George W Bush & His Hemorroids - Why No Media Discussion
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Author:  MattLiarLauer [ Sat Feb 19, 2005 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  George W Bush & His Hemorroids - Why No Media Discussion

On the Accurate Reporting Thread, Catherine posted this link under the thread subject titled "CBS Three Won't Slink Off" ... 17/1530248

To me, the most telling exchange in this article was this one:
AMY GOODMAN: So why hasn't the White House called for an investigation –

JOE HAGAN: That is a –

AMY GOODMAN: -- into the falsification of government documents?

JOE HAGAN: -- incredible question. And, if, you know, if you were to -- I have spoken with really highly respected, top TV industry people who spin very elaborate conspiracy theories to me about what they think is going on here: If CBS doesn't want to know, the Thornburgh report doesn't want to know, and the White House doesn't want to know, well, what's going on here? Is it just one crazy guy who typed this up in his place? But I don't know about that.
I've waited months now for answers to some very point questions I thought would be asked in particular relating to the documents released that were "discoved" by the Administration after weeks of continued media softball questions regarding what was going on during the gaps in the National Guard service record of George W Bush. After seeing that ABC/CBS/CNN/CNBC/FOX/MSNBC/NBC aren't going to ask such pointed and more serious questions or dig for the truth and then print/show it, I will ask my questions in this forum.

My Questions:
Why doesn't anyone seem to want to know asks Joe Hagan? Now I have some ideas and they are REALLY out there. If you recall, at some point last year, the Administration claimed all records they had on the service in the National Guard by George W Bush had been released. Then out of the blue, records involving a physical examination of him were released. Interestingly to me (being a gay man) that in those newly discovered records were physical exam notes with among other things a diagnosis that George W Bush had "hemorroids". Now, um, how does a person get hemorroids? Why was that area of the body of George W Bush "inflammed"? What was George W Bush doing during those "undocumented missing periods" in his National Guard record that nobody still seems to be able to find documented records for and when asked about it, the President, Ari Fleisher & Scott McClelland continued to avoid giving direct answers? I'm ONLY asking questions; questions that others in the media SHOULD BE asking but are not; why? This kinda thing is a goldmine of fodder in late-night talkshows to joke about. Where were the jokes and speculation made about such a diagnosis that "The President Has An Inflammed Poopshoot"? If the press came out with all guns blazing to rake Bill Clinton over the coals for all of his denials of "sex w/other women" until the truth came out (as the Government spent $50,000,000 in taxpayer money on The Star Investigations), where is that same zeal to get to bottom of it all about George W Bush? Just like during the Clinton Administration the press constantly referred to "bimbo eruptions" aka woman coming forward to say they "Had Bill"; are we going to see, um, men come forward and say "I HAD GEORGE" or something else scandalous? We know George W Bush had problems with alcohol and was a partier and "rebelrouser" in college and afterwards. I 'm just asking! Why was the Administration so uncomfortable about having documents released that contained a physical exam notation showing he had "hemorroids"? From what I remember, there was nothing else in those documents that would raise an eybrowl, if anything, it was furhter proof that there was more time in the Guard that was documented. But, the Administration really did discover them or held these documents back; for what reason? Do you think Jeff Gannon/Gurkett may have some thoughts on this seeing that he's an expert in "that area" of the body?

Like Phil Donahue used to say: "If we don't ask, we can't learn and "If we don't learn, we can't grow"!

Author:  MattLiarLauer [ Sat Mar 05, 2005 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  George W & Jeff: How "Deep" Does It Go?

Some may think the questions posed in my previous post were kinda silly and "out there". But along comes the pics below. So now I have a new question: That "relationship" between George W & Jeff Gannon/Guckert; how, um, "deep" does it go?


I hope the gay magazine, The Advocate, does a story on Jeffy.

Author:  Catherine [ Sat Mar 05, 2005 7:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Excellent Post, Matt...and I think your questions deserve answers.

I am only guessing here, but it seems to me that the Bush administration is very ADEPT at throwing up smoke screens and other forms of distractions. Language plays a big part in these forms of deception...for example, Bush's use of the terms "War President," "support the troops," and "you're either with us or against us." Each of those phrases tend to cause those of us who are natural questioners to halt, to slow down, to cause us to question ourselves and our motives, which in turn, enables the Bushies to be let off the hook. They don't have to answer the questions because we, and those who are charged with keeping the public informed, allow them NOT to answer the questions, as other administrations have had to do in the past. Can you imagine a smoke screen of this magnitude being thrown up by the Clinton administration when the Monica scandal happened? No, indeed!

It's a delicate psychological game that the Bushies are very good at playing. So far, they've won every round simply by default.

Bush narcissitically sees himself as the only one who matters, the only one who shouldn't have to answer to anyone. Hence, we have the pre-selected attendees at his "town meetings," his soft-shoe press conferences, and his security entourage. The Bush administration, but more particularly Bush himself, prefers to play at being "royal," mainly because that is how Bush sees himself. It also enables him to hide in a world of fantasy of his own making, imagining himself as an all-powerful emperor or king who rules by his so-called "divine right" as they did during medieval times in Europe. Trouble with Bush is, I don't think he is mentally capable of distinguishing fantasy from reality. His handlers I think encourage him to believe these things, because it cements their own power through him.

The media are going right along with this fantastic charade...because their only reason for existence anymore is ratings, ratings, ratings, which of course equals money, money, money.

Karl Rove, as Bush's brain, is brilliant in much the same way Adolph Eichmann, Hitler's Final Solution architect, was brilliant. Rove is the soft underbelly of the Bush administration, IMHO. If Rove could be somehow discredited, the whole house of cards would tumble....very, very fast.

Deep Throat, Woodward, and Bernstein caused it to happen to Nixon.

Maybe the Jeff Gannon scandal will do the same thing for the Bushies. But the smokescreens have to be recognized and surmounted first.


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