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Author:  Sir-Irate [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Conspiracy and etc ... Iron Mountain and more ...

Report from Iron Mountain .. Many say this book is / was nonsense.

The Report from Iron Mountain was a 1967 publication that claimed to be a leaked, top secret government report. It argued that though world peace was a nice idea, the economy of war was such a vital part of global stability, it was difficult to come up with substitutes. A hoax? Satire? Or the truth? For more than three decades, the Report has been one of the main cornerstones of intelligent debate.


John Bryant - thebirdman had this to say on the - Report from Iron Mountain. "But there are facts other than those about particular events which make conspiracy theory more than just a theory. I refer, of course, to a little book entitled Report from Iron Mountain, whose provenance has often been said to be a spoofer, but whose text is far too detailed and credible to support such an assertion, and whose authenticity has been verified by a major Establishment figure, John Kenneth Galbraith, who has asserted that he is one of its authors. Very simply, the Report is an effort to plumb the requirements of stable government, and its conclusion is that Perpetual War and other Great Projects are a necessity for keeping a nation united,
and thereby subject to control by a centralized elite. In short, here we have men at the highest level seriously recommending planned catastrophes in order to keep their buddies and themselves in power. Under such circumstances, dismissing conspiracy theory as the offspring of crackpots is little better than insanity."

John Bryant -@-

Planned catastrophes? Does anything at all come to mind? Naaa, that would be thinking like a conspiracy theorists. Wouldn't it?

Philip Coppens - @ - ... untain?r=1

Video of - The Report from Iron Mountain: >----> ... 2471578899
This is a fairly long Video and comes from a Christian perspective, but has some important information.

In 1967, a major publisher, The Dial Press, released Report from Iron Mountain. The book claimed to be a suppressed, secret government report, written by a commission of scholars, known as the “Special Study Group”, set up in 1963, with the document itself leaked by one of its members. The Group met at an underground nuclear bunker called Iron Mountain and worked over a period of two and a half years, delivering the report in September 1966.

The report was an investigation into the problems that the United States would need to face if and when “world peace” should be established on a more or less permanent basis. Or to quote from the “official” report: “It is surely no exaggeration to say that a condition of general world peace would lead to changes in the social structures of the nations of the world of unparalleled and revolutionary magnitude. The economic impact of general disarmament, to name only the most obvious consequence of peace, would revise the production and distribution patterns of the globe to a degree that would make the changes of the past fifty years seem insignificant. Political, sociological, cultural, and ecological changes would be equally far-reaching. What has motivated our study of these contingencies has been the growing sense of thoughtful men in and out of government that the world is totally unprepared to meet the demands of such a situation.”

The book appeared during the Cold War, but specifically at a time when America was hit by bloody racial riots in its cities and piles of body bags being returned from VietNam. Was the Government really promoting a culture of war? The “Report” was the most talked about book of the year. A number of people believed the Report was authentic. This impression was helped when noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith reviewed the book in The Washington Post, using the pseudonym Herschell McLandress: “As I would put my personal repute behind the authenticity of this document, so I would testify to the validity of its conclusions. My reservations relate only to the wisdom of releasing it to an obviously unconditioned public.”
Still, many, including most other book reviewers, deemed it to be a satire. US embassies were asked to comment and had to disclaim the report, noting it was not an official government report. Still, President Lyndon B. Johnson apparently couldn’t be sure that his predecessor (John F. Kennedy) hadn’t commissioned the report. According to US News and World Report, the President “hit the roof” upon learning of it and ordered that the report be “bottled up for all time”. But if it was a hoax, who was its perpetrator? Among the accused was Leonard C. Lewin; he had written the report’s introduction, as well as a previous book on political satire. Another suspect was John Kenneth Galbraith, because he had written reviews of the hoax in the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune, even though he had used an alias. But why had he used an alias, and not his real name? Though many suspected it was a hoax, no-one had any evidence to back up their allegations.


Just what if the evil guys that conspiracy theorists write / talk about, had the power or ability to control the media? Well, since just about everyone draw their information from the main stream media, the conspiracy theorists could be made out to look stupid, moronic or just plain foolish. Such a media slant could be dangerous, as the people would not be hearing the real truth. The internet has become a powerful tool for gathering information. No longer is one limited to the main news resources like NBC, CNN, CBC, CBS and so on. Right now their are many independent news resources which rival the big boys. Not having control over the internet, could change a media slant and thus be dangerous to those who orchestrated such a media slant in the first place. So, It should be obvious they would want such a slant protected. One must now and in the future support and protect the internet from censorship, as your freedom may depend on it.


So, the next time you hear some conspiracy theorists say something like.
"We have a puppet Government" Don't ask him if he is crazy, ask him if he is right!


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