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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:52 pm 
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In The True Spirit Of Hypocrisy
by Gribbit on 01-02-06 @ 12:04 am Filed under ACLU, News
Our “friends” at the ACLU have really started to show their true spots. In as much as they preach against the invasion of privacy in fear of Orwell’s “Big Brother,” they are willing to advocate just that when it serves their anti-American goals.

In two different states at the same time, they are both opposing the use of cameras as well as advocating them. As a matter of fact, they are actually paying for cameras in St. Louis.

In the spirit of the Nazis of 1930s & 40s Germany, the ACLU plans on distributing video cameras to private citizens in St. Louis’ poorest neighborhoods for the purpose of monitoring police. That’s right, they want those who have the worst view of law enforcement to monitor law enforcement. That’s like having the fox keep an eye on the dog guarding the hen house. [Story]

But yet in Minneapolis Minnesota the ACLU opposes the use of video cameras at intersections with the purpose of capturing the license plate numbers of violators. The ACLU’s position is that there is no way of knowing who was actually driving the car. I’m sorry, but if I lent my car to someone to use and they were operating it foolishly, I’d want to know. And trust me, if I got a ticket from “photo cop” the person who got me that ticket wouldn’t ever borrow my car again. [Story]

The ACLU has a history of this type of flip flopping. They were instrumental in getting a decision out of the United States Supreme Court that forces schools to support non-traditional after school activities just as it has for traditional school activities. This was in order to get funding and support for an after school Gay/Lesbian tolerance club. But when a school tried to use the same decision to get support for a Bible study group, the ACLU has changed its opinion on the matter, and are advocating reversal of the decision. [ACLU’s Official Position]

The ACLU used this decision to force schools to have after school Gay/Lesbian tolerance clubs and went as far as to sent each and every high school in the state of Washington a letter advising them of the decision. But now that a Christian group wants to take advantage of the decision that the ACLU was instrumental in getting past, it’s time to back pedal.

These cameras are just more of the same. Do I support the “photo cop”? Yes. Do I support surveillance of police officers? Yes, but not by private citizens. Dash cams are just fine for doing that. And most police like having the dash cam because it covers them when they are truly in the right.

I believe that God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.
George W. Bush

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:56 pm 
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If you want your civil liberties taken away, fine. You give up your liberty in your abject fear. I want to keep my liberty. Leave me out of your plans to subject yourself to dictatorial rule. Coward.

I address you on this thread, because you refuse to go to the Link:Bush's Lies thread and answer to the undenyable lies by George W. Bush which I documented.

Link:Bush's Lies

Why will you not go to that thread and answer to the undenyable lies by George W. Bush which I documented?

Go there Bucky. Answer to the lies of George W. Bush.

I won't stop. You asked for proof that Bush lied. I gave it to you. YOU COWER FROM THAT PROOF.

You won't even go to that thread, because you are the worst sort of coward in every respect.



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