Media continue to ignore McCain endorsers' controversial com
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Author:  Catherine [ Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Media continue to ignore McCain endorsers' controversial com

[url=]Media continue to ignore McCain endorsers' controversial comments

Media Matters has extensively documented the disparity in media coverage devoted to controversial comments made by supporters of Sen. Barack Obama and to those made by supporters of Sen. John McCain.

Several major publications have reported only on the controversy over remarks by McCain supporter John Hagee targeting Catholics, but not his controversial statements about Hurricane Katrina, Islam, women, and homosexuality. Most of those same publications have yet to report on pastor Rod Parsley and his controversial remarks in the context of McCain's campaign.

Author:  rooster [ Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:22 am ]
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further proof of the true pro repug corporately biased media ehh cath?

with ya on this one all the way sis.

trouble is, hillary and barak are way too busy beating each other up and the repugs are just sitting back watching us dems load thier guns for them heading into the main campaign.

painful and frustrating for me to watch. i want to get the party started to oibliterate mcbush to get a good head of steam goin.

but yeah the rev wright video runs on a never ending spin loop and now we'll see the same thing with hillaries fauxpas on the bosnia sniperfire photo op.

but the mcsame blunder on shiite iran traning sunni al queda to go into iraq dissappeared in a couple of days.

looks like our only refuge to keep us breathing may be olbermann.

Author:  Channel Zero [ Sun Sep 07, 2008 3:07 am ]
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McCain can ignore this, but what about Sarah? Since she wears the pants in the Palin family, she needs to be supporting her stay-at-home-husband:

Does Hagee think Todd Palin is ‘worse than an infidel’?
On MSNBC this morning, McCain campaign spokesperson Tucker Bounds touted the fact that Todd Palin is a “stay-at-home-dad.” Interestingly, radical cleric and erstwhile McCain endorser Rev. John Hagee insists that, in the Lord’s eyes, a stay-at-home-dad is “a bum” who is “worse than an infidel.” “Hell is your future home,” Hagee says.

(I think Hagee needs to slap this same sense into my good-for-nothing brother-in-law.)

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