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 Post subject: Surviving globalism and a government run by the rich
PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 7:15 pm 
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I have been innovative enough to figure out a few coping devices:

Light rail is much better than the bus (which many hate) and eliminates parking fees.

Buy food in bulk

Turn down the setting on the hot water heater

Sleeping in a t-shirt allows for a colder house

Disconnect power devices when not used for a long time

Press: Control - Alt - Delete to see what programs are hogging your CPU. Modern CPUs use staggering amounts of power. Our beloved police state has the ability to make some programs use 99% of your computer resources to analyze what you have been browsing (just my theory mostly).

Buy used books and watch older movies

Library may special order books they don't carry if the book isn't new

Compact flourescent bulbs use 75% less energy. They also put out much less heat and last much longer.

Go naked in the summer to deal with a warmer house. You may want to close the curtains...depending on you and your neighbors. If neighbors are Republican....close the curtains fast and install sound deadening materials around bedroom. They are likely listening.

Get a carbon filter and quit using so much bottled water

Eat out during Happy Hour. The restaurant appreciates your business when it is slow.

Todays Goodwill and ARC stores are much nicer than they used to be. It is amazing what gets donated. I have the best dressed mannequin in town.

Buy VHS movies for a dollar. I have well over a thousand. Convert the better ones to DVD for a quarter. Watching a VHS in an HDMI VHS/DVD machine seems to help picture quality significantly.

You can buy bottles of discounted wine at Sams Club 'bargain bins' for $5.
If Bush/Cheney have not driven you to drink, you are stronger than I.

You can get hair cuts done by student cosmotologists for about 1/2 price.

Costco is an awesome store with great prices. I don't work there or have stock there.

Eat a Republican.

No....don't do that

Quit voting for rich people. They take care of their rich friends.

I've done this before and ya'll didn't contribute much. Ya'll rich?

"If the people allow private banks to control their currency the banks and corporations will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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