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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:49 am 
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I thought about posting this in the BELIEVE IT OR NOT forum.... :mrgreen:


Last week, CNET's Declan McCullagh reported that the government was trying to create an "Internet ID for Americans," and that the Department of Commerce was orchestrating the plan. The article quickly spread around the Internet, leading to a common understanding that Obama was trying to replace systems like Facebook Connect or OpenID with a top-down, government-controlled competitor.

But if the Department of Commerce was supposed to create from whole cloth a national Internet ID for all Americans, somebody forgot to tell the Department of Commerce.

MORE AT THE LINK... :drunken:


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:19 am 
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***But if the Department of Commerce was supposed to create from whole cloth a national Internet ID for all Americans, somebody forgot to tell the Department of Commerce.

I for one,believe it will happen. With passwords, I.P. addresses, bar code scanning, voice recognition well let's say, the technology is there. But equally as important, is the fact by then, and even now, they probably have this procedure already in place. Either the government hasn't told us yet, (or ever) or they simply have this technology, rolling off the assembly line, but on a much smaller scale.

My "knee jerk reaction," was my personal credit/debit card, and the shitload of information they already have on us. As of right now, that is more of a concern to me. Given the fact, that there is no 128/256 bit encryption on my card, gives me the chills. Yes, my credit/debit card is encrypted from others, but the level of security on my card, is only as effective as the asswipe who wants to hi-jack it.

Case and point. I, a couple years ago, switched banks. But before I switched to another, my old bank, was 35 miles away. I had a fairly new job, in the city where my new bank is now. Long story short, had my local grocery store, cash my paycheck, because of the long drive to my old bank. I had to be "fingerprinted," as a security step, to get my paycheck cashed.

..yes, I was let's say, very insightful, if I wanted to carry this procedure forward. I, and needing to pay some bills, accepted. As I was being fingerprinted, I made the usual "big brother comment" to her. And yes, I've done this at the post office as well.

She looked at me, and said "no worry." We will not be giving out your personal information to anyone. I replied, by saying that was not my concern, because if big brother wants my sperm count, big brother will get it!! I only used this, because that is EXACTLY, what I said to her.

She looked at me with utter amazement. Especially in this "dark aged state."

So in essence, I have more concern with privacy issues now, from my credit/debit card, than something that may take place a few years from now.

Also, and already mentioned, I think it's being test driven now. I can only think about, how the innovation of "bio-diesel," and how it too, was introduced to the public. It never took off, but was fully functional, well before the media jumped on it. Hydrogen powered vehicles is another. I can only remember the time, and not so long ago, that I was researching the "hydrogen powered scenerio." I remember the different sites I went to, the blogs, the forums and how the many "nea-sayers of the corporate world, all out LIED, concerning the hydrogen's performance cost etc. It's the same "nea-sayers," that DO, control the media and our government as well.

As we all know already, you never hear the whole story from our government/media. I doubt in my lifetime anyway, I will ever see any substancial change in this. :cry:

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