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 Post subject: The real body count.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:51 pm 
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I wonder why the news media and this administration seem to focus solely on only the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. To me, the true tragedy from this war to our own soldiers is not only the deaths.

The soldiers who die, no know more. The family's of the dead soldiers are the ones left to suffer this loss, and this is definitely a tragedy. Even more of a tragedy though, are those that survive. Those who's life will be forever changed. Those who will never feel whole again. Those who will forever have to live with lost limbs and other severe injuries yet not be considered casualty's of war. Those who the mental damage done to them will leave them forever changed due to the carnage that they have been forced to cause in the name of "Freedom". Looking at the full tragedy of what is happening is the only way that you can truly see what the true "casualty's" of this war really are. Yes, we have tragically lost just over 2000 soldiers now but these are not the only casualty's in this war.

The true casualty's go far beyond the 2000 that has recently been reported. The true casualty's are in the tens of thousands.

In this statement, I selfishly only refer to our troops counted in this "body count" but to totally ignore the casualty's of the innocent civilians and the resistance of those in the affected areas cannot be left out of this equation to get the full damage. With these added, I believe that the true casualty's are in the millions.

How long will it take for human-beings to understand that unless we change our ways of thinking from greed and desire, that things will only continue to get worse? I still contend that there is no hope for us as a people in this world if we continue on the present course we are taking.

I further contend, that unless everyone in this world changes, we will fail. Furthermore, I contend that because this global change will NEVER happen, we are doomed. Feel free to cling to hope for us if that is what you need in order to prevent yourself from loosing your mind, but if you truly take a look around, you will see that what I say is the unequivocal truth.
We are at a pivotal point right now, and if things do not change right now, we will be destroyed. I realize that many of you on this site understand a part of this, but you also feel that if we can change this corrupted government, that all will be saved. This is a false belief. Just look at the recorded history of this world and you will see that what I say is the truth.

There is in my mind, only one solution to this problem which we now face, and I am sure that even most on this site will balk at the idea. Even if you ALL did happen to agree with it, you would see the impossibility of this happening.

Because I do not want to cause flame wars which I have seen on this site, I will not go into the only solution in which I see us surviving. Instead, if you are truly even interested, feel free to pm me. I will go through it with you, (if you have an open mind) and try to make you understand the reasons I came to this conclusion.

Am I crazy? I guess there is always that possibility. I have been called worse though, so what is the loss?
I veered way off course from where this thread really started so I will link you to the site which got me onto this thread in the first place.


Peace out

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