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Author:  Catherine [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  SURVEY SAYS

The high-tech field of land surveying today is a far cry from the way it was just a few years ago. This article explains the importance of making sure you know where your property begins and ends.

[url=]Survey Says:
If you're buying or selling a home, getting the details of your property is key to knowing exactly what's yours


It's said real estate is the biggest investment you'll make in a lifetime. If you want to know exactly how big, then you need a property survey.

"A survey can be many things," said John Dippel, a surveyor in New Paltz. "From a homeowner's perspective, it's a map that shows boundaries of the property, its 'metes and bounds,' and any structures: fences and driveways, pools, sheds, anything fixed to the ground, all main structures, barns and garages. Plus anything with impact on use of land, [such as] a neighbor's fence or hedgerow."

"It's a graphic picture of what they own - the area, in acres and square feet," he said.

There are several reasons why a survey might be needed, experts said.

According to the New York state Association of Professional Land Surveyors, you should have an up-to-date survey if you are selling or buying property, building a fence or additional structure, subdividing a lot, refinancing or obtaining a mortgage.

Lenders and title companies also frequently commission surveys as legal protection.

The link also includes information on how a land survey is done, and cost ranges.

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