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Author:  Catherine [ Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:54 pm ]

Dream journals are fun to keep, along with journals of everyday happenings in our lives. If you're interested in dreams, or want to try to remember them, give this a try:

How To Start Your Own Dream Journal

Place a notebook and pen -- preferably new ones -- by the bed, and keep them there.

If you're using your daily journal, find a way to differentiate dreams from daily entries: start at the back of the book, use another color, or highlight.

Get a flashlight, too: your writing will stay legible and you won't disturb your partner or roommate.

Set up the journal with page numbers, an index, etc. A ribbon or other bookmark will be especially useful.

Record a memorable dream or two from the past. What made these dreams important? What do they mean to you now?

Before you go to sleep, you might bring your attention to remembering dreams, or make a few notes about the day.

When you wake up -- during the night or in the morning -- try to recall dreams before you open your eyes.

Record dreams immediately whenever you can.

If you have to get going, take a quick note or two.
Don't wait too long before writing out the whole dream.

Note recurring dream symbols. You might record them in an index. What do they mean to you?

Reread your dreams once a month or so. Notice any patterns


Spiral notebooks can be kept open, and allow you to write lying down.
Look for imaginative leaps or connections. For example, does a place represent a person, or vice versa?

Write dreams in present tense/first person, but notice who you are, and when.

(From v. wheeler via email.)


Author:  dori [ Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:48 am ]
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That would be a great way to get to know yourself. Unfortunately, I don't remember my dreams. I hope someone will do this and tell us if it helps them know who they really are...

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