TeenScreen, Mental Health Screenings and Parental Rights
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Author:  Sir-Irate [ Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  TeenScreen, Mental Health Screenings and Parental Rights

TeenScreen, Mental Health Screenings and Parental Rights

Minnesota Representative Olson:
"Given the volume of e-mails that I've received, on this issue, more than any other issue in this session and the fact that I've not received any in support and I've had a number of psychiatric professionals and psychologists contact me with their concerns about this program, I think it's very important that we rule out any of these kinds of tools."

Minnesota Representative Erickson:
"Thank you Madam Chair. Well, I do think we need to pay special attention to this kind of tool that may be used. Kenosha, Wisconsin in February backed out of this program. So I think we want to pay attention to what is happening. And I found that Madam Chair in my google search also. I did not get that information from any outside group."

A tactic used by NAMI and TeenScreen when presented with documented evidence is to call it "misinformation". The Chairman of this committee used that technique. The Chairman is also a national board member of NAMI. A new website is being constructed on NAMI which you can find here: which will compile the evidence of NAMI's unholy alliance with pharmaceutical companies.

Rep. Olson's amendment to nuke mental screening of children in that House Committee on Tuesday was defeated. He did have five other committee members supporting him however. The next step on this bill is the House Floor but it is unknown precisely when that will occur.

The word TeenScreen has now been deleted from the current legislation in Minnesota. But rest assured - it is still being pushed in one form or another. ... -Henri.htm

Some video about TeenScreen


Author:  dori [ Sun Apr 01, 2007 4:09 am ]
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I don't know what this is about (can't get videos), but it sounds ominous. Considering how many things that are natural and normal that have been called 'psychologically abnormal' in the past, I am very wary of any wholescale 'screening'.

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