Patriot act being pushed through congress
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Author:  DO.g's [ Fri Jul 22, 2005 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Patriot act being pushed through congress

A while ago I listed the key points in the patriot acts 1 and 2. Get ready for phase 3 of this invasion of privacy and rights as America uses the recent events around the world to push its political control agenda. Naturally, with a friendly congress, this act will become law before the year is out.

This from Democracy Now, today, Friday July 22/05-

Congress Moves to Make USA PATRIOT Act Permanent
On Capitol Hill, The House of Representatives renewed the USA Patriot Act on Thursday, voting mostly along party lines to make permanent the government's unprecedented powers. Sixteen provisions of the 2001 law, pushed through in the aftermath of September 11, are due to expire at the end of this year unless renewed by Congress. President Bush has repeatedly called on lawmakers to make the entire law permanent. Republicans repeatedly argued throughout the 11-hour debate that the latest explosions in London showed how urgent and important it was to renew the law. Republicans also added a new provision to apply the federal death penalty for so-called "terrorist offenses" that resulted in death and another establishing a new crime of narco-terrorism to punish people using drug profits to aid terrorism. These offenders will now face 20-year minimum prison sentences. The Senate judiciary committee voted unanimously to recommend its own version of the act on Thursday, which included only four-year renewals of these two clauses. The full Senate is expected to take its bill up in the fall
. "

Wow. Prison for drug dealers aiding terrorists. Is it retroactive or applicable to such Iran/Contra style secret CIA/black ops agenda to import drugs to America to finance the terrorist skullduggery of the American world terrorists as well? Or do they have political immunity from prosecution. NOC (Cia run Non Official Cover) workers feel safe and confident their number won't come up for a little prison time.

Nothing is too important for our citizens natural security. Here's your pacifier people. Go back to your daily fears, which are designed with your mind in mind.

Author:  Catherine [ Fri Jul 22, 2005 5:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

Where is the outrage?

What happens when your neighbor disappears or the family down the street suddenly vanishes? The prisons are already overcrowded with outright criminals...what happens to those who will be imprisoned under this? Perhaps that's why they're closing the military bases in some areas. Are they destined to become the future internment camps?

No wonder Cheney dressed so casually at the Auschwitz memorial!

Where is the outrage? Are our voices nothing but little squeaks anymore?



Author:  Sir-Irate [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Yeah ...

If one talked and warned people about this kind of thing, they were just nuts or they were called 'conspiracy theorists.' Just goes go to show that conspiracy theorists are not nuts, but in fact they are right!

People need to speak up and demand this stuff not be allowed! Where are the voices of opposition? People should use their free speech and practice using it often. Using it protects it. The very reason they don't know how to protect it, is because they don't use it enough. People need to tell others about this and try and get them involved. People have to stop waiting for others to do for them. It if keeps up Freedom and Freedom of speech will be gone for good.
It takes work to protect freedom and it is not free. It takes work!

Want to be a slave in ruthless totalitarian society? Well, just remain silent. Being silent is all it takes.

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