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 Post subject: think of the PROBABLE outcomes of any action which we take
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 3:42 am 
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OK, I've been doing some thinking, and I have got to wonder what will happen out of this mess that this administration has created. I'm assuming by now, if you have read any of my posts, know my stance on this administration, and this war. I hope that you also have got a glimpse into what I feel about war overall. It is one of the most horrendous actions of humankind in my opinion. If there was one thing that would make me ashamed of us as a people, although there are many, this one would probably have to top the list.

This administration has put us into quite a predicament that I am not sure we can get out of, ever. Although we have for many years now held the most hated nation status due to our foreign policy, this administration has caused even those who were neutral or even friendly towards us to turn away. This administration has chosen to move away from international laws which were for the protection of all nations, and all people so that if it was felt there did have to be a war, there would be as little human suffering as possible. They were to prevent the atrocities which we now see happening due to our own countries actions. I cannot help but look in revulsion at what we have become.

I have to ask, what are we to do? I want you too look at this with Bush and Co. out of the picture, so lets imagine they were having a big orgy, and all got aids and died horrible deaths over the next week.(Even they couldn't afford healthcare)
And for the sake of argument, lets say that we did happen to get a competent administration in there (Which out of the prospects, I don't see any, but this is just my hallucination, so go with it.) who still has this mess to deal with. We have a bankrupt and falsely propped economy. Our infrastructure is shot. We have shipped most of our jobs out, so it would be hell starting over. And, we have this ongoing war.

I am here to ask about the war first. What is going to happen? If we were to pull all of our troops out tomorrow, there would be a slaughter. You have to admit it. We can see it starting already. The Shiite minority will be wiped out if they do not flee. Men, women, and children, will be eradicated. Who will face the consequences of this? Bush? No, I don't think so, don't be silly. It will be us Americans who will be hurt. In their justified anger, mark my words, even if they are not the ones responsible for the attacks of 9/11, they will now have no qualms with doing whatever they can to hurt us. Look at how enraged Americans were on the attacks of 9/11. (Yes, I know that there is something fishy with that, but lets just go with what the majority accepts for now. Lets just imagine that it is normal for 3 buildings to freefall into their own footprint, one not even being hit by a plane.) Now, the supposed attackers were members of a radical sect of Muslims, and because they were based in Afghanistan, and those in power would not surrender this group, so we went in.

We did this because a small group of people hurt us. It was not the whole country of Afghanistan who sent these people over. Most of the people were not even from Afghanistan, but this is not what I am here to talk about.

Now, we have Iraq. We as a nation did attack them. Mislead or not, that will not matter to those who's lives were utterly destroyed, whose family's and friends, and cites were destroyed by the American occupiers. I cannot help but wonder what will be the consequences if we just pull out our troops now. It is our jobs as the apparent only thinkers in this country to not only look at the positives of pulling out, but look also at the negatives.

Now for the predicament. If we pull out, the civil war which is now in its infancy will bloom into a bloody mess. It will most likely spill over the borders and could very possibly send the whole region into chaos. With that scenario, We will be blamed, and we can be assured of many attacks. Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and Syria right now I see as allies. (Not with us, with each other. There is enough documentation out there. Go look it up if you feel the need.) Iran and Syria may be the only governments which may, and I stress may, be able to stabilize the region if this happens. Once the area is stabilized, that would be when we would be held accountable. China should really not be messed with. And Russia, you know, whoever thought that just because Russia staggered for a few years that they could count them out of the pictures are nothing but fools. Russia is still a powerhouse. Nothing would bring them back to their feet quicker than a nice war. How would we be able to prove to the world that we would never elect and unstable president into the office again? Why would they want to take that chance?

If we stay on the other hand, then we will have no choice but to invade these countries which I mentioned because they will continue to try to prevent us from what they correctly see as a global takeover. Once again, If we invade Syria, Iran said that they would not allow it. Iran would be helped by the Russians and the Chinese. Then we would be fighting not only 2 weak countries, we would be surrounded by power that unless we go nuclear, we would not be able to defeat.
And then they would attack America, on our own soil. I notice that many people in their arrogance do not believe that any country would dare to attack Americans on their own soil. They still have the illusion that we are to powerful for that. Silly people. They should look a bit at history, maybe they will learn something useful.

So. This is the situation that I see upcoming. Either one I look at it, I do not see a winning situation. This is also not throwing Israel into the picture, which is just one more addition to possible chaotic outcomes. Israel attacks Iran, Iran retaliates, US attacks Iran, Russia attacks Us, Europe attacks Russia, China attacks Europe.
Sounds like fun eh:)

So do this for me. Sit back for a day or two, looking at our situation, and think of the PROBABLE outcomes of any action which we now take. This administration has ensured the destruction of this country as we know it. This is the ONLY way that the new world order can come into being is with America and its allies out of the way. It is written, so it shall be done.


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