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Author:  Sir-Irate [ Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  On Books and etc ... Interesting

A bit dated but interesting none the less !


Gordon Press-ing realities in a surreal world

This work began about 1988 with a real event, still very much in evidence today in the year 2001: Phantom Publishers. What you are about to read concerns merely "the tip" of a secret U.S. Government intelligence operation. If you doubt the evidence presented, be scientific: check the facts for yourself. I began investigating Gordon Press intensively between May 1988 and May 1989. This research all started by chance, as a consequence of noticing a book that seemed right out of the business headlines of those savings and loan scandal days: Billions for Bankers: Debts for the People. I saw the title in Books in Print. I went to the university library and requested the book on interlibrary loan because I felt it was too expensive to buy at $79.95, plus the bookstore's fee. After waiting a few months without any results, I tried the public library saying how much I wanted the book. A couple months later they sent a letter saying they tried to buy it, but had to cancel the order because it would have cost $400. Meanwhile, I attempted to order the book from the bookstore. After waiting two more months, I received a notice from the bookstore saying the book could be ordered but would cost about $320. I said to cancel the order. I contacted the university library about the book and was told they received a telex from the Library of Congress saying that the book was not available, except from the publisher -- Gordon Press. So I tried to order the book. I sent a letter to Gordon Press, and also one to an American book locating service. Gordon Press replied with amazing speed. They wrote a brief note on my letter instructing me to send a check for $219. ...emphasizing that this was a deluxe limited edition book with a library binding. I still have the envelope with the Gordon Press seal on it. I tried to call Gordon Press; the telephone number listed in publishing directories was disconnected. The only way to contact them is by writing directly: Gordon Press Publishers, P.O. Box 459 Bowling Green Station New York, N.Y. 10004. A short time later, I received a detailed letter from the book locating service. The woman who wrote had taken real pains to help find this book, but turned up only mysteries. In fact, she referred to Gordon Press as a "mysterious organization". She went on to note that the American Booksellers Handbook alerts book dealers to the many problems faced by those trying to order books from this company. The primary complaint is that Gordon Press accepts money for books they never deliver. Some months later she wrote to let me know she was moving on to a new job, and had been unable to locate the book I requested. Her efforts were not wasted; I understood that she had stumbled onto something significant. By chance, I ran across a reference to this item I was searching for in a book about survivalists titled Armed and Dangerous. It appears that there was an article by that title published in a right wing newspaper. I was curious still, but decided to give up on Gordon Press and the book, concluding that the book did not exist, only the article did.... and that Gordon Press was a crooked outfit. So, I had followed the road to the end, expecting not to give either the article or Gordon Press another thought.

Some weeks later, while visiting the public library, I noticed a new title in the 1989 Books in Print; it was a book by an author I had read previously: Richard Lamm. The title of the book is: The Immigration Time bomb: How Immigration will fragment and destroy America. Richard Lamm was the governor of Colorado about 1984 and had written a very controversial book titled Megatraumas: America at the Year 2000. In his book he analyzed very disturbing problems facing America, such as the budget deficit, illegal immigration, terrorism etc. . I was eager to get his new book. Then, I saw the code: library binding - adult, $79.95, Gordon Press Publishers. Now it was clear that something was very seriously wrong because it was evident that one could not get this new book any more than the other which I tried for a year to obtain from various sources. So now I was hooked. It became necessary to figure out what this business was all about. The place to start searching was the university library's computer disc Books in Print Plus 1989. The key step was to search by publisher! They listed 4,320 titles. I began to scan hundreds of titles, virtually all with the same code: 1986. Library binding - adult. $79.95. Gordon Press Publishers. More important than the code, were the titles listed, titles that were very "mysterious" indeed. Among the books listed were the following titles: CIA Improvised Sabotage Techniques, CIA Methods for Explosives Preparation, CIA Rocket Assisted Grenades, CIA Flaps & Seals Manual, OSS Sabotage & Demolition, U.S. Army Counter Terrorism Handbook, U.S. Army Sniper Training ...., U.S. Navy Seal Combat Ma..., USMC Destruction by Demol...; Sadler, William S., Race Decadence: An Examination of the Causes of Racial Degeneration in the United States; Dixon, Roland, The Racial History of Man, 2 vols. set. $250.00. Mixed in with many volatile titles such as these were books on dancing the tango, foxtrot etc. Anyone examining the Gordon Press listings from the 1989 Books in Print Plus CD could not escape realizing that Gordon Press is not just some ordinary publisher.

In May 1989, I contacted the bookstore and asked for the latest information on Gordon Press. The book dealer gave me a list of a dozen or so books they had ordered from that publisher in the past few years. After checking their files, it was discovered that they had never received any book that had been ordered from Gordon Press, even when paid for in advance. The store representative also noted that Gordon Press had quoted them prices for books that were far in excess of the book prices listed in Books in Print. Now the bookstore became interested in this "mysterious organization". An agent from the purchasing department wrote to a book dealer in New York that was a reliable contact, and asked for information on Gordon Press. There was no response. A telefax message was sent, and finally Baker & Taylor sent a telefax response notifying the bookstore that customers must apply directly to Gordon Press. They don't deal with wholesalers. An address was supplied, but telephone and telex listings were not available. I was sent a copy of this telefax along with a message saying that it was impossible not only to get the book I requested, but to even find substantial information about Gordon Press. This was indeed disturbing because I was hoping to obtain Richard Lamm's book The Immigration Time bomb. Recall that Richard Lamm was a nationally recognized figure. This time it was not possible to just put the matter aside and forget about it. I called the university library to ask about Richard Lamm's book The Immigration Time Bomb. The book was obtained from the British Lending Library. The publisher was E.P. Dutton (1985), not Gordon Press. The most important thing I learned from this book concerned the title The Immigration Time Bomb: The Fragmenting of America. The 1988-1989 Books in Print lists the following citation: Lamm, R.D. & Imhoff, G. The Immigration Time Bomb: The Fragmenting & Destruction of America by Immigration. 1986. lib. bdg. 79.95 (ISBN 0-8490-3830-8). Gordon Pr. . After reading the Dutton (1985) edition of this Immigration book, one discovers that it does not talk about the destruction of America at all. The purpose of the book was to persuade readers to place pressure on their congressional representatives to support the "Simpson Mazzoli" immigration bill that would be up for another vote in 1986. In fact, the "Simpson Mazzoli" bill was passed and new "tough" immigration laws were on the books. So this immigration book, by former Governor Lamm, served its purpose and is history; it is no longer that interesting and is probably long out of print.

Around this same time, I had ordered a famous underground book by William Pierce titled Turner Diaries. It is an extremely racist book, and was not the sort of thing a bookstore would stock in 1989. After a couple months, the book was delivered by the book dealer for a modest price. The publisher was National Alliance, located in Washington D.C. at the time. According to Books in Print, there was a second publisher for Turner Diaries. That new publisher was listed as Gordon Press, and the book was described as having a library binding and costing $79.95. I was convinced that I too had stumbled on a very significant government sting operation intended to catch extremists, particularly right-wing types. They do not send books, so they are not an underground press distributing radical literature. I do not believe they are merely "crooks" out to swindle people foolish enough to send them money. They boost prices so high when people look into their titles that they actively discourage ordinary folk from buying from them. However, organizations may have the money and determination to order such expensive titles! Swindlers they are; but Gordon Press is looking for more than money. So what are they after, if not money? Names! Names! They want the names and addresses of people interested in books on explosives, sabotage, and radical politics. Recall the CIA and military titles listed earlier from Gordon Press. They intentionally list titles that are very provocative. When seeing such a title in Books in Print, the reader is baited. Some books have unusually long subtitles that are suggestive of conspiracies. Billions for Bankers: Debts for the People has a subtitle describing bankers creating their own money out of nothing and using credit to enslave humanity. Very unexpectedly, new information concerning the Billions for Bankers book turned up ...roughly a year after the search began. When contacting the university library about the immigration book, they ran across information regarding the Billions for Bankers book that had come in by teletype, got filed away, and forgotten. They gave me a copy of OCLC computer data on the book. You can be sure I was eager to finally get some "real" information about this book. First of all, Billions for Bankers: Debts for the People exists; it is dated 1970, not 1986, and has only 14 pages -- but Gordon Press was definitely not the publisher. Copies of the pamphlet were available from libraries in Ohio or Kansas. Keep this surreal experience with Gordon press in mind later when the issue of "reality" comes center stage.

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Author:  DO.g's [ Tue Aug 16, 2005 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  "Books are trust?" gOD.

What an ingeniosly insidious device we have in our American politics. Trust no one and find out who to trust less. The old 'trust being one sided'- the people trust our leaders and our leaders fear our retribution for trusting them. They know something about trust we can never figure out. Trust noone.

John McCarthy's site listed a book called "The Secret Team" by L. Fletcher Prouty, 1973 it was published but it disappeared off the shelves before it could be purchased. Most of the copies and the bookstoes claimed they had never received copies of it.

This is a preface to the second edition made from memory in 1997.

Like it or not, we now live in a new age of "One World." This is the age of global companies, of global communications and transport, of global food supply and finance and...just around the accommodation of political systems. In this sense, there are no home markets, no isolated markets and no markets outside the global network. It is time to face the fact that true national sovereignty no longer exists. We live in a world of big business, big lawyers, big bankers, even bigger moneymen and big politicians. It is the world of "The Secret Team."
In such a world, the Secret Team is a dominant power. It is neither military nor police. It is covert, and the best (or worst) of both. It gets the job done whether it has political authorization and direction, or not. It is independent. It is lawless.
This book is about the real CIA and its allies around the world. It is based upon personal experience generally derived from work in the Pentagon from 1955 to 1964. At retirement, I was Chief of Special Operations (clandestine activities) with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. These duties involved the military support of the clandestine activities of the CIA and were performed under the provisions of National Security Council Directive No. 5412/2.
Since this book was first published in 1973, we have witnessed the unauthorized release of the "Pentagon Papers," "Watergate" and the resignation of President Nixon, the run-away activities of the "Vietnam War", the "Arab Oil Embargo" that led to the greatest financial heist in history, and the blatantly unlawful "Iran-Contra" affair. All of these were brought about and master-minded by a renegade "Secret Team" that operated secretly, without Presidential direction; without National Security Council approval -- so they say; and, generally, without Congressional knowledge. This trend increases. Its scope expands...even today.
I was the first author to point out that the CIA's most important "Cover Story is that of an "Intelligence" agency. Of course the CIA does make use of "intelligence" and "intelligence gathering", but that is largely a front for its primary interest, "Fun and Games." The CIA is the center of a vast mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations...or as Allen Dulles used to call it, "Peacetime Operations". In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level Secret Team, or High Cabal, that usually includes representatives of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation. It is this Secret Team, its allies, and its method of operation that are the principal subjects of this book.
It must be made clear that at the heart of Covert Operations is the denial by the "operator," i.e. the U.S. Government, of the existence of national sovereignty. The Covert operator can, and does, make the world his playground...including the U.S.A.
Today, early 1990, the most important events of this century are taking place with the ending of the "Cold War" era, and the beginning of the new age of "One World" under the control of businessmen and their lawyers, rather than the threat of military power. This scenario for change has been brought about by a series of Secret Team operations skillfully orchestrated while the contrived hostilities of the Cold War were at their zenith.
Chief among these, yet quite unnoticed, President Nixon and his Secretary of the Treasury, George Schultz, established a Russian/American organization called the "USA-USSR Trade and Economic Council," in 1972. Its objective was to bring about a union of the Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers of this country, among others, such as the hierarchy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with their counterparts in the Soviet Union. This important relationship, sponsored by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and his associates, continued through the Carter years. The bilateral activity increased significantly during the Reagan/Shultz years of the Eighties despite such "Evil Empire" tantrums as the Korean Airlines Boeing 747 Flight 007 "shootdown" in 1983.
It is this "US-TEC" organization, with its counterpart bilateral agreements among other nations and the USSR, that has brought about the massive Communist world changes.

Here's another quote from the preface-

It is time to face the fact that true national sovereignty no longer exists. We live in a world of big business, big lawyers, big bankers, even bigger money-men and big politicians. It is the world of "The Secret Team" and its masters. We are now, despite common mythology to the contrary, the most dependent society that has ever lived, and the future of the viability of that infrastructure of that society is unpredictable. It is crumbling.
As one of the greatest historians of all time, Ibn Khaldun, wrote in his unequaled historical work The Muqaddimah of the 14th Century:
"God created and fashioned man in a form that can live and subsist only with the help of food ... Through cooperation, the needs of a number of persons, many times greater than their own number, can be satisfied."

As this One World infrastructure emerges it increases the percentage of our total dependence upon remote food production capacity to the mass production capability and transport means of enormous companies operating under the global policy guidance of such organizations as the Chartered Institute of Transport in London, and the international banking community. As individuals, few of us would have any idea where to get a loaf of bread or yard of fabric other than in some supermarket and department store ... and we are all dependent upon some form of efficient transport, electric power, gasoline at the pump, and boundless manufacturing capacity and versatility. Let that system collapse, at any point, and all of us will be helpless. A cooperating, working system is essential to survival; yet over-all it is a system without leadership and guidance.
At the same time the traditional family farm, and even community farms and industries, have all but vanished from the scene. This has created, at least in what we label, the advanced nations, a dearth of farmers and of people who have that basic experience along with that required in the food and home products industries. Furthermore, as this trend is amplified, the transport of farm produce has become increasingly assigned to the trucking industry, which has its over-land limits ... mostly as applied to the tonnage limits of rural bridges, and the economical availability of petroleum.
As a result, something as simple as a trucking industry strike that keeps trucks out of any city for seventy- two hours or more, will lead to starvation and food riots. None of us know where to get food, if it is not in the nearby supermarket; and if we do have a stored supply of food locked in the cellar, we shall simply be the targets of those who do not. Food is the ultimate driving force. Under such predictable conditions, there will be waves of slaughter and eventually cannibalism. Man must eat, and the only way he can obtain adequate food supplies is through cooperation and the means to transport and distribute food and other basic necessities. This essential role is being diminished beyond the borderline. The lack of food supplies has already resulted in a form of covert genocide in many countries. Other essential shortages unavoidably follow.
As Rudyard Kipling has said: "Transport is Civilization." The opposite is equally true, "Without reliable transport we are reduced to the state of barbarism."
These are fundamental statements of fact. In such a world, the Secret Team is the functional element of the dominant power. It is the point of the spear and is neither military nor police. It is covert: and the best (or worst) of both. It gets the job done whether it has political authorization and direction, or not. In this capacity, it acts independently. It is lawless. It operates everywhere with the best of all supporting facilities from special weaponry and advanced communications, with the assurance that its members will never be prosecuted. It is subservient to the Power Elite and protected by them. The Power Elite or High Cabal need not be Royalty in these days. They are their equals or better.
Note with care, it is labeled a "Team". This is because as with any highly professional team it has its managers, its front office and its owners. These are the "Power Elite" to whom it is beholden. They are always anonymous, and their network is ancient and world-wide. Let us draw an example from recent history.
During the Senate Hearings of 1975 on "Alleged Assassination Ploys Involving Foreign Leaders," Senator Charles C. Mathias' thoughts went back to November 22, 1963 and to the coup d'etat brought about by the surgical precision of the death of President John F. Kennedy, when he said:
Let me draw an example from history. When Thomas Becket (Saint Thomas Becket, 1118-1170) was proving to be an annoyance, as Castro; the King said "Who will rid me of this man?" He didn't say to somebody, go out and murder him. He said who will rid me of this man, and let it go at that. (As you will recall, Thomas Becket's threat was not against the King, it was against the way the King wanted to run the government.)
With no explicit orders, and with no more authority than that, four of King Henry's knights, found and killed "this man", Saint Thomas Becket inside of his church. That simple statement ... no more than a wish floating in air ... proved to be all the orders needed.

Then, with that great historical event in mind, Senator Mathias went on to say:
... that is typical of the kind of thing which might be said, which might be taken by the Director of Central Intelligence or by anybody else, as Presidential authorization to go forward ... you felt that some spark had been transmitted ...
To this Senator Jesse Helms added:
Yes, and if he had disappeared from the scene they would not have been unhappy.
There's the point! Because the structure, a "Power Elite", "High Cabal" or similar ultimate ruling organization, exists and the psychological atmosphere has been prepared, nothing more has to be said than that which ignites that "spark" of an assumed "authorization to go forward." Very often, this is the way in which the Secret Team gets its orders ... they are no more than "a wish floating in air."

You can get a copy of this book now. He died just before 911. A great man or a source of disinformation? Who do we trust? It's all so difficult to find truth when you're kept out of the loop and fed crap daily.

Author:  Sir-Irate [ Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:59 am ]
Post subject: 

It isn't what you read, but what you believe. Most all of those books link to the same "box". Unless we can see the presence of history in our lives today, we cannot even notice the chains holding us, nor can we understand that we are in servitude. Thinking outside the "box". Those who think from within the box see one plan for all of us, which gets carried out one certain way. (The sacred patriotic duty / ww3 - road map). Those who think outside the box, see other possibilities present themselves. They see other ways and new solutions to world problems. Why should this world go head first into nuclear fire, when it "can" choose not to? We could drop the chains, change direction and refuse to be lead by those who push these historical beliefs upon all of us.

Author:  DO.g's [ Sun Aug 21, 2005 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Pyramids signify past power.

Exactly so. Convincing the general populace is a tedious task. They are educated to fit the mould and plastered to boot. The more I talk to the masses I see that we exist in a I, Me, Mine servitude, replete with booze and debt . It's funny, but when I talk to them, I can make incredible headway when they're sober, but as soon as the liquid courage is added to the mix it's "What can I do? How can I make a difference?".

Guidance and constant vigilance is required. They need to be constantly told what to do and where to go and why it should be their decision as to the reason. Lost sheep. It is way too much work.

I know why our Govt. sells and distributes booze as it makes apathetic sheep out of them. They can only get drunk and either become wishy washy or violent, as their altered mood affects them.

Keeping control is the key to finding the reason to live a questioned life and not an insignificant, death freeing, mundane empty life with a stone marker left behind to prove you existed. Pyramids of power.

Your concept of chains reminds me of Plato's cave. Perhaps they should name a wine after it- La Cuvee de Plato.

Author:  Sir-Irate [ Thu Aug 25, 2005 9:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yes, very true. It's not just booze & old time street drugs like pot & coke nowadays either. There has been a new kid in town for quite some time. Now we have more pharmaceutical drug addicts then the system can deal with. Do you remember the old song "mother's little helper?" My friend calls these types "legal drug addicts" :shock: Anyway, back to the song. It was by the Stones and came out in the sixties .. I think? I believe it was banned in certain countries. It went like this ...

"Kids are different today, I hear every mother say
Mother needs something today to calm her down
And though she's not really ill, there's a little yellow pill
She goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper
And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day"

People tell their kids to stay away form drugs and booze,
but forget to ask themselves - Am I not taking a mind altering
drug? I understand that some people do have the chemical imbalance
in the brain the anti-depressants are used to correct, but how many
"really" have that true imbalance? Its just way to easy to get drugs today and I think they (some) create more problems then they solve.
perhaps the real question should be - What is wrong with society and not what is wrong with the people?

The pharmaceutical companies were / are more then happy
to create a pill for everything or anything. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Is there a conspiracy? Of course, but that doesn't mean there
isn't a dictatorship hiding in the shadows and a good deal of what is being said, isn't true. Everyone should be up in arms about it and checking things out for themselves. They should be defending freedom and the constitution, bill of rights and so on. Are they? No, because it is a sad situation we are in. They won't do anything, because they are either to dumbed down to have a clue, don't care, to tied up in materialistic greed, or they are just content to wait in servitude, until the planet goes down in a ball of fire.

Oh well .. what more can I say *Sigh*

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