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 Post subject: excellent observation
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:27 pm 
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Victor Davis Hanson makes an excellent observation:

After September 11 national-security-minded Democratic politicians fell over each other, voting for all sorts of tough measures. They passed the Patriot Act, approved the war in Afghanistan, voted to authorize the removal of Saddam Hussein, and nodded when they were briefed about Guantanamo or wiretap intercepts of suspect phone calls to and from the Middle East.
After the anthrax scare, the arrests of dozens of terrorist cells, and a flurry of al Qaeda fatwas, most Americans thought another attack was imminent — and wanted their politicians to think the same. Today's sourpuss, Senator Harry Reid, once was smiling at a photo-op at the signing of the Patriot Act to record to his constituents that he was darn serious about terrorism. So we have forgotten that most of us after 9/11 would never have imagined that the United States would remain untouched for over four years after that awful cloud of ash settled over the crater at the World Trade Center.

Now the horror of 9/11 and the sight of the doomed diving into the street fade. Gone mostly are the flags on the cars, and the orange and red alerts. The Democrats and the Left, in their amnesia, and as beneficiaries of the very policies they suddenly abhor, now mention al Qaeda very little and Islamic fascism hardly at all.

To the left, the problem facing the United States is President George W. Bush; to the left, he is the enemy - the man bent on destroying us...and so what was once a War on Terrorism for the United States has now become the Republican's War on Terrorism while the left engages in its War on Bush. Not since the Copperheads during the Civil War has the United States faced such a defeatist and pro-enemy political opposition as we face today...even the anti-war protests of the Vietnam era pale in comparison to the aid and comfort being provided to the terrorists today. And the problem is that as long as President Bush advances from success to success, the stronger the opposition becomes - that is, it will be this way if we allow it to be so.

It is we, the average Joe's and Jane's of the center/right in the United States who must take a stand - it is up to us to ensure that when President Bush leads the charge, he doesn't find himself alone out there, being attacked from behind by the left. In the slang of the day, we have to have President Bush's back.

In 2006 we will be put to the test - with a booming economy and Iraq calming down, the natural inclination of people to slack off about the big issues will grow. It is in this that the left holds it's hope - they hope that we will let them win next year by default. We can't allow it to happen - as annoying and tiresome as it is, we have to treat 2006 like 2004. We must go into next year as if we were battling it out, once again, for President Bush. Do not forget to donate - both time and money. It is on the ground where we'll win or lose, just as in 2004.

Are you ready for the battle?

I believe that God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.
George W. Bush

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:53 pm 
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Victor Davis Hanson is a craven Bush apologist, as are you.

I address you on this thread, because you refuse to go to the Link:Bush's Lies thread and answer to the undenyable lies by George W. Bush which I documented.

Link:Bush's Lies

Why will you not go to that thread and answer to the undenyable lies by George W. Bush which I documented?

Go there Bucky. Answer to the lies of George W. Bush.

I won't stop. You asked for proof that Bush lied. I gave it to you. YOU COWER FROM THAT PROOF.

You won't even go to that thread, because you are the worst sort of coward in every respect.



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