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 Post subject: It's the economy stupid- Poverty, color and single women
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:23 pm 
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Lower education, color, sex, and class seem to divide our privileged from the poor. The result is a definite underclass of humans oppressed into anonymity and severe poverty, due to the way the economy functions. Without the poor the capitalist system cannot function. Democracy and equality are two words that cannot fit together. The very nature of who is right and who is wrong being decided by votes, leaves nearly half the people unhappy. But hey, this is the best unfair system we could think of that allows this salient view of untold wealth exist right next to extreme poverty and societal unrest. The ways of life are predetermined and all they need is the filler components, that happen naturally, to take their positions.

Posted on Thu, Feb. 22,
U.S. economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty

WASHINGTON - The percentage of poor Americans who are living in severe poverty has reached a 32-year high, millions of working Americans are falling closer to the poverty line and the gulf between the nation's "haves" and "have-nots" continues to widen.................. The McClatchy analysis found that the number of severely poor Americans grew by 26 percent from 2000 to 2005. That's 56 percent faster than the overall poverty population grew in the same period. .............The plight of the severely poor is a distressing sidebar to an unusual economic expansion. Worker productivity has increased dramatically since the brief recession of 2001, but wages and job growth have lagged behind. At the same time, the share of national income going to corporate profits has dwarfed the amount going to wages and salaries.

What appears to be taking place is that, over the long term, you have a significant permanent underclass that is not being impacted by anti-poverty policies," said Michael Tanner, the director of Health and Welfare Studies at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank.

Arloc Sherman, a senior researcher at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal think tank, disagreed. "It doesn't look like a growing permanent underclass," said Sherman, whose organization has chronicled the growth of deep poverty. "What you see in the data are more and more single moms with children who lose their jobs and who aren't being caught by a safety net anymore."

About 1.1 million such families account for roughly 2.1 million deeply poor children, Sherman said. .........<SNIP>..............

After fleeing an abusive marriage in 2002, 42-year-old Marjorie Sant moved with her three children from Arkansas to a seedy boarding house in Raleigh, N.C., where the four shared one bedroom. For most of 2005, they lived off food stamps and the $300 a month in Social Security Disability Income for her son with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Teachers offered clothes to Sant's children. Saturdays meant lunch at the Salvation Army.

"To depend on other people to feed and clothe your kids is horrible," Sant said. "I found myself in a hole and didn't know how to get out."

No help, no hope, no future! Fairly long article packed with stories and facts. Good read on the consequences of adherance to another problem with our capitalist "bottom line" economics and the people who are at that bottom.

On Democracy Now today they mentioned that 60% of homeless are coloured.

Census: 750,000 Homeless in US
A new census has estimated the nation’s homeless population at three-quarters of a million people. The Department of Housing and Urban Development says that’s about 300,000 more than the number of available beds in shelters and temporary housing. Around sixty-percent of the homeless population are people of color.

Read all about it. It's America's hidden secret about the consequences of foreign incursions. There goes the social safety net off to another war!

Instead of wars on drugs, poverty etc.- how about a war on the rich, because the war on drugs or poverty sure isn't working- unless it's intent is to create more poor and underclass! Hey come to think of it war creates more than just bodies- it creates a whole segment of damaged poor to try and pick up their pieces, or as one American put it- "I found myself in a hole and didn't know how to get out". Doesn't she know that the only way out of the hole is to stop digging it. Tell that to a soldier digging his foxhole! Perhaps if we combined our abilities and knowhow we could all pitch in and help fill in these holes everywhere! It's the only solution.

How about starting with a minimum living wage for everyone, especially single moms and coloured people to start, so they can at least have a glimmer of hope to getting out of their hole!

It may be a small percentage of people but it is a giant eyesore to America. And it's getting bigger!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:20 pm 
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Some interesting comments that seemed to fit within the context of your original post, DO.g's...

By Paul Cummins

"So the question for white Americans is essentially moral: Is it right to impose on members of an entire race a lesser start in life, and then expect from them a degree of resolution that has never been demanded from your own race?”

I find this question, raised by Andrew Hacker in his book “Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal,” haunting and disturbing. Often I wonder why the question does not shame all white Americans into greater resolve to correct what is now four centuries of disgraceful treatment of an entire people—treatment based solely on skin color. Day after day we read in newspapers and journals about the unequal treatment of black America. In fact, I believe we are so used to the accounts that they wash off us just as rain washes off windows.

As the Hacker quote reminds us, the power structure of America sets up the playing field extraordinarily uneven, rigs the game, imposes penalties and punishments upon certain players, and then blames and holds them accountable for the results. It has been going on in this country since the first slave ship arrived off our shores in 1619, and it has continued generation after generation, century after century, decade after decade to this very day.

The inequities imposed upon African-Americans by the white powers that be are now so legion that it is easy, for some—perhaps for many—to become oblivious to their deleterious effects in society and their cruel impacts upon individual lives. To illustrate, I started cutting out random articles and statistics recently from newspapers and journals. Here are but a few:

For one, let’s consider our notorious prison system. Two recent books received an excellent review, “The American Prison Nightmare,” in the April 12 issue of The New York Review of Books. The author, Jason DeParle, not only shows how prisoners’ lives are damaged or ruined by prison itself but how the families, children and communities of the incarcerated men also are destroyed. “Black men in their early thirties,” DeParle writes, “are imprisoned at seven times the rate of whites in the same age group ... by the time they reach their mid-thirties, a full 60 percent of black high school dropouts are now prisoners or ex-cons


"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
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That's all there is to it."

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