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Author:  Sir-Irate [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:46 am ]
Post subject:  Is it?

Is it just the Internet or is it really free speech in America and the Internet?

Anyway, I hope America will never FALL to those who will SILENCE her people. How can a Country be free if there isn't even free speech? I live in Canada and it is truly scary over here. One never knows when something they say will be taken the wrong way by someone and be sued. Same with the Internet. What happens to a person when they cannot pay / raise the money to pay large sums? If I am afraid and I am, how many more are afraid? If they keep making these laws that the people are not to break, how long can it be before they are so many, a person can't help but break one? Perhaps they won't even know when or how they did so? God Bless You America .. and for God's sake stand up for your freedom and freedom of speech! I feel like a slave. Why? If a person cannot say something without FEAR of it being the wrong thing and has to pick one's words carefully, think it over and try and decide if it might be considered offensive by someone, try to be very sure it isn't and then say it, are they not already slave? Sad it is when one can't write freely and honestly without fear. So much for creativity and hard work. The fear, the stress and biggest worry of all - What next?

If I lived in America or even elsewhere, I wouldn't be to quick to come to Canada. Take Americans, I think they are used to speaking their minds and saying what they want to say - without fear? Who would want to come to Canada and be sued for something they said?

Speak up Americans while you still can!

I'll write again soon if I'm not sued!

Best Wishes ..

Sir ...

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