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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 1:12 am 
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Hamas, as you know, is now the ruling party in the so-called Palestinian territories. Hamas is now in control of the Palestinian Authority. You might be interested to know that Hamas has now launched a website for children. No Barney. No stories of fluffy little bunnies, and certainly no version of the Three Little Pigs. No --- the Hamas children's website features cartoons and children's stories that tell of the wonderful greatness of becoming a suicide bomber. In one story a mother overhears her son talking about becoming a suicide bomber. She is so happy, so elated that she starts handing out presents to her friends and neighbors. I doubt you can read the text, but here's your link to the website Note, please, the young girl using her slingshot to presumably attack some Jews. Remember, though, that according to most of Europe and the United Nations, it is Israel, not the murderous Palestinians, who are the source of all of the problems in the Middle East, if not the world.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 1:24 am 
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Sign up today and become an American soldier using Iraqi children as human shields. Candy is free.

24 Iraqi children killed by car bomb

BAGHDAD –– Twenty-four Iraqi children were killed Wednesday by a suicide car bomber targeting American soldiers handing out sweets after entering their Baghdad neighborhood precisely to warn of a possible attack.

Some 20 more children were wounded in the blast, while a US soldier died and three were injured, hospital and US sources said. "A driver approached one of the US Humvees and then detonated his car," said Sergeant David Abrams.

Witness Mohammed Ali Hamza said US forces came to the Al-Jedidah district to warn residents to stay indoors because of reports of a car bomb in the area.

“Children gathered round the Americans who were handing out sweets. Suddenly a suicide car bomber drove round from a side street and blew himself up," he added.

"We have received the bodies of 24 children aged between 10 and 13," said the official in charge of the morgue at Kindi hospital.

Abu Hamed whose 12-year-old son Mohammed was killed, said, "I was at home. I heard the explosion. I rushed outside to find my son. I only found his bicycle."

He was speaking at the hospital, where hundreds of distraught parents mingled in blood-soaked hallways shouting and screaming. He said he had found his son in the hospital morgue. "I recognized him from his head. The rest of the body was completely burnt."

Who is more to blame? The Iraqi resistance targeting occupation military soldiers or the coward US army hiding behind Iraqi kids?

The attacks that target Iraqi civilians should be condemned whether they're carried out by the US army (like the daily attacks) or by others (like some ethnic attacks against mosques and individuals). Yet, the attacks targeting military convoys that kills Iraqi civilians gathering around them is another story, or at least a more controversial one. Civilians shouldn't be put in danger by sending military troops close to their homes.

Niki linked to a US soldier's blog some months ago quoting him saying: "I'm going to probably buy alot of candy when I goto the PX in the camp. That way, I can hand it out to the kids. They'll be more likely to help us avoid things we wouldn't otherwise be able to avoid if not for them". Maybe some of these quotes were the reason why A 3 star General approved an "order" that all milbloggers have to tell their chain of command about their blog . It seems we won't be enjoying some new smart quotes any more...

Using kids as human shields is such a shameful US Army policy. It's one of the worst policies in the illegal occupation that caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis till now.

This is also a policy the copycat Israelis use in their terrorist activities murdering innocent Palestinians.

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