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Author:  CitizenSmith [ Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:43 am ]
Post subject:  Please sign this petition!

I am cross posting this from a cat related forum I use (hope no one minds!) This is very close to my heart and I do hope that no one will see this as ridiculous as its our furbabes that really matter here! :wink: :love6: ... l&pet=4312

Unbelievably even though declawing is banned in over 25 countries, including the UK, cat owners in the USA are still having kittens and cats declawed. Declawing is actually a misnomer because as cats claws are really part of the bone of the toe their toes are amputated at the last knuckle joint, a bit like us losing the ends of all our fingers and toes and of course cats still have to use their sore paws to walk on, groom, stretch and scratch in litter trays with.
According to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines declawing should be a last resort for clawing problems (though I disagree with declawing for any but dire medical reasons) and yet some veterinary practices offer it routinely along with neutering and vaccination as a "package" for kittens, hardly last resort when the kittens have barely had the chance to gain control of their claws let alone demonstrate whether or not they're going to use them destructively. The reasons people give for declawing are that they don't want their furniture or curtains clawed, they have young children or they don't want their cats to scratch each other, but how do they think people in more enlightened countries have managed for many years without resorting to amputating cats toes? None of our children have come to any harm, a swift scratch has taught them a valuable lesson in not mithering cats. The fact is that they are too idle to buy scratching posts and train their cat how to use them.
We have a petition here ... l&pet=4312 calling on the AVMA for a ban on declawing, because although many vets now refuse to do it there are still many more that are prepared to do it and who make big money from it. People have said why bother, it's America not here? But cats are cats and all cats deserve to keep the claws they were born with.
We have met up and become friendly with Annie Bruce a USA author and cat behaviourist who along with colleagues has been trying for fifteen years to get a ban so it's going to be a long hard battle but we will fight on until cats toes are no longer amputated for the sake of a sofa.
Here is our group dedicated to the cause

Author:  Catherine [ Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Please sign this petition!

Thanks for that info, CS! I DEPLORE declawing. I've never had a cat that was declawed and never even considered having it done. Sure, I've got a few scratched surfaces in my house and on some furniture that are rather unsightly, but what the hell? It's my house and I'm not trying to impress anybody. If they don't like my cats and the evidence of their presence, they can not come around.

I provide my cats with scratching posts and pads, often rubbed with catnip. They also go in and out, which allows them to scratch all they want outside. My vet refuses to declaw a cat.

Best of luck with your cause. It's a worthy one!

Author:  CitizenSmith [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Please sign this petition!

Thanks for your support Catherine! :wink:

Who is that babe in your avatar? He/she looks lovely! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

I have 15 furbabes now! All indoor, all with claws! I supply them with the cat trees etc and although I may have a few clicks here and there, I know that can be replaced not like our furbabes knuckles! :sad10:

Here's a pic of one of mine....Can you remember her as a kitten (Maisey the Kitler cat?) well she has grown now and will soon be 3! She is still tiny though, with a big heart!


Author:  Catherine [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Please sign this petition!

What a cutie Maisey is! Thanks for posting that delightful photo. :D

The cat in my avatar is a photo I found somewhere on the internet. I don't know anything about him/her. I chose my username because the first three letters spell CAT.

In fact, I'm sitting at my computer at 5 am (EST) because my "familiar," the black cat Charlie, woke me. He had been sleeping at the foot of our bed, but I guess he's not adjusted to returning to standard time. He's up an hour early! He was patting my face, using his claws a bit, making sure that I knew he was ready to EAT! So, being the good mother that I am, I got out of my warm bed, stumbled around looking for my robe and slippers, and tried to leave the bedroom quietly so as not to awaken my husband, and took Charlie to his feeding station. His loud purring all the way down the hall and into the laundry room told me he was pleased with the accomplishment of his mission. His brother, Saber, who is much more considerate, looked a bit perplexed at my being up before daylight with the bag of cat food in my hand. He decided he might as well get his breakfast early, too. They were chowing down and I realized that I was fully awake so no reason to go back to bed. We lost our third cat, Molly, a few weeks ago when she had a fatal reaction to a light sedative our vet had given her so she could be bathed. He did an autopsy, which revealed that Molly had a heart condition from which she would have died in a few months. I had no idea. She seemed her normal self, except I had noticed that she didn't run as fast nor had she been doing her usual jumping onto surfaces where she was not supposed to be. Our vet was distraught as he'd cared for Molly all the years she was with us and his staff had bathed Molly many times. She was about 15, a gray Himalayan, and loved catnip. I miss her, but she had a long life full of fun, food, love, warmth, excellent care, and lots of adventures. We had her cremated and eventually I'll scatter her ashes down in the field where she liked to play.

Another one of our TVNL members, King Fisher, has two cats that are Himalayans. They're beautiful.

My sister is like you. She has 10 furbabies right now, and they all have claws. They live together with a very small dog who, I'm sure, has an identity crisis because he thinks he's a cat. My sister's eldest, and the first cat who ever owned her, passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 21. Another cat she has was given dire news by the vet about how the cat's kidneys weren't working and he'd be dead in a few days so it was best to put him down. Refusing this diagnosis, my sister took Buttercup to a vet who practices alternative methods of treating feline diseases. The vet did acupuncture on Buttercup and then put him on some kind of herbal cocktail, which is given intravenously every other day. Almost three years later, Buttercup is thriving, eating, drinking...and peeing!

Keep us posted on all you do to help them.

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