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 Post subject: Satan’s Little Helper
PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:30 pm 
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Ken Mehlman, Satan’s Little Helper, and the Deepness of Our Doo-Doo
Ken Mehlman, Republican attack poodle (Republican National Committee chairman and apparent Israel-Firster) has shown his character once again. Defending Bush’s lies, Mehlman ridiculed Democrats who want an investigation into pre-war intelligence regarding Iraqi WMD programs. He said Democrats who once worried that Iraq was amassing WMD now want an investigation of the pre-war intelligence. “Maybe this investigation will reveal that they were brainwashed,” he said. In effect, he’s saying, “Yeah, we lied, but you believed us.” And yes there is a lesson in there. For the American public, that is, not Democratic politicians. No one should have believed the U.S. government’s stories about Iraq. Not in 1983, not in 1990, not in 1998, and not 2002 and not even in 2005. Not ever. Yeah, the Democrats, like the Clintons, who pushed lies about Iraq as well, had the resources to know better. I knew the stories about Iraqi WMDs and the “imminent threat” hoohah were bullshit. (See this, especially the part where McGovern says: "It is said that truth is the first casualty of war. Sadly, in the case of Iraq, even before the war, truth took a back seat to a felt need to snuggle up to power—to stay in good standing with a president and his advisers, all well known to be hell-bent on war on Iraq.") What do I got? Do I have access to secret information? No. (Well, there are media sources, magazines, writers and commentators that are more reliable on such matters. Hint: none of them are on TV – except maybe Jon Stewart!) What I got is an understanding that the U.S. government, and its corporate backers, nearly always lie about the enemies they want us all to hate. And even if they don’t lie about that, they lie about their own actions as well as their intent and agenda in a given circumstance. The Democrats who backed the Iraq war initially should have known better. In this case, the satanic Mehlman tells a certain truth, even as smoke issues from around his forked-tongue. Except, the Democrats weren’t so much brainwashed as they chose to go along with the propaganda (which, as I said, was demonstrably false even then). The ones who were brainwashed were the American people, again. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The lesson is to give up once and for all the notion that elites of any stripe can be trusted...period. Government is always a wicked combination of force and fraud. Our corporate capitalist one is no different. In fact, our experiment in democracy has been thoroughly undermined by corporate capitalism in so many ways that less capitalistic democracies have not. One, by rendering our entire lives through the authoritarianism of the corporation, undermining even the idea of democracy. (See this.) You’ve heard it all before, “If only the government was run like a business.” Well, if the government were run like a business it would be a complete tyranny rather than a near-tyranny. Capitalism combined with blind patriotism work hand in hand to destroy in our minds our very grasp of the meaning of liberty while at the same time trumpeting it as our unique gift to the world! This is the sort of depth we need to go to in order to understand the mess we are in. It will do no good to look to Democrats and the like or “the system” more generally – even if Ken Mehlman is Satan’s little helper!

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