Why hasn't Cindy left Johnny?
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Author:  Channel Zero [ Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Why hasn't Cindy left Johnny?

What does a millionaire heiress get out of a run down politician with no apparent respect for her or other women?

Cindy McCain doesn't need Johnny's money. She's got her own -- that and a number of homes that Johnny forgot about. She doesn't need someone who she claims wasn't there for her during some of her darkest times. She doesn't need someone who wasn't there for all the miscarriages. She doesn't need someone who calls her the c-word and trollop or laughs when women are described as bitches. She doesn't need someone with a disgusting mouth and bad temper to boot. She doesn't need someone whose been involved in scandal.

Buzzflash link that recounts a Newsweek article.
The look at Cindy McCain's life shows that she has pretty much gone it alone, while John McCain pursued his own agenda in Washington. If her husband is elected president, Cindy McCain, independent and out of sight, may prove to be more of an Eleanor Roosevelt figure than a Hillary Clinton-like partner to a president. Rather than engage in her husband's day-to-day interests and efforts, she has carved out a separate life, made her major decisions independently, and managed her homes, her children's lives, her business concerns, and her passionate charitable efforts in large measure without John's participation.

John, on the other hand, comes off less well. A series of excerpts pulled from the subtext of the report from Newsweek should make the point. The excerpts are from Newsweek, beginning with an overview:

Ambitious naval officers ... their wives work, chase after the kids and take care of the house, building lives of their own while their husbands build their careers. Cindy McCain knows what that's like. Over 28 years of her often long-distance marriage ... "It was almost like a deployment," Cindy told NEWSWEEK. ...

Cindy has sometimes likened herself to a single mother ... she has often been far away from her husband during difficult moments, including two of three miscarriages she suffered ... her husband did not notice when she became addicted to painkillers ... he was on the other side of the country when she suffered a stroke ... On her own, she learned to walk again. ...

... a largely independent life ...

So, why hasn't Cindy left Johnny?

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:03 pm ]
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So, why hasn't Cindy left Johnny?

Interesting question, CZ....

Some women are looking for father figures. Maybe that's it...Some women like to be abused, maybe that's it... but it could be that she simply sees herself as being unable to do better, and who knows what hold he has over her. She's rather fragile-looking...and he's such a monster.

Could be that she thinks she loves him... :?

Author:  Channel Zero [ Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:50 pm ]
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From what I read of Cindy, it appears that she is not perfect, herself. She has little flaws here and there that the press has picked-up on.

Maybe she doesn't give a crap. How else can you explain the non-reaction to being called the c-word in public. Maybe she's not as heady as people would like to believe. How else would you explain her extended stay with McSexist? It's one thing to know your husband may have gotten laid before, but admittedly to prostitutes?
In another campaign stop in Pensacola, Fla., McCain recalled his days as a Florida-based fighter pilot -- dating an exotic dancer known as the "Flame of Florida" and "blowing my pay at Trader Jon's," a local strip club. Abstinence-only must not apply for the boys.

*** *** ***

Could it be that Cindy still has her "grudge list"? And if Johnny were to make it to the White House then payback would be her beyotch?

Author:  Catherine [ Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:22 pm ]
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I read somewhere that, just before McSame announced who his VP was going to be, he stated that he "had to talk to his wife." Now that we know who he chose, I can understand why he had to get CM's approval. OR did he? Maybe McSame simply told his wife that he had chosen Palin and she could like it or lump it, but that she'd better show public APPROVAL...or else.

McSame is one messed up individual. He's an old man who is still seeking to be the old man with a hell of a lot of power. His wife is fairly young, compared to him, and she's got all the money. When he passes on, most likely his wife will still be rich...and somewhat attractive. McSame knows the script...She'll cry a few crocodile tears, (Rethugs are so good at displaying those), and be on her merry way, glad to be rid of him.

Author:  Channel Zero [ Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why hasn't Cindy left Johnny?

A loveless marriage? Why bother if there's no little ones?

Relationship Politics: Body Language Of The McCain Marriage
The Hug Moment: Body-Talk Of A Devitalized Relationship
After the last presidential debate we had many requests to give our interpretation of the awkward "hug moment" at the end. From a body language perspective, the moment revealed a great deal about the McCain marriage. If you have time, go back and look frame-by-frame at the end of the debate, when the presidential candidates hugged their spouses. Here is a sequence of still shots that capture to a degree some of the points we want to discuss.

Take note of the perfunctory hug, stiffness and lack of contact between the McCains, and compare those bits of body-talk with the way Michelle and Barack Obama greeted each other with smiles and a long hug. They were still hugging when John McCain tried awkwardly to connect with Mrs. Obama. The McCain hug looked as stiff as a puppet show, while the Obama hug looked as natural and graceful as a ballet.

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