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 Post subject: PET HOROSCOPES
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:36 am 
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Your pets are full of high energy – they can do anything you want and keep on going. They are like the Energizer Bunny. If you don’t keep them busy they will be looking everywhere for adventure and excitement. Might be a good idea to try to keep them occupied so they don’t get in trouble. In their haste to keep busy something could be destroyed.

Your pets are in a real good mood. They are feeling healthy and happy. You can see the contentment in their eyes. You will see they look at you and say thank you for my wonderful life – you give me everything I need. Just being with your pets will make you feel very happy. Your pets are loyal and faithful and the love between you is mutual..

Your pets are happy go lucky. They are looking for good times and lots of playtime. They will love to socialize- with people or other pets – it doesn’t matter. It will be like they want party time and you are expected to provide the games, food and friends. You may have to dream up something new to do to keep this happy spirit content.

Your pets are feeling fine and dandy this month. They will be looking to you to keep them entertained and provide extra fun and games. They actually will be a little pesky wanting attention. You need to try to do something extra special this month – you both need a little extra fun in your lives. So find some type of adventure and enjoy yourselves.

Your pets are looking for adventure and you are elected to supply the fun. Travel or just a trip to the store or park. It must be somewhere new – where they will see new sights and smell new smells. It is absolutely necessary for you to treat these pets like they are royalty – they think they are, surely you know this by now. Have fun with your little kings or queens

Your pets are a little sad and lonely this month. They are feeling a little weary and discontented. A lot of TLC will be required to make them feel better and get back to their normal personalities. A lot of sweet talk and hugs will be very helpful. Maybe a special treat or new toy to cheer them up. Just being close to you however is the most important thing to them.

Your pets are feeling very sociable and friendly this month. They will not want to be alone. They want lots of people and pets around. Try to spend as much time as possible with them. They will stick to you like glue, you will feel like you are tripping over them all the time. They just seem to need a lot of attention.
Maybe you can play some extra games.

This month your pets are a little charmer. They will almost seem like they are flirting with you and everyone they come in contact with. If you are thinking of breeding this would be a good time. Their flashing eyes will make you give them anything they want. You will not be able to refuse anything they beg for – believe me- you won’t be able to say no.

This is the month your pets need some kind of work to do – they are full of energy. When you are working around the house or yard try to make them feel they are helping. Even pets need to feel important to the family. If you are working in the yard pretend they are guarding you and protecting the plants and flowers. All pets can help dig holes.

Your pets has the blahs this month. They are bored and don’t want to do anything that takes the least bit of energy. This half-hearted mood will not last long – but for now it will be impossible to get them to hardly play or take a walk. They will show not the slightest interest in things they usually go into a tailspin about. You will feel they are yawning in extreme boredom..

Your pets are very restless this month. They are excited and want new things to happen. They will pester you to pay attention and play with them. They can be a little annoying in their quest to have some fun. Try to be patient and do what you can to keep them entertained. Playing outside now can be very helpful, especially with spring here.

Your pets are in a very serious mood – not playful in the least. If there is anything you need to teach them this is a good time. They will focus and pay attention and be very calm and cool. They are not in a frivolous mood so training will be very easy. They will follow directions flawlessly and you will feel you are training a genius.



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