Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women
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Author:  Catherine [ Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women

Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women

Historic Reversal, Found in 1,000 Counties, May Be Result of Smoking and Obesity

Author:  Channel Zero [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women

the article wrote:
... it is more common in rural and low-income areas. The most dramatic change occurred in two areas in southwestern Virginia (Radford City and Pulaski County), where women's life expectancy has decreased by more than five years since 1983.

The trend appears to be driven by increases in death from diabetes, lung cancer, emphysema and kidney failure. It reflects the long-term consequences of smoking, a habit that women took up in large numbers decades after men did, and the slowing of the historic decline in heart disease deaths.

I can only shake my head. Given that lung cancer is caused by smoking, this is something that needs to be self controlled.

But what can you say about a society that still deliberately creates the death sticks to aid in that drop in life expectancy?

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:46 am ]
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I agree, CZ. AND much of this data may be coming from the boomers, who grew up smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke.

Author:  Channel Zero [ Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:36 pm ]
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Ms. Magazine recaps this point.
Christopher Murray, another author of the study from University of Washington, told Reuters, "Life expectancy decline is something that has traditionally been considered a sign that health and social systems have failed, as has been the case in parts of Africa and Eastern Europe. The fact that it is happening to a large number of Americans should be a sign that the US health system needs rethinking."

Do we as a society say, "Ha, ha, Tough shit! it's their problem if they want to poison themselves." Or do we say, "How the hell can we change this fact of life?"

We need help from our governments to help us "Get with it!" as did in Loudon and Monroe counties, recently.

Grant helps women in Loudon, Monroe counties "Get With It"

By: Robin Murdoch, Reporter | Last updated: 4/26/2008 12:45:05 AM

A grant of more than a million dollars is helping women in Monroe and Loudon counties "Get With It."

The $1.3-million grant is funding a new women's healthcare program, offering exercise opportunities and nutrition classes.

A recent study shows the life expectancy dropped for women in 180 US counties, including Monroe County.

We also need the government to stop screwing with FMLA and we need our places of businesses to maintain healthcare, so long as that system is in place.

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:09 pm ]
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I was reading a book* the other day in which I came across one of the truest statements ever written:

"A smoking section in a restaurant is like having a pissing section in a swimming pool."

*HAWKE by Ted Bell.

You may be too young to remember when the Kennedys were so much admired and emulated. Their dedication to physical fitness got the entire country moving in the 60s...walking, running, hiking, biking, rafting, and other recreational activities that were indeed physical. It looks like Bush's favorite physical activity, biking, hasn't inspired the masses, has it? But who wants to look like Bush? :lol:

Now, Americans would rather take a Big Pharma drug than try to naturally control their health issues via healthy exercise and food.

Author:  Channel Zero [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:49 pm ]
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Bush is also a runner. (Or an evader, depending on one's perspective.)

Although, he had the luxury of running with secret service agents. I'm sure people in crime ridden neighborhoods would like to run with body guards too. And I guess that's all some can fanticize doing, what with Bush taking away more from the crime ridden neighborhoods.

Even the healthy suffer, too, from smoke. While I'm jogging, I'll come across some butthead whose got to toke the death twigs,

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