Democrats Don't Need More Time For Questioning
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Author:  buckshot [ Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Democrats Don't Need More Time For Questioning

Democrats Don't Need More Time For Questioning
By Matt Margolis at 12:18 PM
I just received a breakdown of the number of questions by topic, as of the end of the yesterday, that have been asked of Judge Alito. While Democrats are still trying to find a way to delay a Judiciary Committee vote, it is clear that they they are simply asking the same questions over and over about the same subjects. As you can see from the breakdown below, they've been wasting time trying to play a "Gotcha!":

Abortion: 101
Executive Power: 94
Judicial Philosophy/Role of Courts: 71
Concerned Alumni of Princeton: 49
Vanguard/Ethics: 49
Commerce Clause, Federalism, Congressional Power: 42
Other: 28
Race: 23
National Security/Wiretapping: 20
Religion: 16
Habeas/Death Penalty: 15
Criminal Procedure/4th Ammendment: 11
Plaintiffs' and Consumers' Rights: 8
Gener: 7
Reapportionment: 6
Disability: 6

TOTAL: 546

It is no surprised that the most questions that were asked of Alito had to do with abortion. Also near the top of the list is CAP and Vanguard. I think we can see where the priorities of the Democrats are. Democrats are concerned with abortion and bashing President Bush. Generally speaking, when a Democrat asked a question of Alito regarding executive power, the Democrats inserted their own partisan commentaries that the President or executive is abusing power. Perhaps it is true that these hearings are a waste of time and should be scrapped.

Let's face it, everyone on that committee knows how they're going to vote on the nomination, and they knew how they were going to vote before the hearings even began. The breakdown above shows that they are concentrating on a few controversial issues that fire up the Democrats' base and divide the country over Alito. Thankfully, it's not working, and Alito is moving steadily towards confirmation..

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