ClintonNN: More Dangerous To Democracy then FOX?
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Author:  nathaniel heidenheimer [ Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  ClintonNN: More Dangerous To Democracy then FOX?

The role CNN is playing in delivering the nomination to Hillary, is in some ways more dangerous to democracy than is the raw demagoguery of FOX. They are controlling the idea of the opposite, and this is a more subtle operation than the outright lying of the Republicans. The idea here is to divide the opposition, leaving sometimes upwards of 70% of the population-- depending on the issue-- without an audible leader coast to coast who can galvanize the quareling factions.who just might agree on more than they will ever know. Hence, said factions "do not know their own stregnth" as Madison said would happen in bigger countries--and that is exactly why media politics is the only real politics right now.

Leave aside for the moment that the Las Vegas was a loaded deck for Hillary supporters, as assured by CNN.

Im talking about the commentators. All of them are from the DLC wing of the party, and none of them are from the other half of the party, the one with most of the voters.

Baldie and Begala are total Clinton lovers and former ringmasters. William Schneider? He oiled his jaws at
American Enterprise Institute, a think tank funded by Corporate interests, mostly in the oil and defense-security
sectors of the economy. These are more unilateral than corporate interests that worked with Congress during the 1950s,when it was said," what's good for GM is good for America".

Is what's good for Texaco good for the US in 2007?

I have seen tons of CNN coverage. All of it is biased towards Clinton, because she is pro-war and is most pro-Unrestrained Corporate Power. Will she reward them with another media pot-roast the Clintons gave away to the Broadcasters in 1996 ( with almost unanimous Republican support).

The important thing, for Corporate America is that both Candidates are pro-war and unilatteralist in November. The propaganda campaigns done to choose the Democrat that is furthest to the right, and hence constrict debate deserves much more attention.

In many ways it is more dangerous for democracy than the flotsam spewed by FOX.

Thanks to JohnDenny for posting this: ... or-awhile/


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