What's happening in South America
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Author:  DO.g's [ Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  What's happening in South America

Looks like lots of anti American sentiment is a hot issue in the continent south of here. Great news for the independance of the oppressed people there.

In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez lobbed the latest of his rhetorical attacks on President Bush Sunday. "The worst thing that has existed on this planet is called George W. Bush,” Chavez said. “May God liberate the world of this threat because he is an assassin, mentally ill, a man who is psychologically sick and personally, he is a coward."

Chavez’s remarks came in response to the Bush administration’s latest National Security Strategy, released last week. The document described Chavez as: “a demagogue awash in oil money [who] is undermining democracy and seeking to destabilize the region.” (Sounds like they're describing BUSH1+2)

In Chile, a judge has issued arrest warrants for 13 former army officials accused of executing political opponents during the first months of the rule General Augusto Pinochet. Over 75 dissidents were killed in the weeks immediately after the coup in an operation known as the “Caravan of Death.” A dozen other former officers have already been charged for taking part in the operation. One of the new suspects, Carlos Minoletti Arriagada, currently lives in the United States. 9Not one of their frieds? Protecting him? (gee aint that odd of the Americans, would they do that?)

In Ecuador, a state of emergency has been declared in five provinces that have been hotbeds of protest against trade talks with the US. Thousands of indigenous Ecuadorians have taken part n blockades and protests that have shut down commercial activity in several parts of the country. Under the new emergency measures, public gatherings will be barred and curfews will be imposed. Ecuadorian officials will be in Washington for trade talks Thursday for talks on a so-called “free trade” agreement. In an interview with the Latin American television network Telesur, protest leader Luis Macas said: "We want the government to act with prudence ... What is more important, selling our country or holding on to our sovereignty?" (Stay out of our country Gringo, el pedazo de mierde)

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