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 Post subject: Disclosure Project
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:55 pm 

1 The National Press Club Event

Google Video of Press Conference

YouTube Video of Press Conference

2 Testimony

Part 1

Samples of testimony, followed by Dr. Greer's preface to the testimonies, mentioning in particular false flag operations and the control group's plan to weaponize space.

Part 2

Basic visual and radar contacts.

Part 3

Control of the data. Who do you tell? ET surveillance of nuclear weapons.

Part 4

Nuke surveillance continued.

Part 5

USS Roosevelt, definition of "Zebra Stripes," airbrushing photos.

Part 6

Back side of the moon.

Part 7

Retrieval. Eisenhower loses control. "Not . . . in the best hands."

Part 8

Retrieval continued. "Light speed or better."

Part 9

"Standard operating procedure." Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP).

Part 10

The control group. "Thirty-eight levels above top secret." The progression of cover stories, including 9/11, culminating in the weaponization of space.

Part 11

The seeds of interstellar war, which would result in the certain destruction of our civilization.

Part 12

The price paid for coming forward.

Part 13


3 Back Side of the Moon

PBS Nova Moon Map

Rotates a full 360 degrees, but minimal detail (airbrushed), and will only zoom in on the equator of the moon.

Google Moon Map

Doesn't show the back side of the moon at all! It only shows the front side, the front side stitched together three times to create the illusion of a full map! And when the zoom is set to the highest setting, the picture becomes a cartoon of Swiss cheese! Is this a joke?

Mars Anomaly Research

From another site, not related to Dr. Greer, examples of airbrushed images of the moon.

Clementine Lunar Image Browser

See for yourself.

Longitude = - 70
Latitude = 137
Resolution = 1 pixel per kilometer


4 Interviews with Dr. Greer

Controversial World News Network

Coast to Coast
Comments on Memoir Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (explosive)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

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 Post subject: BUMP
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 3:23 pm 

The above post on The Disclosure Project has been updated. Of note is Part 5 of the Coast to Coast interview, which reveals that SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the project that has been using radio telescopes for years to detect a "signal" from another civilization, has in fact detected multiple signals, to the point where the signals became so numerous they were jammed by the spooks here on Earth.

The story that FOX News won't tell you. Or almost anyone else, for that matter.


 Post subject: Update: AERO
PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 4:29 pm 

This is where the rubber meets the road! -GR

Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power.

AERO is the group that is most strategically ready to develop, disclose and establish the long-suppressed technologies that will enable us to establish a truly sustainable civilization on Earth.

It is time that humanity move on to its next level of development. This cannot happen with the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels. Time is short. Indeed, time and obscurity are elements that must be overcome for success to occur.




Address: PO Box 265, Crozet VA 22932-0265

Fax: 540-456-8303


An Overview for Inventors

An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system -- or even about adequate funding -- and primarily about 'something else.' Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.

Such a device -- assuming it is robust, commercially viable and putting out real usable power -- is less than 10% of the solution to this problem. And all of the money on Earth is less that 10% of the solution. The other 80-90% lies in this 'something else.'


 Post subject: AERO Announces Award Program
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:35 am 
AERO Award Program

November 1, 2007

Advanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO) announces an up-front $200,000 licensing award and minimum $5 million two year royalty program for a qualifying new energy breakthrough.

The Charlottesville, VA energy research company is leading a world-wide search for promising, out-of-the-box inventors and scientists who have provable energy generation inventions that need support, further development and widespread public exposure.

AERO CEO Steven M. Greer MD notes that, "Over the past 100 years, many major energy breakthroughs have withered on the vine, died with the inventor or been absorbed into secretive corporate or government programs. It is AERO's mission to see that these new technologies are protected, supported and massively disclosed to the public so that we can go beyond our current addiction to oil, gas and coal and begin a new, sustainable era in human history.

AERO is uniquely qualified to see that such technological innovations make it to market. Our network includes 'A-list' celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, current and former heads of State and millions of people who follow our work. The inventor or team that has a qualifying system for energy generation will have the full force, support and protection of this unique, global network."

The criteria for the Award program are:

    *The invention must be already built, robust and running reliably, with a net exportable (usable) power output of at least 1 kilowatt or greater.

    *The system must use no power from the power grid and if batteries or capacitors are used, they must remain fully charged.

    *The system must create no greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions and must be a closed loop system (that is, the output energy is sufficient to run the energy needs of the system and also provide the minimum 1 kilowatt of usable net power.)

    *If it is a water-to-fuel system, the system must be able to electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen to create enough on-demand fuel to run the system (again, closed-loop) and create the minimum 1 kilowatt of net usable power.

    *Solar, wind and geothermal are excluded from the system, as these systems already exist.

    *The inventor must be willing to license the system to AERO, LLC.

    *The system must be able to pass performance and efficiency testing by three independent scientific groups and be fully reproducible from plans by an independent third party (AERO will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the inventor(s) as needed to assure confidentiality.)

    *The system must not use radioactive materials or other materials that are an environmental hazard or biohazard.

    *The inventor must be willing to bring the system to Virginia to be tested and this testing must be transparent and open (no hidden "black box" tests).

The winning inventor or team will receive $200,000 up-front as a licensing award (see our sample licensing agreement) and will be guaranteed a minimum of $5 million in royalty payments within two years of the creation of a manufacture-ready, beta-tested system. If the current prototype needs further R and D to attain manufacture, UL listed readiness, AERO will provide the support to reach this state-of-the-art.

To apply for this award program or for further information, contact AERO at

Please feel free to pass this message on to any individuals, mailing lists or discussion boards where there may be interest. Thank you.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:24 pm 
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Check this site out- ... ree_Energy

Quote: -- Pure Energy Systems Wiki -- your publicly editable site about new energy technologies. Power to the people!

I've been following this Steorn story for a while now. Hopefully this will be real and usable soon.

Completely sane world
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An ability to see both sides of a question
one of the marks of a mature mind

People don't choose to be dishonest
the choice chooses them

Now I know how Kusinich feels.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:37 pm 
DO.g's wrote:
Check this site out- ... ree_Energy

Quote: -- Pure Energy Systems Wiki -- your publicly editable site about new energy technologies. Power to the people!

I've been following this Steorn story for a while now. Hopefully this will be real and usable soon.

Many real items have been discredited in the past. People have been tied up in the U.S. Patent office -- which has long since been penetrated -- for decades. Inventors of all kinds have been bought off, discredited, side-tracked, and killed. This problem is as old as Tesla, if not older -- the problem of real energy being suppressed. For example, the problem with today's coal-burning plants isn't so much that they're dirty as that they only work in three dimensions -- when the universe works in four.

My advice, based on the credible testimony which I've read, is never believe it when the media discredits any energy-related discovery, because they're always lying.

Good work, DO.g's.

 Post subject: UPDATE 11 December 2007
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:18 pm 
Everything we need exists; it just needs to be declassified. -GR

AERO Announcements 11 December 2007



Advanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO) has identified several clean energy technologies which will transform the current world environmental and energy situation. This overview explains how the current risks of environmental global warming, air pollution and public health challenges, energy resource scarcity and competition, global terrorism and current electric grid obsolescence and vulnerability are transformed by these out-of-the-box technologies.

Technological Overview

Since 1900, significant advances in electromagnetic theory and innovative ways of generating electric power have occurred. These developments have been largely unheralded, ignored or actively suppressed. AERO has identified a very extensive portfolio of information, designs and scientists who are experts in this area.

These technologies are numerous and summarized elsewhere, but in summary fall into three broad categories:

1) Transitional Technologies: These are systems that significantly increase the efficiency of existing internal combustion/fossil fuel systems. For example, several independent groups in the AERO network have developed computerized electrolysis systems that inject Brown's gas (hydrogen and oxygen) from water by using a car or truck's alternator for the needed electricity, resulting in an 80% decrease in emissions and up to 100% increase in fuel efficiency. A Chevrolet Tahoe SUV was obtaining 32 mpg, up from the usual 16 mpg, using this system. This process is in the beta-testing phase currently. It should be noted that most pollution from existing cars and trucks is due to the very low efficiency of the internal combustion engine (ICE), which generally only converts 20-30% of available energy in gas or diesel to power. The above system greatly increases this efficiency, cutting in half fuel usage and greatly reducing pollutants.

Other scientists, using a multi-phasic electronic signal, have been able to electrolyze water into Brown's gas using very low power, thus closing the loop on the system while running a power load. (That is, they have been able to run the electrolysis system while also running a generator powering an external load.) Since the average home in America creates 400 gallons a day of waste water, which is mostly grey water and not sewage, all the power needs of a home can easily be met by such a system. The exhaust is water vapor, which can be collected, condensed and re-used for further Brown's gas creation.

These systems can also be used to inject Brown's gas into coal, diesel and oil based power plants to greatly decrease pollution and increase efficiency.

2) New Electromagnetic Generators: These are generators that use unique circuitry to tap into the so-called zero-point or quantum vacuum energy located in the space around us. As far back as 1902, Nicola Tesla and Nathan Stubblefield demonstrated the ability to create a rotating magnetic field that accesses this environmental energy that is located in any given volume of space. The result is an off-the-grid system that uses no fuel to run the system. This so-called environmental 'free energy' has been proven scientifically to exist and AERO is working with the most accomplished physicists and engineers who are building these systems. These technologies have the potential to completely replace all current oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power generating systems. They use no fuel and cause no pollution. Energy costs are zero once the device is built and operational. The electric utility grid would be unnecessary using such a system, since each home, business, office, etc., could have its own power generating capability. Using nanocrystalline materials, solid state devices are possible that may eventually be able to power any object that needs electric power.

3) Electro-gravitic/magneto-gravitic propulsion: Beginning in the 1920s, T. Townsend Brown and others experimented with high voltage systems that resulted in mass cancellation or so-called anti-gravity effects. By the early 1950s, documents prove that these systems became highly classified, where they remain today. Nick Cook, researcher and writer for Jane's Defense Weekly, provided an in-depth expose on this subject, and subsequently wrote the book "The Race to Zero Point". We have identified scientists who understand the physics underlying this new propulsion and energy generating technology and which can now be developed for peaceful energy use and transportation. The adoption of such systems will replace jet engines, rockets and other forms of aerospace transportation systems. Since the energy used by such systems is acquired from the zero point or quantum vacuum flux field, there is no fuel payload and no pollution. Energy costs are zero.

Risk Transformation

It may be argued that the types of technologies AERO has identified are too good. That is, they would completely upend the current oil, coal, gas and nuclear power infrastructure.

However, any realistic view of the current global situation reveals a world that is hurtling towards a number of interlocking disasters which cannot be rectified by incremental changes. These include: Global warming; geo-political conflict over resource competition for oil and gas; a creaky and rapidly failing electric utility grid; growing disparity between the developed and developing world; a mid-east and Persian Gulf policy driven by the West's endless appetite for oil (also euphemistically called 'our strategic national security interest...') growing mountains of nuclear waste from nuclear power plants attended by a 'not in my backyard' response to its disposition; and so forth. Add to this the fact that China and India alone will be adding an estimated 650 new coal fired power plants in the next decade, thus doubling current greenhouse gases.

Even if all of the above described advanced physics break-through technologies were ready for mass dissemination in 2008, it would take at least 10-20 years to replace the world's current fossil fuel and nuclear infrastructure.

In our analysis, the greatest risk is to do nothing- or to continue to adopt only incremental improvements in energy generation and transportation. Wind, solar, bio-fuels, carbon sequestration, however laudable and well-intentioned, are too little, too late, and must be augmented by a robust research and development program focusing on new energy sciences outlined above and in the AERO proposal.

Ironically, it is 'careful incrementalism' that is the riskiest approach, given the enormous environmental, societal, health and geo-political challenges facing humanity today.

AERO recommends a peaceful Manhattan-style research program to fully develop out-of-the-box new energy sciences to create solutions ready for the market within 18-24 months. This is feasible, given the extensive progress- however arcane and heretofore unacknowledged- already accomplished in this area.

The Transitional Technologies mentioned above can be quickly brought forward to retrofit existing cars, trucks and power plants, thus reducing fuel use and greenhouse gases, and greatly reducing overall pollution. They will also enable the West to wean itself off of its current destabilizing Mid-East oil addiction in less than 10 years, if robustly applied.

At the same time, the New Electromagnetic Generator can begin to be phased in to completely replace the need for oil, gas, nuclear power and the centralized power grid. Since these new systems use no fuel and create no pollution, we can transform the current high-risk global situation into a world of sustainability, abundance and wide-spread economic development. The nature of these technologies allows any home or village to be powered without the need for costly fuels or a transmission and distribution system. Just as many areas of the developing world bypassed old-fashioned land lines for telecommunications and went directly to cell phones, they will similarly be able to develop energy generation capacity free of smoke stacks and centralized utilities.

The current zero-sum game of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power only ensures environmental disaster and social and economic disparity- which only further destabilizes the already precarious global geopolitical situation. There is simply no way 6.5 billion people on the earth can all be driving ICE - based cars and trucks, and using oil, gas, coal and nuclear power for electricity. The current industrial and energy order, in fact, requires extensive global poverty- which serves only to breed resentment of the West, fuel global terrorism and foster radicalism.

The adoption of a bold initiative to support, disclose and disseminate the above clean energy technologies is our best hope at risk management, and more importantly, the transformation of the current world crisis into a peaceful, stable and sustainable human future.

AERO invites the world community to assist in network support and research underwriting so that these promising technological developments will have a chance of succeeding. For less than 1% of the estimated $5 billion per year spent in the United States alone to study global warming, AERO can complete development and testing of these advanced clean energy technologies that will go a long way to solving the problem.

This represents a relatively small investment that will greatly mitigate the enormous risks facing the human future- and give the good future that awaits humanity a real chance of emerging.

See for scientific papers, AERO proposals and a more complete technical discussion.

 Post subject: Repaired Links
PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:16 pm 
A number of the video links above have been taken down, but I found this first and second hour of witness testimony on Google video. -GR


Witness Testimony, First Hour

Second Hour


*Samples of testimony, followed by Dr. Greer's preface to the testimonies.
*Basic visual and radar contacts.
*Control of the data. Who do you tell? ET surveillance of nuclear weapons.
*USS Roosevelt, definition of "Zebra Stripes," airbrushing photos.
*Back side of the moon.
*Retrieval. Eisenhower loses control. "Not . . . in the best hands."
*"Light speed or better."
*"Standard operating procedure." Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP).
*The control group. "Thirty-eight levels above top secret." The progression of cover stories, including 9/11, culminating in the weaponization of space.
*The seeds of interstellar war, which would result in the certain destruction of our civilization.
*The price paid for coming forward.


Exopolitics Toronto 2006

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.... Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do." -Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, in a lecture shortly before he died


They say freedom isn't free. If the material in this thread is compelling to you, you can support Disclosure Project research and activism further by ordering your DVD copies here.

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