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 Post subject: Hillary Clinton Accountability
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:40 am 
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Peter Paul
Chronicling Hillary Clinton Accountability For Election Fraud and Obstruction of Justice: Paul v. Hillary R Clinton, William J. Clinton« Hillary Clinton: When Will You Correct Your 3 False FEC Returns and Refund the $1 Million Plus? | Main | Hillary Deceives Media About FEC Letter to Peter Paul »

Hillary Treasurer Grossman Admits Filing False FEC Reports Hiding Peter Paul's $1.2 Million Contribution
The FEC has formally determined that Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign treasurer, Andrew Grossman is legally responsible for the three false FEC reports that Hillary's finance director, David Rosen, was criminally charged and tried for in mid-2005. Mr. Grossman signed a "Conciliation Agreement" with the FEC on December 13, 2005, admitting his culpability, and agreeing to pay a civil fine and amend his false reports to reflect the $721,000 that he failed to report since October, 2000.

This admission of responsibility by Hillary Clinton's campaign treasurer comes after FIVE years of denials and deceptions by Hillary's staff and her campaign officials, beginning with Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson's false statements to the Washington Post days after Event 39 was produced and paid for by Paul in August 2000, and proceeding through false testimony given at the trial of finance director David Rosen for the offenses that Grossman is now taking responsibility for!

On December 29, 2005, the FEC notified Peter Paul that it had concluded its 4 1/2 year investigation into his complaint regarding Hillary Clinton's false reports to the FEC which intentionally hid his identity as her largest contributor and the full amount of his more than $1.2 million cash in-kind contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign.

The FEC found "there was probable cause to believe New York Senate 2000 and Andrew Grossman, in his official capacity as treasurer, violated 2 U.S.S Sec 434(b) of the Federal Election Camp[aign Act of 1971 and 11 C.F.R. Sec 102(c)(8)(i)(A). On December 13, 2005, a conciliation agreement signed by Andrew Grossman was accepted by the Commission.."

This amounts to a civil indictment of Hillary's Joint Fundraising Committee and its treasurer for filing false FEC reports for Hillary Clinton. Grossman's agreement with this finding of probable cause by the FEC, that he did file false reports that hid more than $720,000 in contributions made by Peter Paul to Hillary's campaign, amounts to his admission to violating the criminal statute Title 18 Sec 1001, making false statements to government agencies, which Hillary's finance director David Rosen was indicted and tried for in May,2005.

Hillary must now be compelled to explain why, as a candidate who was notified that false reports had been filed by her campaign relating to the largest contribution to her campaign and the identity of her largest donor, she refused to cause the false reports to be amended or footnoted, and why she allowed yet a third false report to be filed by Grossman weeks after she received various sworn pleadings and statements accompanied by checks and invoices.

This third false report, made in direct response to an inquiry by the FEC regarding earlier reports on Event 39- the Hollywood Farewell Gala Salute to President Clinton - was clearly an intentional false statement made with wanton disregard for its truthfulness, with the full knowledge, complicity and collusion of Hillary Clinton and her counsel, David Kendall. (This fact is confirmed by the affidavit of service of process of the civil suit Paul v Hillary R Clinton et al filed on June 18, 2001 and served on David Kendall on July 11, 2001).

Hillary will attempt to spin the finding by the FEC as an exoneration of her other Senate campaign committee and herself, because she was not found to be liable under FEC law. She will not refer to the fact that the FEC has no jurisdiction over Title 18 of the US Code. Her potential criminal liability based on Title 18, for aiding and abetting, conspiring, colluding with and misprisoning Mr Grossman's filing of material false statements to the FEC and the IRS, and then obstructing the federal investigation of those actions that led to the indictment and prosecution of her finance director, is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Justice Department.

Considering the accountability of others like Lewis Libby for misleading government investigators about a non-crime, the voters of New York should demand a further investigation into Hillary's own conduct in hiding the identity and the amount donated by her largest contributor from the voters before her election, and then from the government agencies after the election..

When the FEC publishes all the documents supporting their findings within 45 days, and when NY Senate 2000 is forced to finally amend its false FEC reports as provided in the Conciliation Agreement, the truth will be there for even the blind to see.

The landmark civil suit Paul v Clinton et al begins the discovery phase in early 2006, after the California Supreme Court denied David Kendall's appeals to dismiss the case against both Clintons. The testimony under oath by the multitude of witnesses to Hillary's misconduct wil challenge Hillary and Bill to tell the truth in their own depositions or face the prospect of new perjury charges even more serious than those that emanated from Paula Jones' deposition of Bill.

Its now up to the people to ensure that the Justice Department follows through with this finding by the FEC that it was Grossman not Rosen who acted for Hillary to file material false statements about more than $1.2 million in contributions to Hillary's Senate campaign.

I believe that God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.
George W. Bush

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 12:45 pm 
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Good. If Hillary Clinton broke campaign laws, she should be fined. Unlike you, I don't believe that members of my party are above the law.


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