US military uses live dogs for target practice- video proof
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Author:  usmilitarykillsdogs [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  US military uses live dogs for target practice- video proof

The video, audio and over a dozen screen capture images are now installed on their own web site for this exposure of US military crimes against the innocent:

This mail is, and will soon be sent out to every anti-war group, animal rights groups and media outlets I can find over the next few weeks. Thousands of people and groups will be sent this information.

Volunteers are welcome to use the web site contents and re-distribute same to show what now goes on after the Abu Gharib prison scandal along with all the rest of the shit that has gone on in this insane Bush war propaganda.

My previous message was:
WHY isn't this hitting the news?

I found this video clip, this is what certain members of our "hero" military do in their spare time in Iraq to dogs.

WARNING this is extremely graphic footage, and it includes the sound, turn the sound off if you think you will be affected, I already am very upset and very angry and want to do something really horrible to this POS in the video, I can only hope he becomes a hostage and goes through similar torture.

It shows two US military troops using a dog that resembles a yellow Labrador in Iraq for target practice.
The text indicated this footage was the later final events after they had already wounded the dog on higher ground.
One troop is shown firing at least 4 bullets into the dog who appears dazed from their earlier abuse

The original link and comments from the original sender is on this page below the description; ... _2005.html

Author:  Jesse [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Wow

Humans are the wort thing that happened to life on Earth!

Welcome to the board.

Author:  usmilitarykillsdogs [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wow

Jesse wrote:
Humans are the wort thing that happened to life on Earth!

Welcome to the board.

Tell me about it!
Thank you.

I spent this morning updating my web page for this and added more screen shots. I also sent the info to a couple dozen anti war groups I found in a search on google for "iraq war crimes"

I still have the search window open and will continue sending the information template to as many relevent contacts as I can, if you have a mailing list of similar groups or contacts you can help by sending the information to them from my first post

I know I have seen a number of sites that had graphic photos of civilian casualties and injuries and these sites would be good to contact with this information as it not only helps the animal issue but it helps the anti war issue by showing what is going on over there that we KNOW about from videos that slip out, it helps your casue because thus far this has been skipped over by the news- TV NEWS LIES- it sure does, that's how I found this clip to begin with, I don;t trust CBS, NBC etc to give me the full story and I don't like Dan Rather filtering what I see, so every time a news story leaves out portions of the story with a statement like:

"...was posted on an islamic site"
"the video was posted on a militant site..."

"...spoke on condition of anonymidity"

THAT'S when I do a search and usually always find the WHOLE story and the video clips the news doesn't want us to see and that they "pretect" our sensitive eyes from. That Ogrish and other sites have the complete beheading video clips, the hostage clips and this dog clip, ALL of which are never shown or highly edited on CBS etc

I was looking for the clip of the helicopter shoot-down which CBS showed only a tiny edited part of, and both that and the dog clip came up in a search

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 8:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh my god...I cannot watch that, and I do not doubt that you are telling the truth, USM...I know that many of us here, especially Jesse and myself, are animal lovers. This breaks my heart...and they want me to support the troops taking part in such a barbaric act?

How are we supposed to answer this? With cheers and flag waving? Not me.

Give me a minute and I'll change the first part of my signature.


Author:  usmilitarykillsdogs [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 10:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

Here's a photo of the sorry sack and one of his buddies, unfortunately the video frame doesn't show his entire face but it's enough to show this is one of our guys, his uniform is pretty obvious


Thank you for the signature alteration I love it

I used to go to this news site, it always seemd to present an unbiased resource for exposing the war crimes and what the US media omits or twists, take a look around at the artcles, opinions and commentary and post your comments about it here is you will

The opinion/editorials were always well written and interesting; ... 0links.htm

See what you think of this resource!

This is what the site says about the goals it has:

The main goal of Al-Jazeerah Information Center is to promote cross-cultural understanding between people all over the world. This will be achieved by publishing news, articles, columns, book reviews, and letters, which must not contain any hateful or derogatory words or phrases. We are looking for opinions, analyses, and arguments that are well reasoned and well documented.

The need for this approach has increased recently as a result of the bias displayed against Arab and Muslim nations in many parts of the world. In particular, major TV stations, magazines, and newspapers in the United States have taken the Israeli side in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. This is despite the fact that Palestinians are victims of the Israeli military occupation and oppression.

It is the mission of Al-Jazeerah Information Center to promote non-violence in the resolution of international conflicts, particularly the U.S.-Iraqi conflict and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, without equating the oppressed Palestinians with the oppressive Israeli occupiers. Within this context, we especially welcome any contributions from readers that set the record straight and may help educate the world generally, and Americans in particular, about the truth of what is happening in Palestine, Iraq, and around the world.

This is a free forum for an objective treatment of the issues that have major importance for world peace and for understanding among people of all nations and cultures. We welcome articles, opinions about issues, news, pictures, letters, and book reviews. Thus, Al-Jazeerah will be an island of truth and hope.

Al-Jazeerah ( was created as a domain name and bought by Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar on January 24, 2002.

Author:  Catherine [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:34 am ]
Post subject: 

The bastard is probably a wife-beater and animal abuser at home. A serial killer in the making. Soldiers don't just become this cruel because they're in a war situation. Somewhere from deep down inside of themselves they bring much of their upbringing along with them.

If you take the time to read some of the older articles posted at this website, you will find many resources for news information. is a good source


Author:  usmilitarykillsdogs [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

I noticed someone else on the old american century forum which I don't belong to had the opinion the troops were "putting the dog out of it's misery" I am amazed at that conclusion, so far the only one I have seen of that view.

It begs the answers to the question of:

Which one of them put the bullets into the dog's SIDE to start with? (Blood shows on the dog's fur but is difficult to notice at first)

The answer is in the text in the original email the original sender of the video clip provided to ogrish who has the clip on their site, and I quote:

"March 16, 2005
Dog Shooting in Iraq for "Fun"

NOTE: opposes behavior such as that below. We have provided the US military and animal organisation PETA details regarding the sender of this submission.

"Hi my name is M. D. formaly of A TRP 1-10 CAV 4ID and while in Iraq we had a sport of killing dogs whenever the Iraqis werent shooting us. So when I shot this one at about 50 yards with my M4 and it ran yelping to lower ground, we had to finish it so my friends and I went to it and started shooting it. I ve never seen a dog take as many shots to the head at least 4 as this one did and then after we thought it was dead we dug a hole and when I picked it up with the shovel it came back to life, so we shot it a couple more times....its pretty funny."

Okay, so we know this statement indicates the dog was previously shot "on higher ground" and apparantly tried to escape by running but the injuries were too severe.

The question of why the clip doesn't have more can be answered with two speculations:

1) I believe the military cracked down on video cameras and the like after the abu Gairib scandal and the photos and videos that were coming back stateside, this means the video was almost certainly shot using something small and of limited capability- like say a digital camera with a quicktime video mode.

2) They may not have thought of video taping it till later in the events, or the earlier clip had more revealing parts like FACES in it they didn't want anyone to see.

With the text, the soldier's upbeat and joyful sounding words on the film, they leave no doubt in my mind this was entertainment for them and nothing else.

PS I'm an animal welfare advocate, I could care less about the war itself, my focus is on the animals.

Lastly, Ogrish has never to my knowlege ever provided such a disclaimer about sending evidence to PeTA or the like as they did with THIS video clip, it is a shock and awe site and the fact they put that disclaimer and statement up indicates to me they revealed the details about the sender to those who could take action but thus far haven't.

Author:  Catherine [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

Who was receiving the email from this "hero" of the 1-10 CAV, or was it just a post to the Ogrish site? Is there anyway to actually identify this soldier via investigation by an animal welfare league?

Perhaps he could still be reported to his commanding officer. Things like this should be given publicity. Maybe a letter to a large newspaper? Maybe contacting Animal Planet and see if anyone there would like to do an indepth investigation into what this email says?

I seem to remember that Doris Day is involved in animal welfare out in Carmel, could do a google search and see what pops up about her organization.


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