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 Post subject: The North American Nation
PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 7:00 am 
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The North American Nation
I have been following this for awhile as it evolves into reality. I recently watched a documentary on New Orleans and who is cleaning it up and restoring it so it can be destroyed again and this picture came to mind. RFID tagged citizens, no borders between Canada, Mexico, and America. A highway 12 lanes with parallel rail tracks north to south is already in progress from Canada to Mexico. The removal of weaponry from the citizens of Canada is well underway and America will soon follow. The new border will be much easier to secure at what is now Mexico's southern crossing into Latin America. Members of Mexico's Justice Department are already RFID to track there movements and insure compliance.
The overall idea is for the massive redistribution of wealth and labor into what I relate to as serfs and Over Lords. A bit feudal sounding but that is the socialistic aim. I am also certain eugenics will be involved. And that it shall occur soon and fast one to two years. So the reality is your partisan bickering is created kaos to cause division. Remember Divide and Conquer.
Any way the original thought came out of Rockefeller's think tank the CFR via Zionist Bank House of Rothshield. And is backed by Rockefeller's other tank the UN.
However I see it coming just as I saw the turmoil of this Administration coming. They have served their purpose however by creating a State of Kaos in the World that shall last for 30 years. Exactly what Hegel Ordered.
Any how this is the Documentary that initiated my desire to post my knowledge somewhere. Congratulations your it.
Labor, Laws and Immigrants in the Delta South

Thousands of immigrant workers are being lured into New Orleans to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. Some observers worry that the local workforce is being shut out when immigrants accept low pay and no benefits. Others worry that the suspension of some federal labor laws have leads to exploitation and unsafe conditions for those bringing the city back to life. etc...

I insist you all at least review the posted links before you jump on me like Horny Hyena's

The above shows what the future holds the below exhibits how it is being executed. Your lives, status, incomes, way of life, on and on and on are all about to change soon.

Uploading is a real pain so I am going to link and if you wish to know your future click. Dman this format. ... 5-2005.pdf

Now it is all up to you if you wish to know what your future holds so that you can proceed with the proper adjustments in your life.


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