatening to bomb nuclear plants in Iran, and Human
Rights Watch complains as Iran exercises it's right-of-rule? If I were an Iranian, I would be outraged by this provocation. Regarding Tajbakhsh, his involvement with Open Society Institute can easily be considered equally suspicious to the Iranian government. O.S.I. is directly associated with donor/partners such as World Bank and U.S.A.I.D. (C.I.A), among many other capitalist, globalist organizations, both government and private.
Considering the recent involvement of such organizations in socio-
economic de-stabilization "reform" operations worldwide (O.S.I. works
in 60 countries plus the U.S.), I approve of the arrest of Esfandiar and Tajbakhsh. It is obvious that they must have known of their organizations' aggressive, illegal covert globalist agenda and operations beforehand. I also approve of the televising of their confessions. This will alert the Iranian people to the reality of socio/economic destabilization efforts by U.S. N.G.O's within their country, as well as help bolster the awareness of U.S. covert military operations being conducted there.
We, as a nation, must learn to respect other countries as our equals and not presume that we have a "superior way of life to bestow upon them". The "democracy" and "freedom" that we allege to import to and force upon our neighbors is simply U.S corporate (government) interests gone mad under George W. Bush.
This covert meddling of corporate and government-funded "aid
organizations" must cease. Ethical foreign policy=national security.


Paul Whitcomb

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:00 pm 
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Welcome to TV NEWS LIES, Paul W. Thanks for registering.

How about going to the INTRODUCE YOURSELF to EVERYBODY forum, saying hello to everyone, and telling us a little about yourself and how you found us? We're a group of people who like to discuss all things political, among other things, and we also like to give a resounding welcome to those that come here in peace.



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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:59 pm 
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Welcome Paul and what a great article! This last line really sums up your points well.

This covert meddling of corporate and government-funded "aid
organizations" must cease. Ethical foreign policy=national security.

This is the formula for success in foreign affairs. Imagine NGO's being frontrunners for information. Like the Jesuits in America as spies for the courts of Europe, and recently groups like relief agencies and university overseas as the same. We are such a suspicious non-trusting entity- which makes us very dangerous to world peace at any given time.

Thanks and post often. 8)

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