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 Post subject: America's Poor Health- Class and Wealth Related
PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:29 pm 
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Sharing and Caring

Two simple words that make us feel proud to be Americans. But is that who we really are? Is this what we really do? The pursuit of happiness in our country is hinged on our acquiring wealth as a way to buy our happiness. What is wrong with this formula, for happiness is on a decline in America. Democracy and Capitalism have proven to be a dead end, (Pardon the pun) as health problems are worse in America, especially proportionally among the rich, than the poor. You would think that the rich would benefit more from their wealth as to better health, but this is a proven statistic, and there are various reasons why this is so.

Thanks to the corporate greed factor, we have become a nation of pill poppers, to not cure, but merely treat our problems. Look at the list of people that ask about side effects or promote their drugs on this site alone.

Tax cuts for the rich, income tax breaks and unfair pay imbalance between employers and employees are just some of the reasons. Fear and realization of the unfairness of wealth contribute. When a boss in America makes upwards of 560 times what an employee makes, this means he makes more in 1/2 a day than some employees make in a year. There are countries, like Japan where twice as many men smoke, but American men die younger than Japanese men, which is an indicator of a countries health. Studies show that when the gap between the rich and the poor is smaller, a countries health is better. America was once one of the top healthiest countries in the world. In Japan tha employer makes approximately 70 times what his employee makes. Sharing and Caring are what made America great and kept it healthy. This is not crap, this is fact. Perhaps instead of warnings about hazards to health from smoking, drinking etc., we should put warnings about class inequality, wealth and not Caring and Sharing, as the root cause of disease and poor health in America!

The United States, the richest country in the world, currently ranks 27th in the health of its citizens. It has the best equipment, technology and hospitals yet we are lagging behind not only most of the rich countries, but a few poor ones as well. Fifty years ago, the US was among the top five. What happened in the past five decades to cause this decline? By allowing the rich to take advantage of the poor and that an increasing stratification between the rich and the poor plays a major role, may be a major cause. Life spans and infant mortality rates depend very much on the hierarchal structure of a society. And new research shows that half of what influences our health as adults is largely determined before the age of five.

What can we learn from other countries whose citizens live longer and healthier lives? That by Sharing and Caring we can all live more healthy lives. That by Sharing and Caring we all can benefit. A great country, one where we can all pursue our dreams and not our personal greed. A healthy democracy should not allow wealthy individuals to possess more than 4 times the wealth of the poorest. This would be a real example of fairness and equality that would illustrate to the world that we really are what we pretend to be. By endorsing greed and hording of wealth we have become one of the richest most unhealthy countries in the world. These are things your doctor or their pharmaceutical companies would never tell you. Forget the schools as an example of learning and start to realise what they're not telling us. This is stuff you can only learn when you let go of your inbred heirarchal pedagogy. Once even the rich learned why they're so diseased and sick, even they would join in.

What to do? Demand changes and limits to personal wealth in America. We will continue to have the incentives to create a vibrant society, because the true wealth of the country would be realised in the health and love in the country, instead of wealth and personal greed as motives for use and abuse of the poor for personal gain. True wealth is in the happiness of its people, not in the pursuit of capitalist motivated greed, endorsed by the dream manufacturers of the political/corporate agenda. We are being lied to about what happiness even is.

Two simple words could change our path. Caring and Sharing could be just what the doctor ordered, instead of Corporate endorsed pill popping as a cure for our nations ill health. The path to freedom, equality and the health of the whole country. Start by Caring and Sharing with the homeless, the sick, the destitute, and force your countries politicians and corporate greedmongers to not care about their personal wealth and re-elections, and more about Caring and Sharing.

Soon the whole world would develop the trust we want when we try to force it upon them.

Caring and Sharing.

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