The Illuminati- all conspiracy no theory DVD
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Author:  zebbeddy gurwitz [ Fri May 26, 2006 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  The Illuminati- all conspiracy no theory DVD

Is this DVD for real?
Why is it full of so many professional hypnotic and subliminal techniques?
It is so hard to watch with all the constant bright flashing and bizarre repetitive sequences and "music" and sounds in the background. I almost had an epileptic fit when I watched it from all the bright flashing!
All the constant irritating flashing and sound effects and noises only detract and distract you from hearing and understanding the message. Maybe that's what they want?!
At best this DVD is very badly produced, at worst it is a deliberate disinformation, hypnotic propaganda piece. And who knows what the subliminal messages might be?! Scary to think.

There are many more better expose' Docos out there on this subject!

Author:  mga [ Fri May 26, 2006 3:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

Scary to think.

.....ain't it though?

Author:  zebbeddy gurwitz [ Mon Jun 05, 2006 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Caveat Emptor

Ah yeah it really is actually, in all honestly!
But there are many other flaws in this production.

The so called secretly filmed ritual in the skull and bones tomb by a journalist on the roof of the building across from the tomb, is really silly, as the tomb itself is windowless for total privacy!
And is it a girl who is leaning over the inductee or is it a guy with a long perm in a pony tail, as I thought this was supposed to be a boy’s only club!

There is a lot of just so bold statements made by the self described "king of conspiracy" David the lizard alien Icke and the English narrator about all things relating to freemasons in particular.
Just so statements provide no proof of anything; they need to provide reference sources to back up their claims.

And as for the doctored footage of george bush making a speech about being- EVIL and everything he does is- EVIL and all their policies are-EVIL etc., this is so irresponsible. I mean how is putting disinformation out, going to help the cause of exposing these devils?
They don't even give any indication that they have deliberately doctored voice (via cut & paste editing) as a joke, it is just inserted in there, but it is bloody obvious to the viewer that bush would not have said such a thing!
They are discrediting their reputations as honest and serious journalists!
I mean bush has said enough bad stuff openly and brazenly, so you don't need to cut and paste his voice to make him sound bad.

It is not all bad though, there is some excellent footage, particularly the footage at the beginning of the Chinese commie guards brutalising the buddhist monks of Tibet etc. etc. etc.
The world needs to see the truth about the human rights abuses of our biggest trading partner!

But unfortunately the skeptical minded people who have been conditioned to think that only conspiracy theory exists and not conspiracy, will watch this and cynically throw the "baby out with the bathwater" and disregard all the truth they are saying about the illuminati, skull and bones, new world order, freemasons, secret societies, 911 etc. and Say "the whole DVD is garbage".
This DVD will also undo all the good work that people like Alex Jones, Mike Rupert, Stanley Monteith, Anthony. J. Hilder, David Von Kleist,, etc, etc, etc, are doing.

Yes there are better documentaries than this one!
For skull and bones info I would recommend Antony Sutton's books and Alex Jone's DVDs especially the "Order of Death & Dark Secrets Inside the Bohemian Grove", oh yeah and unlike the "Illuminati all Conspiracy- No Theory DVD" Alex Jones wont threaten you with legal action and track your I.P. address with an "anti-copying worm" on your computer if you make copies of his DVDs and pass them around to people or sell them on eBay for a couple of bucks. Alex Jones just wants the message to get out; he isn't in it for the money like this chris everhard fellow.

For illuminati, secret societies and anything on the masons see works by Bill Schnoeblen (as he once was a high ranking freemason and illuminist), Stanley Monteith etc, etc, etc,

This was just a Caveat.

Remember; "One bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch!" A.R.
ZeeGee :|

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